The Superbowl Party

Samantha and her husband David just finished getting ready to watch the superbowl when David's friends from work, Tod and Ty arrived. "Hey guys, come on in" David said to them, "Have a seat and warm up, looks cold out there." Samantha said to them as they took off their coats. "That's my wife Samantha, but everyone calls her Sam, honey this is Ty and Tod." "Nice to meet you Tod, and you too Ty" Sam said to the men, "Would you like me to make some hot coffee?" "Nice to meet you too, no I'll be drinking beer while I'm watching the game." Tod said. "Ty?" Sam asked, "Yes ma'am I would like a cup of coffee, thank you." he replied. Tod was an old college buddy of Davids and Sam never really did like him, he was loud and obnoxious, and drank way to much, plus he was always looking her up and down and making comments about how he bet she was a good fuck and stuff like that, David said it was all harmless and blew it off. Sam knew it was too but acted like she didn't like it to hide the fact it turned her on. Ty just moved here from another city and began working at the office with David, they hit it off immediately because Ty, like David, played college ball and was a sports freak, they even played fantasy football together. He was total opposite of Tod, quiet, well mannered and was a muscled up black guy. Tod never played past high school and was a kicker then, short and white as a ghost, they made quite the pair setting there watching the tv.

Sam wasn't much of a fan but wore her husbands favorite teams jersy and some sweat pants of the same color to show her support. She also didn't really watch that much of the game because she would get up and get snacks and beer, well mostly for Tod, and coffee for Ty. She had a few beers aswell and was getting to feel pretty good by half time. She was feeling good enough that Tod's sexual remarks about her were taking a toll on her. She was feeling frisky today anyways and she was planning on a little play time with David before the guys got there, but they only managed enough to really get her worked up when David declared they needed to finish up before they arrived. She waited down the hall by the bathroom door and when her husband headed there she told him she needed to see him a minute and d**g him in the bedroom. They fondled each other and he slipped his hand into her sweats and rubbed her hot, wet pussy through her panties. "Ohhh god" she moaned and she dropped to her knees and took his cock in her mouth and began a sloppy wet blowjob. "Damn your worked up Sam. Maybe I need to holler at the guys to come help me." David joked, as they often did about sexual fantasies among themselves. "Oh yeah that would be great, your little loudmouth d***k buddy and a black guy I don't even know." Sam said sticking the cock back in her mouth. David without warning blew his wad in her mouth and it surprised her a little, he normally lasted forever, especially on blowjobs. She wondered if maybe he was thinking about their little fantasy a little to much. "Honey, I needed fucked. What happened?" she said. "Sorry babe, I will give you the fuck of a life time after the guys leave." David said looking a little embarassed. "Ok you better" Sam play pouted then smiled at him. About that time Tod hollered that half time was over so David headed back in there. You really better she thought to herself because the little playing around just got her even hotter, she was afraid she was going to have her pussy juice leaking down her legs if she didn't get some relief soon. Oh well better get back in there she decided and she returned to the living room.

She took Tod several more beers and he was really teasing her and even pulled her down on his lap and slapped her ass a time or too, she acted like it totally disgusted her but it was just fanning the fire building hotter and hotter in her pussy. She was getting so hot she was beginning to sweat so she went to her room and found some flannel shorts of the same color and changed out of the sweats into them. When she returned with some snacks and beers and a cup of coffee she noticed all eyes on her. Tod immediately began to tease her and talk about the way they rode up around her checks when she bent over to the table to set the stuff down. She felt even hotter and wished she had put more on instead of less as little sense as that made. She hovered around the kitchen and only came into the room if she thought someone needed something to try to get some relief but her head was swimming, she was so worked up she couldn't concentrate on the game, or anything for that matter. She was comptemplating sneaking to the bedroom to seek a little self relief when she heard the guys hollering and cheering and saying they won. David came into the kitchen and grabbed her up into a hug and kissed her telling her as soon as they left he would celebrate with her all night and winked at her. Omg, she thought, I can't stand it anymore, I'm glad its over and David is always horny if his team wins.

