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[Story] La selezione

"Waltraud? Valpurga? Ingeborg? Come cavolo si chiamava l'ultima? Uno di quegli assurdi nomi tedeschi che ti immagini sempre un donnone con le trecce e lo scudo...".
Diciamocelo, sta andando male, ormai sono due anni che non impugno la mia "cane" e non tengo una lezione...da quando R. si e' trasferita in altro continente...
E ora questa storia di voler esplorare l'ambiente tedesco...ma che dico tedesco: bavarese.
Fin'ora e' andata una tristezza. Mi sono fatto una bella collezione di esemplari psichiatrici, come la prima tizia, quella che si e' presentata gia' bella che ammanettata e come pr... Continue»
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[Story] Precious Stones

I take two pills of vitamin B complex and I push them down with water, a lot of water.
It takes time to drink two liters of water and I spend it thinking of the new student.
She is a slave, a proud slave as she say. Yes she wrote that on her profile: I am a slave and proud to be.
I really don’t know why I accepted her...is it just because she is a redhead and although too underweight for my taste? It could be.
She has orgasms only after whipping her pussy for a long time. I hate being a toy boy...uh...toy man...i hate to play the role of the vibrator. I don’t care if i can whip the butts o... Continue»
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[Story] Remedy Rescue

We know each other since few months and we meet rarely. She is from Naples but comes to Munich regularly for her job, for her band...yeah she is a kind of performer...don’t know exactly,
something folk, italian ethno or something like that.
However every time she is in munich she calls me, and last time she wanted to talk to me as soon as she landed.

“Soooo....what’s going on?” I asked sipping my weissbier at the usual place.
“Nothing special...”
“What’s the rush? normally there is a waiting list before seeing you”
“Bullshit! Anyways....perhaps you can help me."
"I doubt it. Tell me... Continue»
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The Secret

"WUZ can you keep a secret?"
The guy surprised me, we never talked much to each other, I told him that I don't like small talks, that I prefer a "dense silence" rather than a "vacuum talk".
"Of course I can" I replied sincerely.
"Look...it's something...delicate."
"I won't hurt you" I added sipping at my weissbier.
"You would like?"
"It's not easy! I would like to...spank my wife"
"I know what you think!"
"ahem...you would like to spank your wife"
"calm down, there is n... Continue»
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"would you talk to my wife?! Please...she trusts you..."
I am surprised, very surprised and not exactly pleased:
"Does it make sense? I think it doesn't make any sense"
"Perhaps you are right, but please..."
"ufff...I meet her this afternoon anyway..."
"You are a friend!"

No I'm not, i'm just a curious person looking for troubles.

M. doesn't know about my, uh, inclinations, but she is a clever and sensitive woman and doesn't need to know: she felt it. This is why I didn't need to introduce the argument, she looked at me and asked:
"Have you ever had strange sexual fantasies... Continue»
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The following are old posts, taken from...uh...another place.
Don't complain with me if you saw them already!
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