The Dead Battery

Jill walked across the cold windy parking lot. The cold north wind bit into her skin and she wished she had dressed more appropriately for the weather. Her short skirt was sexy and showed her awesome legs but didn't do much for warmth. She did have her fur lined calf high boots on and a warm jacket covered her very low cut blouse, but she was cold. The snow was starting to fall and she had left work early so she could stop by the store and grab a few things even though she drove her husbands old 4x4 blazer in case it got bad. As she dug her keys out of her purse and carrying her bags she stopped in her tracks. "Damn I left the lights on" she said to herself. "Hopefully it hasn't been long enough to run down the battery" but she knew she was in the store longer than she wanted and the lights were very dim. She opened the door and leaned over the seat the best she could to put the bags inbetween the seats. "Damn look at that fine white woman Big D" said Craig. Big D seen her walk all the way across the parking lot and was watching her lean in the truck. "I see that fine ass on her for sure, man I would like to sink this big cock in her bent over like that" he said as he grabbed his crotch. The two black men were setting in their in the parking lot thinking of what they were going to do on a night like this when they saw her. Jill didn't see her fans watching her and climbed on in and slid the key in the ignition and turned it click, click. "Damn" she said again, her husband was a hour away and wouldn't be happy driving into town to jump the battery cause she left the lights on. She thought he always carries some tools in the back maybe he has some jumper cables and I can get someone to jump me so I don't have to call him, besides he probably isn't home yet anyways. She slid out and popped the hood hoping someone would come offer to help while she headed to the back. She opened up the back and started digging for the cables, leaning in and without knowing she was giving the two men a nice show of her shapely ass. "Damn Craig look at that bitch teasing us" "Well Big D looks like she is having car trouble and needs a jump" "I'll give her a fucking jump Craig, a big fucking jump" "Hell yeah Big D lets go give her a 'jump'" and with that the men laughed and drove over next to her never taking their hungry eyes of her ass and thighs as she leaned way over digging in the back of the tall blazer. "Need some help ma'am?" said Craig. Jill was in her own world looking for the cables and jumped as the voice startled her, "Ah yyyes my husbands truck won't start and needs jumped cause I left the lights on. I should have some cables in here if you could jump me." she said. Big D said "Oh we can jump you all right, can't we Craig?" "Oh yeah we sure can."his friend repied. She turned and seen them for the first time and seen the two black men looking at her and felt kinda strange. She got to thinking about the had to be looking at her ass and her wearing the short skirt she had to be giving them a show."Damn I wonder what exactly they were thinking about jumping" she thought. "You find your cables?" said Craig. "No, but they have to be in here. Oh shit, my husband had to jump the tractor a couple days ago and I bet he didn't put them back." "We live a few miles from here, we would be glad to go get ours from the house and give you a jump. Right Big D?" "Well hell yes we would Craig." Craig looked around and seen there wasn't anymore cars in the parking lot as the snow was falling a little bit heavier and people were rushing to get home."Why don't you hop in with us and we will run get them?" "I I I don't know" Jill stammered, "There is probably someone around that has some." But she looked and seen there wasn't aswell. "Come on, it will just take a minute and it's too cold for you to set here, especially dressed like that." Craig said. He was right she thought, she was freezing and their car had to be warm. "Well ok if it won't take to long, my husband is waiting for me." she added to let them know she was married and had someone expecting her. She walked to their car and started to get in the back, "You'll have to ride up front with us the back seat is full of stuff." Craig said as he got in the drivers door. She looked in and it had bucked seats, Big D slid into the passenger seat and said "Here hop on and we'll go get those cables and get you jumped." as he patted his lap. She took a step back and started to tell them no but she saw the empty parking lot once again and felt the stinging cold. She finally said "OK" and slowly set down trying to set on his leg. He slammed the door and as Craig started the car moving Big D said "You won't be very comfortable on my leg like that here set back." and grabbed her waist and lifted her up and pulled her back on his lap. "Omg" she thought, "my skirt got pulled out from under me and my ass is on his crotch." She felt his pants and zipper on her bare ass cause she was wearing a thong. She was tense but as the heater started warming her body and they made small talk she started feeling at ease. "Thank you guys for doing this, my name's Jill by the way" "Oh you are more than welcome Jill, I'm Craig and that is Big D that you're setting on." They all laughed at that and she felt even more comfortable, then she noticed a slight feeling way down deep inside her, she was setting on a black man's lap, in his friends car, heading to their house cause she was broke down and her husband wasn't around and she knew the black men were looking at her ass earlier. Plus her bare ass was on his lap cause her skirt got pulled up as she was set down on him. The feeling started getting stronger, all this is so taboo and I think its starting to get me aroused she was thinking deep in her mind.

