The Business Trip

Gail was excited, this was the first time she was getting to go to the big seminar. She liked the thought of meeting all the people she dealt with and putting faces with the names and voices. The two other ladies going with her had been before and told her it was a great time. Gail couldn't wait to get home and tell her husband. He couldn't help but chuckle to himself about his 40 year old wife talking about it with the excitement of a c***d before Christmas. Two weeks later she anxiously kissed him goodbye as she left for work,suitcase in hand,and not to be back for 3 days. "Have a good time." Her husband told her and she said she would but it was still work she told him as she got into her suv and headed off. She got to her office and met the other 2 women, Jane a blonde in her early 20's and Becky another blonde in her late 20's, loaded up in a company car and began the 4 hour drive. They laughed,joked and had a good time on a rather uneventful trip until the arrived at their hotel. The 3 women checked in then hit the town for a bit to eat then done some site seeing. After which it was time to eat again then Gail was ready to go to her room for the night. The 2 younger girls tried to talk her into hitting some clubs with them but she declined wanting to call he husband then get a good nights sl**p. The next morning the women met for breakfast before the seminar and the 2 blondes told her they had a blast and she had to go with them tonight. We'll see she said as they finished their meal and headed to the nearby convention center. After a long day of boring speakers lasting well into the afternoon Gail was tired and looking forward to eating supper with a few people she finally got to meet then heading off to her room. Jane and Becky tried to talk her into going again but she once again declined and retired to her room and called her husband. She told her all about her trip so far and about the girls trying to get her to go clubbing with them. He told her she should go with them the next night and have some fun and she said she would think about it. After she talked to him she took a long shower and went to bed. Once again the women met for breakfast and the girls told her how much fun it was and she should go, she surprised them and herself when she said ok. After another painfully boring day the women went back to their rooms and got ready for the night. She put on a black dress that was low cut and short with a pair of high heels, met the girls and off they went. They went to several clubs and ended up at one way one the other side of the city. They had a blast and danced and drank. Gail excused herself to the restroom when a couple of young guys came over and started talking to them. When she came out they were nowhere to be seen and she figured they had hooked up. Gail was quite tipsy from drinking and decided to head back to the hotel and not be a third wheel. When she got outside she started walking down the sidewalk trying to get her bearings. She stumbled and was caught from falling. "Whoa you ok there?" A man asked her. "Yes I'm fine. Thank you for catching me" she said as she looked up to see a blackman in his 20's grinning at her. "I see that" he said making her blush. She started to go on her way and nearly fell again. "You must just came from the club" he laughed. Gail giggled back "how could you tell?". "My names Jerome. Let me help you to a cab." "Thank you my name is Gail". Jerome shook her hand then waved down a cab. "Where you going Gail?" He asked as he helped her in the cab "accidently" brushing her ass as he did. She told him and he said that is all the way on the other side of town and he better go with her to make sure she gets there. They got to talking and laughing on the way there and then the cab driver had to dodge a car by swerving. Gail caught herself by putting her hand on his leg, atleast she thought. After things calmed down she felt his leg twitching and realized her hand was still there and it wasn't his leg. She blushed and jerked her hand back. Jerome just grinned at her and resumed the small talk. She then felt a tingling deep inside her, omg I'm starting to get turned on she thought. Her head really began to swim between the drinks and her thoughts and she had to lay her head down. She went to lay against the seat and Jerome said let me help you and pulled her to his chest. She began to feel hot all over and confused and she really began to feel the heat rise from her pussy along with an ever increasing tingling. The cab pulled up infront of the hotel and she tried to rise up but she was to unsteady. Jerome pulled out his wallet and paid the driver and said "I better help you to your room or you will never make it". She wanted to refuse his help but she couldn't she needed the help a for some reason she just couldn't. He helped her out of the car the walked her to the elevators then to her room. Gail tried to unlock the door but was to unsteady so he took her key and helped her inside. She was still on unsteady legs so he helped her set down and took her heels off taking his time gently caressing her calves and feet while doing it. His touch on her leg sent electricity through her and set her pussy on fire. "Um uh I think I need to lay down" she said and tried to stand up. Jerome took her by the arm,placed a hand on the small of her back and guided her to the bed and helped set on the edge and lie back. "Is that better?" He asked. She said yes as he placed his hand on her knee and softly rubbed little circles as he eased very slowly up her thigh. Mmmmm escaped her lips as he gently rubbed her pussy through her rapidly soaking panties. Jerome softly traced the outline of her pussy for a few minutes then easily slipped a finger under her panties and into her pussy. Ahhhh omg she moaned softly. Jerome continued to finger her pussy bringing her to her first orgasm of the night. He pulled her panties of slowly sliding them down her legs then slid her dress up around her waste. He then positioned himself between her thighs and sank his tongue into her waiting pussy. Oh god she cried as he worked is tongue on her clit. He licked on her pussy till she shivered and bucked,screamed she was cumming and flooded his mouth with her juices. Gail watched with anticipation as he stood up and began to undress, she was so hot she was gyrating her hips as she watched. When he dropped his pants she saw the largest cock she thought was possible. Jerome walked up and placed her legs on his shoulders and placed the head of his monster just against her pussy were it just barely began to part her lips. Ahhhhhh she moaned. "Are you ready for this big black cock to stretch you married pussy?" He asked as he pushed it in a bit. She bit her lip and nodded her head yes. Gail threw her head back and moaned as she felt him ease in her. Inch by inch he slowly worked inside her stretching her pussy. She came several times before he worked it all in. Once Jerome worked it all in he held there letting Gail stretch and get used to the size but within moments she was moaning and moving her hips in an attempt to fuck herself on his giant dick. He then slowly began working in and out gradually increasing his pace. Gail was screaming like a mad woman enjoying this monster cock pummeling her pussy. She came all over his massive dick once again and this made him pick up the pace even more. Gail bucked and moaned as Jerome pounded her violently,driving harder and deeper with every thrust. She felt the head of his cock in her cervix and it triggered an intense orgasm she nearly passed out from but Jerome keep fucking her harder and deeper, stretching her with every thrust. Finally without warning Jerome drove deeper than ever into her and held it,as she orgasmed from the massive thrust deep into her she felt his cock tense and shoot load after load of hot sticky cum deep inside her. She met the girls again the next morning for breakfast. "There is the ol stick in the mud " they teased. "Yep here I am" she said laughing to herself with Jerome's cum still leaking out of her.

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2 months ago
34 thumbs down? wtf? short & sweet!
2 years ago
Damn!!! So hot ..or wait is it me??
3 years ago
wow crazy story right there!
3 years ago
didn't think that story was gonna go public... dang.
3 years ago
love this!
3 years ago
hot story
3 years ago
Nice.Enjoyed it.
3 years ago
3 years ago
Goes to show we only get better with age, not forgotten....Thanks for sharing