The Fishing Trip

Teresa and Jim had the weekend to themselves. Their k**s were staying with their grandparents and they wanted to do something just the two of them. They decided they would go fishing and try out the new boat. So they loaded up their jeep with a 2 man boat, tent, ice chest and fishing poles. Jim headed to a small secluded spot on a creek he was told about hoping not to have to many others around. They got there and were surprised that they were the only ones. "I'm glad no one else decided to fish here this weekend" Jim said. "Me too" Teresa agreed "Now I can wear my new bikini." They set up camp, threw a couple of lines in the water, cracked open a few drinks and relaxed. Teresa went into the tent and came out with her bikini on and a pair of cut off denim shorts and set down and sipped her wine cooler. They had a few bites but nothing special so they hopped in their boat and tried down stream for a while. Jim set a few limb lines and they decided to return to camp. They were disappointed when they did. Another fisherman had set up near their camp. He was a black man around 40 wearing overalls and a ball cap. "Hope I'm not disturbing you all fishing here" he said as they approached the shore. "Its a good spot" he added. "Not at all" they responded "just hope it don't get crowded here." "It don't normally have anyone but me. By the way, my names Alex." "I'm Jim and this is my wife Teresa. Nice to meet you." Jim and Teresa went back to there camp and fished and had a few more drinks. Teresa was catching a few but Jim wasn't hardly getting any bites. "Well I guess I might as well go check the limb lines before dark" Jim said. Teresa started to get up and Jim told her she might as well stay since she was the one catching there supper. They laughed and Jim took off down the creek. When Jim returned it was getting dark and he could see a small fire at camp. As he got closer he could see Teresa setting next to Alex by the fire and they were laughing and having a good time. "Hi honey" she said "Alex came over and started a fire for me incase it was dark when you got back." She slurred her words a little and he seen several wine cooler bottles by her chair. "Thanks man" Jim said "Has my wife offered you a drink or anything?" "No she hasn't" Alex chuckled as he took a beer from Jim "thanks." "I'm sorry" Teresa said "I wasn't thinking, just glad to be out relaxing. Now if you gentlemen will excuse me I have to go to the ladies room." "Watch for snakes honey." Alex said "Don't worry, this is a good spot and I've never seen a snake here. I wouldn't be here if I thought there was a snake around." Jim laughed and said "Neither would she." "Most women are scared of snakes" Alex chuckled. "Bet you have found a few that aren't scared of big black snakes though haven't you Alex?" Jim teased. "Well I sure have found a few white women that were at first." he replied. They both had a good laugh for a minute when Jim looked at Alex and said "You want to find out if Teresa is?" Alex didn't know what to think and said "Are you serious?" "Very much so" Jim said "we are here to have a good time, we are all drinking and feeling good and she seems to like you so why not?" "Well hell I'll give it a shot"replied Alex. Teresa returned after a few minutes and cracked open another wine cooler. Alex began flirting with her a little and she responded well and he scooted a little closer where he could put his hands on her back or leg when they talked. After a few more drinks and alot of flirting Jim could tell she was all for it and was getting pretty excited his self. He got up and walked over to the tent for a second and Teresa was right behind him. "Hey hon, I think Alex wants to fuck me." she said. "What gives you that idea?" he asked playing along. "Well" she started and Jim cut her off. "Listen we are out here to relax and have fun, sure he wants to fuck you and I think you want to fuck him so why not? It is fine with me so go do it." She looked shocked for a minute and asked "Are you sure?" "Yes I'm sure" Jim answered "Go get some big black dick." She kissed him and headed back to the fire. Jim watched and it wasn't but a minute later she stood up and slipped out of her cut offs so she just had her small bikini on. Alex didn't waste much time after that and soon was playing with her tits and tweaking her nipples. Teresa let out a slight moan now and then enjoying the feeling. Alex soon pulled her tits out of the bikini and really worked on them, sucking, pinching, biting softly and really had her going. He moved one hand between her legs and after feeling the heat and wetness he began rubbing her clit through