Craig brought her out of her deep thoughts by mentioning that with the weather it would take them longer to get to their house, he was covering up the fact that they lived on the other side of town. Her head was swimming with thoughts when they hit a few bumps and she bounced on Big D's lap a little when she noticed it, his cock, it felt huge and was against her inner thigh. She tried to repostion herself and they hit another bump and she landed right on the large bulge. "Hold still here girl" Big D said, "don't want to get you bounced to death in here." and her pulled her down tight. She felt that feeling get stronger, thinking about only her thong panties and his jeans separating what seemed to be a large cock and her pussy, and her pussy omg it felt like it was getting wet, she was getting turned on. How could she be turned on? She was married, a faithfull wife too, never thought about cheating with anyone, well alone two strangers she just met. What's going on? her thoughts raced. Then she felt just a small twitch, she tried to reposition again but he was still holding her tight, it was his cock that twitched and it was seeming to get bigger. "He's getting turned on by me on his lap" she thought. What have I done these men are going to fuck me, but at the same time she was turned on aswell and she knew her pussy was getting wetter. Jill was so wrapped up in thought she almost didn't notice Big D's hand was know slightly cupping her ass and slowly rubbing it as by accident when they hit a bump. She started to stop him but she thought I'm alone, noone knows where I'm at and these to men could hurt me, that was partly the reason but more of just an excuse to let him cause it was turning her on even more. "Uum, how much longer till we get there?"Jill asked, Craig said it would be a little while yet still blaming the weather but she knew the roads weren't bad yet. After a few more minutes Big D was getting a little bolder and moved his hand up her thigh and was softly rubbing little circles, Jill's head was spinning, she couldn't believe this was happening and couldn't believe it was turning her on. Without even realizing it she eased her leg over a little bit so she could feel his hand closer to her now dripping pussy. Big D got the hint and slowly worked his hand toward her hot pussy, he took his time knowing that he had to work up slow and get her hot and wanting it, he didn't know she was all ready there. After a few minutes he eased his fingers over her panty covered pussy and started working them in little circles, she couldn't tell him no, she couldn't resist, she surprised her self by leaning back against him, closing her eyes and moaning lightly. This was all that Big D needed, he slipped his fingers under the wet thong and slid into her hot wet pussy, "Damn she's wet Craig" "Well I knew she was wanting some bbc didn't you Big D?" He slid his hand under her blouse and fondled her large breasts. "You want some black cock Jill?" he asked her, but she could only moan.

