Adult toy store surprise

"Hey babe, lets stop at the adult shop before we go back to the room" Jim said to his wife. "Ok hun, fine with me" replied Beth. They had been married for 24 years and

were out on the town for their anniversary. After a nice dinner they were headed back to their hotel for the night when they saw the store. Jim pulled into the parking

lot and they got out and went into the store. Beth may have been in her mid 40's but looked many years younger and had a body to match. She was wearing a short skirt

and low cut blouse and was getting lots of attention on their way in. Jim noticed a black guy checking her out as she browsed the videos and toys. "Beth I think you

have a fan" Jim teased. "Oh I do huh?"she asked, "Who might that be?" "Oh that black guy over by the counter" he said. Beth glanced over and caught him looking. She

began to feel a tingling sensation way deep inside her. It had been a fantasy of hers for years to try a bbc. She knew Jim knew it to and decided he was just trying to

get her going to have a hot night when they got back to her room. And it was working, she was getting worked up. Beth eased over to the interracial section and made

sure the guy was watching and picked up several videos from the bottom self so the black guy could get a show. Jim walked back to her side "Wow dear, way to be

discrete" he laughed. Beth grinned and said "Well you wanted me worked up and you're getting it". And with that she handed her husband a copy of a vided titled

"Amature milfs with giant black cocks" and headed for the toy section. Jim chuckled and thought to himself, "It's gonna be a great night." Beth walked over to toys and

went straight to the black dildos. She looked them over for a few minutes and found a large, very thick black didlo with a suction cup base. She said aloud, "Oh I

think I will take this one." Then glanced a sexy look over her shoulder to see the black mans reaction. But he was gone. Oh well she thought, it was just a game

anyways. She looked at the bondage stuff and some lotions for a bit and decided it was time to go. Wait where is Jim she wondered. About that time Jim walked back to

her side. "Where you been hun?" she asked. "Oh I thought I lost my cell and I went to check the car. It was on the console." he replied. "Oh that's good, well lets pay

and go to the room." Beth said. The couple went to the counter and paid for the video and toy. Beth was pretty worked up and played with Jim a bit on the short ride to

the hotel. They were both ready tear each other up when they got to the room. Jim quickly put the video in and they were watching white women get fucked over and over

again by one black dick after another. Jim and Beth kissed and rubbed each others bodies. Jim moved his hand to her inner thigh and slid slowly up under her skirt to

find her panties were soaking wet. She gasped lightly as he began rubbing her wet pussy and clit through her silky thong. After a few minutes of that Beth got really

worked up and said it was time for her to suck some dick. She laid Jim back and eased his pants down and began slowly licking and sucking his rapidly growing dick. She

was really getting into when she heard Jim say, "I bet you want some of this?" She looked up and he was holding the huge black didlo. She pulled his dick out of her

mouth long enough to say yes and went back to sucking. She decided that she would hop on the bed so Jim could use the didlo on her but he stopped her. "Lets go over

here for this" and he led her to the large sliding glass door on the front of the closet. He stuck the black toy on the glass door at the right heighth for her to fuck

herself on while she sucked him off. "See won't that work good?" he asked her. Beth was really getting worked up now and didn't care as long as she had something in

her hot, wet, throbbing pussy. She bent over and slowly worked herself onto the giant toy. Once she got it worked in she gobbled Jim's cock back into her mouth and

went to work bobbing up and down his shaft while sliding back and forth on the fake bbc. "Oh baby you really like that don't you?" Jim asked. "Yes" she cried out as

she moaned in pleasure and sucked his cock. "You would love the real thing wouldn't you? You'd love to have a real black cock pound your hot pussy wouldn't you babe?"