the material. She laid back as far as she could in her chair and spread her legs wider and really moaned and whimpered. It wasn't long before her bottoms were moved to the side so his long black finger could penetrate her. She gasped as he slid it in and worked it back and forth and round and round. Teresa moaned and worked her hips in little circles and he worked her to her first orgasm of the night. She grabbed the arms of the chair, tensed up and moaned loudly as it hit her. After she was done Alex stood up and took off his overalls and when they fell to the ground a huge black cock sprang to life. OMG! Teresa sighed as she saw it and scooted up to the edge of her chair to take it into her mouth. She worked her lips around the huge black head and slid it deeper in her mouth. She swirled her tongue over the head as she worked it back and forth between her lips as she slid her hand up and down the giant shaft with one hand and rubbed his balls with the other. After a few minutes Alex grabbed her by the hair and eased her mouth off his dick and slowly guided her back into the chair with her ass still on the very edge. "Now girl you are gonna get fucked by this big black snake" he said as he grinned at her. In the fire light you could see her soaking wet pussy as the huge black monster neared her waiting slit. She whimpered softly as the head gently touched her wet pussy. He reached down and grabbed her legs and put them over his shoulders and then slowly began to push his huge cock into her. She moaned loudly as it slowly began to inch its way deep inside her. He stretched her slowly but steady working his cock to the hilt into her waiting pussy. "Omg yessssss!!!" she cried as she orgasmed again as it made it all the way in. He set still for a minute to allow her to adjust to his mammoth size and after a moment she began slowly gyrating her hips. Taking the sign he slowly worked back out to the head and reversed back to the depths once again. He kept this up for a few minutes and began to pick up the pace. "Oh yes. oh yes." she murmered softly. He steadily picked up the pace until he was fucking her hard and fast, ramming his giant cock deep inside her hot, wet pussy. "Fuck Yyyyeeeeeessssss, oh fuck yes. Fuck me. Fuck me FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed, having orgasm after orgasm because of the giant black intruder hammering her pussy. She bucked back and forth screaming on his dick as he poured the cock to her over and over. Alex began to grunt and said he was was going to cum soon. "Fill me with you hot cum!" she cried, "Fuck me hard and fill me with you hot, sticky seed." He rammed her harded and deeper then froze with his dick buried to the hilt. She could feel it jump inside her as it shot spurt after spurt of hot cum deep into her. After a bit her pulled out of her and Jim watched the huge load slowly drip out of her onto the ground by the fire. Jim grabbed her and turned her over where her knees were in the chair and she leaned over the back of it. He pulled his dick out and slid it into her pussy to get it slicked up and then eased it into her ass. She screamed and pushed back against him to get it deeper in her. He fucked her ass for a few minutes when Alex put his dick in her mouth. She sucked it for a minute and it was hard again. Jim pulled his dick out of her ass and she protested "No don't stop, fuck my ass". I have a better idea he said and he got a blanket out of the tent, laid it on the ground and told Alex to lay on his back and her to ride him. She jumped back on that big, black dick and rode it for all she was worth. After she had an orgasm Jim pushed her forward and slid his dick in her ass again. "OMGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That feels so good to have two dicks at once, fuck me, fuck me hard." The both rocked in and out of her as hard as they could. Jim soon filled her ass with his cum and pulled out letting her ride Alex until he pumped her full once again. She collapsed on the blanket and laid there whimpering and quivering. "Well Jim guess she ain't scared of big black snakes" Alex said and the men laughed. Alex thanked them and went to his camp. Jim asked Teresa if she had a good time and she replied "When can we go fishing again?"
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2 months ago
another good one
2 years ago
only one way to satisfy the slut now
2 years ago
Great short story. Thanks!
2 years ago
I need a big snake in me..damn!! More!!
3 years ago
I need to go fishing. Hot story
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very Hot! Would love for that to happen to my wife on a fishing trip!