"We're here" Craig said pulling up into a driveway, Jill didn't want to move, she was enjoying the fingers in her pussy to much. Big D opened the door so she slid out, as she did he pulled up the back of her skirt and looked at her gorgeous ass. "Mighty fine, can't wait to see my big black cock in there." When they entered the house their hands were all over her, her coat was taken off and threw in a chair, her skirt was hiked up and her blouse was pulled down exposing her big tits. Craig started sucking and playing with her tits as Big D continued his finger assualt on her hot wet pussy. She was moaning, slowly gyrating her hips driving her pussy onto his fingers, "Damn this bitch is hot and wanting some dick" Big D said, Craig pulled back from her and unzipped his pants and pulled out a long cock, she had never seen a cock so big, but she had only been with her husband and a guy she dated in school. He took her hand and placed it on his dick and she instinctively started stroking it up and down, she couldn't take her eyes off it. Before she knew it she was leaning down slowly placing her lips on the tip of it. She opened her mouth and took it inside, working her way down the shaft as far as she could, she was shocked that it was growing bigger and harder. She started working up and down faster, "Damn she knows how to suck a cock" Craig moaned. She was sucking a cock while bent over and being fingered, alone in a house with 2 black men, while her husband was probably worried about her, she couldn't believe she was doing this and that she was so turned on, she didn't care, her pussy was hot wet and aching for a cock. Big D quit fingering her and she wasn't liking it and was about to pull her mouth off Craigs cock to protest but he grabbed her head and pulled it down on his cock till he gagged her, "Don't worry Jill, he isn't gonna leave you, you are just about to find out why we call him Big D." She knew she was about to get fucked by this strange black man and it excited her, she began sucking Craigs cock like a mad woman, then Big D eased up behind her again, but this time he had a hand on her hip, then she felt the tip of his cock against her hot, very wet pussy, it felt huge, he started pushing the head against her lips and she felt them opening up and his cock trying to slid in, he pushed harded and the head started in, stretching her as it worked its way deeper, she moaned, "Oh, its so big!!!!!" "Oh that is just the head wait til I get some more in" he said and pushed in deeper. She felt it ease in inch by inch, she thought it was never going to get all the way in. "OMG" she cried as her first orgasm hit her. He had worked his massive cock all the way in her and slowly started working it in and out, as her pussy was getting used to the size he began to get faster and harder, until he had both hands on her hips driving his cock into her. She screamed and moaned in pleasure as this black man she just met fucked her hard and fast while she sucked his friend's cock. After he fucked her for several minutes she had a mind blowing, body shaking orgasm that left her weak in the knees, she almost fell down but Big D's massive cock and hands on her hips kept her up. "Well maybe we better get you off you feet", he said and he pulled his cock out and laid down on the couch spinning her around and pulling her down on his cock stradling him. "OOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!" she moaned as she slid down his long, thick shaft. She set up and grinded on his cock then he started lifting her up and down slamming her on his huge cock. She was lost in her own world moaning with pleasure, another orgasm buit up and rippled through her body, she collapsed onto his chest, he wrapped his arms around her holding her down and continued to pump into her with his long, thick cock. Her pussy, thighs and ass were completely soaked from her cumming, she was a squirter and Craig seen this and crawled up behind her. Jill felt the head of his cock against her asshole, "Omg, he is gonna stick his big cock in there, my husband's even hurts it." but before she could say anything she felt it slowly go in, it was easy cause she was so wet with her own juices. She immediately had another orgasm and moaned and cried out in pleasure, she just had her first DP and was loving it. They were alternating strokes in and out and she had never felt so good, or so full, her head was spinning, she didn't know anything but she loved this big, black cocks fucking her pussy and ass at the same time. She had several more orgasms and lost count of them as the guys work getting faster and harder fucking her, Craig finally let out a yell and drove his cock deep in her ass and tensed up and shot a huge load of cum deep in her. He pulled out and Big D did to, he laid her on her back, put her legs over his shoulders and slowly eased his giant cock back into her and started long, deep strokes, he pulled her hips and drove hard into her shaking her whole body. He fucked her hard and deep like that for several minutes then drove deep into her and held her there while he shot rope after rope of hot, thick, sticky cum deep into her pussy. She loved every minute of it and was compeletly exhausted. When Big D pulled out of her it felt like there was a gallon of cum inside her and he slid her panties back on telling her that was to keep it from all leaking out. They put her clothes back in order and helped her into her coat and walked her to the car. Craig run back in and came out with a set of cables and they took her back her blazer, jumped it and let her set in the car til it warmed up. She got into the big truck with cum leaking out of her saturated panties and running down her leg, "Thanks for the jump guys" she laughed. "No thank you it was out pleasure to jump you" Big D said with a wink. She shut the door and they drove off talking about what a great fuck that fine white bitch was. She pulled the gear shift to drive and started to drive home hoping she got home with no more trouble in the snow, but then she thought "maybe a little more trouble would be good" with a smile.
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