Jim asked. He knew the answer immediately when she went wild. Bucking on the plastic cock and nearly sucking his dick off his body. "Yes, yes I want a big black cock

to fuck me!" she screamed and she bucked so hard the fake dick slid out and she squirted, trembling from her first orgasm from the night. After a minute she started to

ease back onto the dildo again and Jim stopped her. "What hun I need to adjust it for you, it moved." She waited a minute and heard the closet door rattle a little bit

and Jim said "Ok hun, go ahead." She eased back onto the cock and gasped. "Wow it seems like its bigger than it was" she moaned with pleasure. She was soon working

back and forth on the toy and sucking Jim's cock again. Jim started talking again. "You like that big cock in you pussy? You like that big black cock fucking your hot,

tight pussy?" She moaned and slid on the dick harded and faster. "Oh you like that Beth don't you? You want a real black cock fucking your hot pussy don't you?" She

moaned and screamed. "Yes, yes I want a big, black, hard cock to fuck my pussy." Jim twisted her nipple as he continued "You like the way that black cock feels in you

pussy Beth?" "I love it. I love the way it feels stretching my pussy" she moaned. "You love the feel of the cock deep in your pussy Beth? You love to have it deep

inside you? You love the feel of a strangers dick deep in you pussy and the feel of his hands on your hips?" Jim teased. "Oh fuck yes!!" Beth screamed "I love this big

black strangers dick in my pussy, stretching it deep. Oh god I love the feel of it and his hands griping my waist." Wait she thought, I do feel hands on my hips. She

froze, in a mix of pleasure nearing total extasy and fear. She looked over her shoulder and seen the black man from the adult store. She looked back at her husband

with a puzzled look. "It's ok dear" he said. "I know how much this fanstasy turns you on so I pretened that I was looking for my phone and set it up with Mark here to

meet us. He loved how hot you are and agreed to take the extra room key and hide in here ready to make your fantasy come true." She looked at both them again and began

to relax. Mark felt her relax a bit and decided he was going to do some real fucking now. Beth was going into overload. She wanted this for so long and now it was

going to happen. Wait, it was happening and wasn't over yet. Her head was swimming with thoughts, she was going into a new level of worked up, her pussy was wetter

then ever, it was throbbing like it would explode and she could feel the heat from it. At that moment she felt his hands tighten on her waist, then he rammed his

massive dick deep into her and began pounding her like a jackhammer. "Oh god, Yes. Fuck me, fuck me hard!!!!!!Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!"she screamed. Jim just stepped back

and watched his lovely bride get the fucking of a lifetime. Mark was pounding her just as fast and deep and hard as he could. Beth was screaming and moaning and

cumming all over his dick with orgasm after orgasm. Then he stopped. She said "No don't stop!Please!" but Mark pulled out and led her to the bed. He laid her on her

back with her legs on his shoulders and placed his giant cock against the opening of her wet pussy. "Oh please fuck me. Fuck me with that big black cock!!!" Beth

pleaded. Mark eased the head against her hot, throbbing pussy and plunged in as deep as it would go. "Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss!!!!!!!"she

cried. He began pounding her relentlessly. Deep and hard his cock was penetrating her wet pussy. She cried out with another orgasm and squirted all over him once

again. Mark pulled out of her and laid on his back and pulled her up on his giant, puslsating cock. She slid down it easily and begain bouncing up and down it as hard

as she could, moaning and screaming the whole time. Mark was kissing her neck and sucking and playing with her nipples while she was riding his cock. Jim knew she

would go even wilder because she loved that so much. She went to bucking on his dick, coating him with her juices, having another orgasm. She gasped as he jerked his

cock out of her and pushed her off of him. Mark stood at the end of the bed once again but this time put her face down bent over the end of the bed. He pushed his dick

in her sloppy wet pussy again and fucked her harder then ever. She screamed and moaned in pleasure and thought she was going to pass out when she had yet another

orgasm and Mark picked up the pace even more, fucking her harder, faster and deeper. He continued this for a few minutes and she felt him tense up. He hollered "I'm

gonna cum!!" and she felt the hot, sticky ropes of cum shoot deep into her pussy one after another for seem like a hour. He finally pulled out of her she felt the

largest load of cum she ever saw run out of her and down her legs. "Oh my god that was wonderful", she mumbled to her husband. "So you liked your little surprise huh

hun?" Jim asked while chuckling. "Yes very much, thank you babe, I love you" she answered. They laid there holding each other watching their new friend leaving when

Beth asked smiling "So think we can go to the adult store again tomorrow?"

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Awesome dick's hard enough to use as a weapon
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Omg damn I'm soooo turned on now!!
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Now im hard
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great story one of my biggest fantasy's