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Please be kind, I am not a writer. This is a true story and kind of tame compared to most on here. It was very exciting for my husband and I. It is rather long. I have posted pictures on WL for quite some time, mostly on the request board so you may know what I look like. I am 5’ 2” about 125 lbs, blonde hair. My husband is 5’10” 175lbs, dark brown hair.

A few years ago my husband took me to dinner and dancing for our anniversary. The restaurant was located in a great hotel that also had a dance club. I was wearing a pink sweater dress that buttoned up the front with a V cut neck and was a couple of inches above my knees. He wore a pair of black dress slacks a grey shirt and nice tie.

We had a very nice dinner and a bottle of wine. I enjoyed the good food while we talked about old times. It was a perfect evening so far. After dinner we went to the dance club also located in the same hotel. It was around 8:00 and the club was not very busy. We sat at the bar and my husband ordered Long Island Ice Teas. As we talked and listened to the music a few people started to come into the club. After finishing our drinks my husband asks me to dance. We danced a few songs and I was feeling great. I told my husband I needed to use the restroom and as I got up he dared me to take off my bra. I went to the restroom and being a little d***k and very horny, I decided to give him a show. I took off my bra and thong. I walked back out to the bar and being coy handed my underwear to him. He smiled at me and put them in his pocket. He had ordered me another Long Island Iced tea and got himself a beer. I knew he was turned on! While we were talking and drinking our drinks my husband was complimenting me and telling me all the men were checking me out. I did notice people seemed to be looking at me more than normal. There was a large mirror behind the bar and saw why they were looking. Without my bra you could clearly see my hard nipples. The tight clingy material had my breasts showing. We flirted with each other while finishing our drinks. When the drinks were done we went to dance again. I was really getting into dancing; the dancing was making me horny and I started to try to dance seductively for my husband. After dancing a while a slow song played and as we danced we kissed and my husband was slowly running his hands all over body. He lightly rubbed my breasts and back, and slid his hands down to my ass and pulled me in tight. I could feel his cock was hard; it almost felt like we were having sex on the dance floor. The song ended and I needed to go back to the restroom. Ray told me he would wait at the bar for me.

After using the restroom I went back to the bar where we had been sitting. Ray wasn’t there but there was another drink waiting for me. I started sipping it as I was feeling pretty good and didn’t want to get too d***k. I assumed Ray had gone to the restroom so I just enjoyed the music and watched the people dancing. A few minutes went by and Ray hadn’t returned when a man came to the bar and ordered a drink. While he waited for his drink he said hello and chatted small talk. He was in town on business and was staying in the hotel. He had come to the bar for a drink and maybe a dance. He introduced himself as Bob. His drink came and he sat down where Ray had been sitting and continued to talk while drinking his drink. I’m not sure how much time had gone by but it seemed like a long time for Ray to use the restroom. As we talked I noticed Ray was sitting at a table across the room. He was watching us and smiling. When he saw me look at him he winked and smiled. I knew what he was up to so I winked back and went back to chatting with Bob. Bob asked me if I would like to dance and I accepted. I quickly finished my drink and he led me out on the dance floor. He was a good dancer and I was doing my best to put on a show for my husband and my new friend. We danced a couple of songs and then went back to the bar. Bob and I talked while Ray sat across the room and watched. I was enjoying flirting with Bob knowing Ray was getting turned on by watching. I was laughing and touching Bob’s hand and thigh every chance I got. A slow song started and Bob took me by the hand to the dance floor. We started to dance, my arms were around his neck and he had his arms around my waist. As we continued to dance we both got more aroused and I pressed my body against him. I felt his cock getting hard as we moved our hips together. His hands lowered to my ass and he pulled me against him. I put my head on his shoulder and he kissed my neck. I could feel my pussy getting wetter. I had gotten distracted by Bob and hadn’t looked toward my husband in a while. When I looked his way he was smiling and winked at me again.

When the song ended I excused myself to the ladies room again. I met Ray in the hallway to the restrooms. He kissed me and told me it was hot to see me dancing and flirting with Bob. He had seen Bob at the bar and sat down to see what happened. I told him about Bob being in town for meetings and that he was staying at the hotel. My husband asked if I liked him and I told him yes. He told me I was putting on quite a show and asked if I would like to introduce him to Bob. I told him I would like that. He kissed me again and as he kissed me he unbuttoned the top button of my dress. When I didn’t resist he also unbuttoned the bottom button. My tight sweater dress was now open just below my boobs and half way up my thigh. I kissed my Ray and went back to my seat at the bar with Bob. As I climbed up on my bar seat my dress opened up showing my legs. I slowly crossed them and let my dress fall open. Bob looked like he was in disbelief. He had me another drink waiting and I’m sure he got a good look at my breast as I leaned forward to pick it up. We talked for a few minutes and he was leaning close to talk and see down my dress. I looked back at the table where Ray had been and he was sitting facing us watching. I took Bob by the hand and told him I had someone I wanted him to meet. We walked across the room holding hands to the table Ray was sitting at. Ray stood up as we approached and smiled at us. I introduced Bob to my husband, he acted shocked and kind of scared. Ray shook his hand and asked us to join him at the table. We all sat down and I sat between the two of them. Ray knew that Bob was uncomfortable and assured him everything was ok. He told Bob that it was our anniversary and we were out celebrating. He told Bob he liked watching him dance and flirt with me. Bob didn’t say much, he seemed to be trying to figure out what was going on. I said what a great time I was having dancing and bring a flirt. I mentioned I was horny as hell. My husband asked Bob if he would like to come to our room with us. Bob seemed even more nervous now. I told them I would like to dance a little more and asked Bob to dance with me. When we got back on the dance floor he seemed to loosen up and they were playing more slow songs now and we talked as we danced close. He was asking questions about what we had in mind and tried to get me to go to his room alone. He said he wasn’t into having my husband watch and definitely not join in. I reminded him it was our anniversary and I wasn’t going to ditch my husband. After a few songs we went back to the table and talked for a couple of minutes. I asked Ray to dance and told Bob I would like for him to watch. Ray and I danced close and did some touching, feeling, kissing, I was trying to put on a show for Bob.

When we got back to the table Bob was much more relaxed and pretty turned on. He told us he would love to be with me but only if it was just the two of us. Ray and I both said that we weren’t interested in doing that. So we decided to go to our room. Bob said he was going to his room also. We all left the bar together and got on the elevator. It wasn’t a long ride to Bob’s floor. I asked Ray if I could walk Bob to his room and told me it would be fine. We all got off the elevator and Bob and I walked down the hall toward his room as we walked I unbuttoned another button so that my breasts were in clear view. We stopped at his door and kissed. He reached into my dress and was pinching my nipples. This went on for a few minutes and I asked him again to join us. He declined unfortunately so I walked back to my husband and we went to our room. We were both horny and made love all night. We were both disappointed Bob didn’t join us but we had a great night of sex together.

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2 months ago
very titillating tale...oh it makes me horny. i've had that fantasy for a long time. you are a tease...
6 months ago
I would love to be in Bob's position, I surely wouldn't turn you down!
1 year ago
Great story. You are certainly adventurous! And Bob is a moron.
1 year ago
That was a great story, thanks for sharing it with us.
I bet Bob looks back on that night and now realises what a chance he missed, silly boy Bob.
1 year ago
Wow, that was a very sexy story. Certainly had me very stiff throughout. I for one would have joined you without any second thoughts!! Thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
Pretty good. Wish it had a happy ending ;o))