She stood beside David telling the guys thanks for coming over, have to do it again sometime, drive safe it looks like a blizzard out there and more chit chat she don't remember cause her mind was all ready in the bedroom getting fucked by her husband. "Dam I hope Tod makes it home ok" David said as he was shutting the door, "He's had alot to drink and the roads look bad." "oh he'll be ok " Sam said "now where is my celebration?" she said as they embraced and starting kissing deeply and holding onto each other. "Right here" he said as he slid his fingers up the leg of her shorts and started playing with her soaked pussy. Knock Knock Knock they heard on the door. Damn what now she thought as David went to open it. Ty and Tod was standing there and Ty told them how Tod backed off the road into a snow drift and got stuck and they had been trying to get him out and couldn't. Ty added that Tod didn't seem to be in any shape to drive home and he was going to drive him and just wanted to let them know if they saw the car in the ditch. They talked it over and David said he would drive him home cause he lived completely on the other side of town from Ty and the roads were to bad to have to drive across town twice. Sam didn't like it but knew it was the right thing to do, plus David had a 4 wheel drive. She told them to becareful and shut the door and headed for the bedroom. She was still hot and was going to **** David when he got back plus give him a surprise. She had bought a naughty cheerleader outfit and was keeping it for the perfect occassion and this was it. She looked in the mirror and said out loud "David out to love this." "I know I do" she heard and spun around, Ty was standing in the bedroom door. " I I I thought you left?"Sam could barely get out. "Oh I did" he said "but since Tod lives so far away and the weather is to bad I know David is going to be a couple hours and I don't think you want to be alone that long." She looked at his grinning face, he was right, it would take David that long, and she didn't want to wait that long either but she admit that. "I know you want it the way you was teasing us all night bending over in front of us and then putting them shorts on, mmmm mmmm girl you looked good." Ty said. "I was just putting snacks down, I wasn't teasing" she declared. She felt her pussy get hotter and wetter, and she didn't know what to do. She never cheated on her husband and besides she didn't even know this guy. He started walking toward her and she stepped back and was closer to the bed than she realized and she fell on her back on the bed. Ty was on her in a instint and she froze, head swimming, wondering what to do. Ty run is hand under the short skirt and rubbed the silky thong panties over her wet slit. "Dam girl you are dripping wet and hot as fuck, I knew you wanted it." he said as he did. "NNNooo mmmmy husband ooooooooooooooooooooooo" she got out as he slid a finger up inside her. She wanted to say stop, no I'm married, get out, but her hot wet pussy was saying yes and her gyrating hips made it an omg yes give it to me. "As hot and wet as you are I don't think I need to waste anytime."Ty said as he was undoing his pants. He slid them down and the biggest cock she ever saw flopped out. Omg she thought and she felt herself wetter and hotter everytime she saw the massive black tool throb. He grabbed her legs and threw them up over each shoulder, pulled the small thong barely covering her wet slit to the side and placed the huge head against her slit. She felt him begin pushing against her lips and thought it was going to be to big to enter her smouldering box. The head of the giant cock began parting the lips and slowly working in. OOOOooooohhhhhhhhhh mmmmyyyyyyy gggggooooooodddddddd she cried out. Ty laughed at her, he just barely had the head in and she was going crazy, dam I'm gonna love this pussy he thought. She had several orgasms just while he slowly worked his massive cock into her and once he reached the end of his shaft he slowly began working it in and out, she threw her head back and screamed in ecstasy. He felt her pussy come on his cock and drench it and it began to drive him wild and he slowly began to pick up the pace and fuck harder and deeper and faster. She screamed more and harder so Ty drove his cock deeper and faster and harder pounding her married white pussy just as fast and hard as he could. Her pussy was so wet it was splattering them both when he rammed all the way in and she was screaming and bucking underneath him. Then without warning the biggest, longest, hardest orgasm she ever had hit her, her toes curled, her legs and arms stiffened up and she screamed so loud Ty was afraid the neighbors could hear it. She thought it lasted forever and when she finally came down from the orgasm another just as violent one hit her. This turned Ty on so much he kicked it into overdrive and was nailing her hot pussy so hard with his massive, throbbing cock that he knew she was going to be bruised up tomorrow. About the time she came down from the second orgasm, Ty drove as deep into her pussy as he could, she could feel the head of his cock against her cervix, she could feel it throbbing inside her, then he grunted and shot load after load of hot, sticky, thick cum deep inside her, she could feel it shoot into her and feel it hit her cervix. Sam immediately was sent into a even more intense orgasm that shook her whole body for several minutes. After what seemed like hours Ty pulled his still giant cock out of her well used pussy and pulled her panties back in place after admiring his work watching his cum try to leak out of her. He began getting dressed and thanked her for the best SuperBowl party ever and headed out the door. She laid there thinking and said to herself "well David wasn't lying when he promised me the best sex of my life after the game."
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Hot!! Keep them cumming!!!
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love the borderline NC aspect of it in addition to the BBC!
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Another horny white slutwife turned to the dark side. Black dicks and white pussies were made to be together.