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The Secret

"WUZ can you keep a secret?"
The guy surprised me, we never talked much to each other, I told him that I don't like small talks, that I prefer a "dense silence" rather than a "vacuum talk".
"Of course I can" I replied sincerely.
"Look...it's something...delicate."
"I won't hurt you" I added sipping at my weissbier.
"You would like?"
"It's not easy! I would like to...spank my wife"
"I know what you think!"
"ahem...you would like to spank your wife"
"calm down, there is no reason to shout. I don't understand why you are so upset"
"well...it is not something that you can confess easily, i'm not sure if
you understand what I mean"
"More that you can imagine"
"...uh? you mean that you..."
"more or less"
"Does your...your..."
"Does your partner like it?"
"of course, I wouldn't do it otherwise, i'm not a monster"
"I am"
"What do you mean?"
"My wife doesn't like it, she thinks that I am a psycho...that I should go to see a shrink...i'm desperate...i though that my wife liked it somehow...i caught her masturbating with a whip..."
"oh, it looks like you share some fantasies"
"I though the same but...when i tried...she called me a r****t!"
"why do you laugh?!"
"never mind...look, I think that you have to make some steps...do you and your wife like role plays?"
"What is that?"
"ok, you buy me another couple of weissbier and I will tell ya how *I* started. Deal?"

I like learning. I like teaching. I like sharing.
Posted by wutundzorn 2 years ago
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