Kurumi in Dreamland Chapter 1

Now, this is all you all are getting for free. The first Chapter of my book. For the rest, you will have to wait for the book to be finished, and buy it.

Chapter 1
The Dream Traders

The Mia f****y was very poor and to say that would be an understatement. They were in fact the poorest f****y in all the land. To make ends meet, they took the eldest of the three daughters, Kurumi Mia and had her work for the wealthiest man in all the land as his head maid.
Kurumi was a very beautiful young woman with long flowing red hair that is normally kept in a ponytail by a big black ribbon. Her eyes are really the brightest of blue, like the sky, as they set evenly matched on either side of small nose. Her lips, even without lipstick which she couldn’t afford anyways, are a bright red color. Her skin is very fair color as it seems to be perfect without even treating it. Her body was the kind most women would kill for, and most men lusted after. Though even with all the good looks that she had, she still managed all this time to keep herself a virgin, waiting for the night that she had dreamed of from her days as a little girl, her wedding night.
The maid job wasn't the easiest job, but it helped put food on the table for her f****y and her boss was kind enough to let her sl**p in one of the spare rooms of his manor. Even though the bed was far from comfortable, it was still a place to sl**p.
Kurumi spent many of hours taking care of his needs. Every time he wanted something to eat, it was her job to bring it to him. Every time he got a phone call, it was her job to answer it. Every time he has guests over, it was her job to bring drinks or anything else that they would want. Not an easy job at all, but she knew she had to do it to give her mom, dad, and her two younger s****rs the money they needed to stay alive.
It was on one of those rough nights after spending many long hours that she returned to her room. Not knowing this would be the last night she spent in this room or for that matter the last night that she would spend working for this man.
Kurumi normally slept in the nude, but on this night, with how tired that she was, she laid down on the bed in her maid uniform and fell to sl**p the moment her head hit the pillow.
At first, it seemed like just a normal dream. She was out in the fields picking some of the lovely red and blue flowers that were growing there. It was a very happy dream, but that didn't last.
Suddenly, the clouds began to cover the sky. Lightning begin to flash. The mood left the peacefulness and took a drastic turn. Then just when it seemed things couldn't get worst in the dream for Kurumi, they came.
They rode along the land on top of the black horses. Eyes on the horses that seem like they were made from the fires of hell. That wasn't the worst thing. The worst thing was the riders. They were big men with strong arms and legs. They were like giants to even the very big, much less a small innocent woman like Kurumi. They wore black robes that seemed to be made from the darkness of the night. They had no skin, rather just bones that somehow held in place. Be it held by magic, no one dared to question why. To make matters worse, they have found their target, Kurumi.
Riding up to the woman, the horses stomped on the ground, crushing the flowers into the dirt as they came closer and closer to her. Seeing this, Kurumi got up and tried to run away from them. Running as fast and hard as her legs could take it. However, it seemed to be all for not as they reached her in no time. Pulling out a dark net, they tossed it over her, trapping her with no way of escape.
One of the men turned and looked at the others. Saying in a dark and demonic voice, "Alright, we got her. Take her back to the city. This one would make a fine slave for the market."
Hearing those words, Kurumi could feel shivers down her spine. It was as if those words had turned into ice cold hands and was rubbing them up and down her back. Thinking to herself, "This can't be. Why is this happening? Would I ever get to see my f****y again? They need me to make money for them to live." However, those thoughts only seemed to make the matter worst for her. No matter how much her f****y needed her. No matter how much she needed them. She would be taken away from them forever.

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2 years ago
sounds cool, Can't wait till the rest is available
2 years ago
great stuff sexxxy.
2 years ago
So far this has potential. Keep it up!
2 years ago
hmmm seems it will be a lovely story