vivian tejada and the nude pics

for the last 8 f****y has known a lady named vivian tejada.she is a mid to late 40 yr old with a big beautiful body and a voice so horny it makes my dick hard and a big ass with fat titties.

about 7 years ago,my in law told me that she wanted to give me a blowjob and fuck me.cause i had peaked through the door one time and saw them fucking like rabbits.she sucked him dry and her asscheeks were spread so wide her asshole was winking and his finger was up there to the point were his finger was greasy and she licked everything off till she was given a cumshot.for the last several years,i have wanted to fuck her so bad that i have had fantasies about her

the day after my 22nd birthday,she stopped by my grandma's house to talk with my aunt and the moment i saw her i smacked her ass.after waiting for what seemed like an eternity,i gave her 60 bucks for a fuck session and my hormones were racing and my cock was ultra hard.

in the wee hours of the morning,we went into the shed outside and talked for a few minutes.we then just started kissing and tonguing each other till i took off her shirt and sucked on her boobs.she lick mine as well and her tongue was so soft and wet.i took off her pants and started fingering her pussy till she came.i didn't want her to moan to loud so my grandma and aunt would wake up.i finally got the blowjob of a lifetime and just sat back and enjoyed it.she also stuck her finger in my ass and fingered me.she told me if i liked it,and i told her i loved it.she licked her finger of my ass juices and then licked my ass clean.she brought dildos and other toys to play with

i grabbed a dildo and lubed it and stuck it in her asshole.she was sucking my nipples while just moaning.i then lubed my cock up and put it up her ass and just pumped her full of my man juice.her tits were flopping and i was kissing her neck and french kissing.i pulled my dick out and tossed her salad.

i finished off with a cumshot in her mouth and put my ass in her face and teabaged her.she said it was the best pleasure she has had in forever.well worth the 60 bucks for this hot bbw mama.before i said goodbye,i licked her ass one more time and kissed it.i will never forget this moment.
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