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"would you talk to my wife?! Please...she trusts you..."
I am surprised, very surprised and not exactly pleased:
"Does it make sense? I think it doesn't make any sense"
"Perhaps you are right, but please..."
"ufff...I meet her this afternoon anyway..."
"You are a friend!"

No I'm not, i'm just a curious person looking for troubles.

M. doesn't know about my, uh, inclinations, but she is a clever and sensitive woman and doesn't need to know: she felt it. This is why I didn't need to introduce the argument, she looked at me and asked:
"Have you ever had strange sexual fantasies?"
"Of course, I think it's normal"
"and what?"
"Did you realize them?"
"most of them"
"With the right person"
"That's my problem...I need the right person" then she turns red "don't...don't misunderstand me...I love B. we get together very well but..."
"...you think that he doesn't have your same fantasies"
"how do you know?"
"I don't, but your discontent is evident...have you tried to talk to B.?"
"well...it's not easy...i mentioned the fact that i would like to be treated badly..I mean rudely, i mean..."
"I know what you mean. and?"
"and...he...he tried to...to..."
"..spank you."
"It didn't work out. I know he does it just for me...he doesn't have my same fantasies".
I had to make an effort not to laugh.
"My dear M. I think that you should talk to you husband, I think that you both have just the usual inception problems, you are just too tense and I can understand why: these fantasies don't real match with you social role, with your public image. I understand that the details of your private life would make a scandal if revealed. I think that you are projecting on each other your fears.
Of course my lips are and will be sealed."

I just assisted at the beginning of a new SM couple.
This day is not wasted.
Posted by wutundzorn 2 years ago
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