Day light was streaming through the window when he woke up, he woke with a smile. Sliding his arm across the bed under the covers he could not feel her, he opened his eyes and turned over, all that was there was her pillow, still with the intend of where she had slept, the rest of his senses started to come alive, he could hear running water. He pulled back the covers and slid out of bed, walking over to the bathroom door he could hear her in the shower, he gently knocked on the door, he heard her voice from the other side, ‘it’s open’ as he walked in he could she her outline behind the shower screen, all steamy to he could only see her silhouette, he walked to the screen door, as he slide it open he saw her, all soapy she turned to him ‘Good morning sl**py’ she said, his reply was to enter the shower and take her in his arms. They cuddled under the hot rain of the shower; he kissed her lips, and smiled at her. Taking the soap from her hand he says ‘May I?’ She smiled at his and said you can do my back, she turned away from him. He soaped his hands and touched her skin, she felt so soft, as he had remembered the night before, rubbing his soapy hands over her shoulders and down her back, he felt her arch her back as his strong hands moved over her skin, he soaped her back all over, his hands moved up her sides, he felt his finger tips touch the side of her breasts, then moving down again he brushed them once more, as his hands came to her waist he closed his hands around her body all soapy and wet his arms encased her. Soaping her tummy his hands wandered touching her skin, as his hands moved up he felt her breasts, slowly his soapy hands touched her breast, he felt her hard nipples in the palms of her hands, as his hands cupped her breasts she slowly turned to him, her hands came up to his face, holding him she pulled him to her lips, her tongue working its way into his mouth as they kissed deeply. He could feel her breasts pressing against his chest as they moved closer together. As they kissed, his hands moved over her back, pulling her closer to him, she could feel the heat from his body, she could also feel his growing hardness. Pulling away from him slightly she smiled at him. She kissed his chest, nuzzling his chest hairs; she kissed down his stomach moving toward his hardness. He felt her touch him, holding him tight she slides her hand along his hard cock, she kisses down his body as she strokes him harder. He feels her breath on his hard cock, as he looks down she takes him into her mouth, her lips close around his hard cock, he closes his eyes in ecstasy as he feel she start to suck on his manhood. He feels her lips moving further down his cock, he can feel her teeth just touching him as she takes him in her mouth, he can feel her tongue has she tastes his manhood. Slowly back and forth she makes love to him with her mouth; as he looked down his eyes met hers, sheer ecstasy in her eyes. She moved away from him....stood up to kiss him, their lips locked together tongues entwined, he feeling his hardness against her, she nuzzled his neck as they held each other, ‘Make love to me’ she said. He led her from the hot shower back into the bedroom, still wet from the shower he lay her down on the bed, she looked so beautiful laid there naked and wet, and he wanted her. More now than at any time ever. He moved to the bed towards her, kissing her legs as he moved up her body, his lips met with her knees, slowly she parted her legs for him. Kissing further he worked his way up her inner thighs, gently kissing her soft wet skin. Then he was at her secret place, he gently kissed her lips, his tongue gently parting her pussy, tasting her sweet juices as his tongue parted her lips. He could not help himself he found her hard clitty and closed his lips over her, gently sucking and flicking her making her gently moan with pleasure as his sucking and flicking made her want to cum, she could feel his fingers touching her lips, gently opening her wide her pussy wet with her cum, his fingers slowly started to slide inside her, just tickling inside her lips she felt him pushing harder into her, the feeling of ecstasy and sheer pleasure as his tongue flicked at her clitty and his fingers starting to gently rub inside her. His fingers found her special place inside, she could not help the loud moan as he stroked her just at the right time and place, a huge orgasm rippled through her body, her hips bucking towards his touch, and she found herself rubbing herself on his fingers wanting them deeper inside. Her whole body shuddered as she came once again, this time harder than before, as he withdrew his fingers he moved to taste her creamy wet pussy, her sweet cum leaking from between her lips. Gently he began kissing the inside of her legs, letting her catch her breath he began kissing her tummy, his tongue tickling her tummy button as me made his way to her rock hard nipples. As his lips closed around her nipple they were like little pebbles, hard from her state of arousal. Gently sucking and nibbling them she could hear her moaning with pleasure. He looked up into her eye’s ‘Kiss me’ she said, he moved his lips towards her, his tongue met with hers, she could taste herself in his mouth, her tongue exploring inside his mouth tasting her sweetness. As they kissed she could feel his hardness, her hand moved down to touch him, her fingers closed around his hard cock, gently she stroked him, back and forth simulation what she wanted him to do inside her. She felt so soft and gentle on his hard cock. ‘I want you inside me’ she said ‘I want you to fuck me so hard’ She guided his hard cock to her special place, rubbing the end of his cock along her wet pussy lips, making him wet with her cum, she rubbed his cock on her still aroused clitty then slid him down to her open pussy, slowly he thrust forward, just entering her wet hole, he heard her take a gasp as his cock began to stretch her pussy lips. Even with just the head of his cock inside her she felt like she wanted to cum, slowly inch by inch he slid deeper inside her till his cock was deep inside her tight pussy. How warm she felt on his cock as he filled her up. He began to withdraw from her, slowly sliding his cock back out of her tight little hole just before he was fully out he drove himself back inside her, making her groan as he filled her once more, all the time their kissing became more and more passionate, their tongues entwined, each time he tried to pull away she would bite at his lip. He began speeding up inside her, slowly and gently his cock massaged the inside of her pussy, his pace picked up, back and forth sliding deep inside her with every thrust, he could feel her pussy become tight as she came on his hard cock, knowing he was making her cum was too much for him, feeling her pussy go hot and wetter made him want to cum himself, she sensed he was going to cum, ‘cum inside me’ she said, he could feel her tight pussy gripping his cock he could not hold on any longer, each thrust was taking him nearer to cuming inside her, suddenly he could hold back no longer, she knew he was going to cum she gripped him tight as she felt his warm seed flood into her already soaking pussy, each thrust she could feel him cuming inside her. With one final thrust he was spent, she had drained all his cum from him, her pussy still gripping him tight squeezing ever last drop from him. They lay together for what seemed like an age, both catching their breath , savouring the feeling as they both calmed down..........
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