The Christmas Present

Sara set at her desk working on a file when her phone rang. Her husband was on the other end of the line, "Hey babe I just bought a gift for one of the boys out of the paper. Can you run by the guys house and pick it up for me?". She told him she would, got the address and got back to work. The rest of the day flew by and it was quitting time before she knew it. The 35 year old brunette got her stuff together and put her coat on as she headed to her suv wondering what her husband had bought. She started the suv and headed the way the directions told her. She soon pulled up infront of a nice looking little house where she parked and went to the front door and knocked. In a few minutes a black man in his late 40's opened the door. Sara smiled and said "Hi there my husband bought something and sent me to get it". The man said "You're Sara then?". Yes she replied and the man said "Ok please come in". She walked past him and he followed her into the front room where he told here to make herself comfortable and he would be right back with her gift. "My gift?" she thought "Oh well he must be mistaken" she decided. Soon she heard him return and looked up to see him completely nude and with a red ribbon tied onto the biggest cock she ever seen. "Oh my!"She gasped. The man smiled and said "you husband wanted you to have this for a Christmas gift and that he thought you would really like it". Sara didn't know what to do or say, her head was swimming. She couldn't believe her husband had actually arranged this they had fantasied about her and a bbc to spice up their love life, and it worked well, but she was shocked he was wanting her to really do it. "I I am married I uh I can't do this my husband" she stammered. "Your husband set this up Sara but he also said you might be scared, no pressure its completely up to you" said the big black man that had a huge cock she couldn't take her eyes off of. She told him she should leave but she just stared at his massive cock, then she felt it. A tingling deep in her pussy letting her know her body wanted to feel this big black b**st inside her. She tried to deny it but soon found herself just inches away from it "Its ok if you want to touch it " he said. Sara reached out and barely touched it this made the tingling in her pussy turn into a deep burning to have this cock inside her pussy,that was beginning to soak thru her panties by the way. Without thinking she slowly brought it up to her lips and slid her mouth over the large cock. "Oh my god what am I doing?" She thought "But no turning back now". Sara worked her mouth up and down that huge black cock and was amazed as she felt it getting bigger and harder in her mouth. After a few minutes of slobbing up and down on this monster the black man pulled her up to her feet and led her to the couch. She stood there on wobbly legs feeling her own juices beginning to run down her legs as he began to undress her. He took her coat off and then slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Then he unfastened her bra and freed her large breasts. He admired them for a minute then wrapped his lips around one nipple while pinching and twisting the other. This made her moan and squirm and she could barely stand up but after a few minutes he quit and unbuttoned her slacks. She was gently pushed back on the couch and her boots removed then her slacks were slid off. "My my are we a little wet?" He asked with a smile. He grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy to the edge of the couch where the head of his giant cock was just brushing against it with only her thin, thong panties between her married pussy and the massive black intruder. Sara's legs were placed on his shoulders and her thong pulled aside and she watched as the tip of his huge dick slowly entered her soaking pussy. She bit her lip and moaned as it was already stretching her. "Damn you got some tight pussy" he said as he slowly worked inside her. She felt her first orgasm of the night begin to course thru her. Her body shuddered and she moaned in pleasure. The big black cock continued to slowly work its way in, stretching her pussy for every inch, till to her disbelief worked its way totally in. He began to slowly work it in and out beginning another orgasm for her. She moaned and groaned as this massive cock eased in and out of her for the next several minutes. "Fuck me! Fuck me with that great big black dick!" She cried. With that he began picking up the pace slowly. After a few minutes he went all out ramming her pussy harder and harder, going deeper and deeper, getting faster and faster. Sara was screaming and bucking on the giant dick having orgasm after orgasm. This went on for what seemed like forever and she thought she was going to pass out or be ripped into when she felt his cock begin to shoot load after load of hot,thick,sticky cum deep inside her. After he pumped more cum in her pussy then she thought a horse could have he slowlly eased his massive black dick out of her, slid her soaked panties back in place he said "Merry Christmas, was your husband right? You really like your gift?". Sara grinned a tired smile and said "Boy did I ever,he got me just what I was wanting".
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2 years ago
Such a wonderful husband ...where is mine??
3 years ago
great story!
3 years ago
Hot story. Thanks
3 years ago
great story ... awesome
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awesome story, keep 'em cummin