Another week to start, I went to ready myself for school. It has been a nice day, and I can still remember the beautiful memories I had the last few days,,

As I finished grooming myself, I pedaled the bike out with me until I arrive at school. I saw my new friend at room 2A waiting for me.

“Hey, Lucas, let’s go now,, English class is about to start.” I called him.

Lucas is a silent type of guy. I liked him more than the others that I knew from class. I was the one who asked him to be my friend. He asked me why I wanted him to be my friend. I told him that I am new to the school, as he is too, so I thought we could get along together. Luckily, we did click as a good friend.

He lives with his parents and is the only c***d. They are not that rich, his parents’ job is just enough to send him to school. I told him that he could work as a messenger for him to earn his own money; he said he would love to but his father won’t allow him. They just want him to finish school first then he can go to work. Most of the time, he don’t bring food at school for lunch, his money is just enough for his fair. So I just share my food with him, sometimes he decline but I always insist. As months goes by, he doesn’t insist anymore when I ask him to eat some of my food. Even though Lucas is silent in most cases, I still find it interesting to hang out with him.

One time, we went to the mall, have some fun, and I went to buy some food to fill my fridge then I invited him to stay in my apartment for once. So one Saturday, I asked permission to his parents for him to stay at my place and told them that we just have some projects to do.

Anyways, Lucas is not shy to me when talking as we hang out often, so when we ride in the bus to get to my place, he started a conversation, it was the first time that he initiated to talk about something.

“Hmm, Ryan, do you like me?” he asked.

“Of course, why you asked?” I countered.

“Nothing, it just came through my mind. Do you ever had girlfriends before?” him asking another question.

“Nope, I don’t think I like girls, I have a much better feeling with guys.” I winked at him.

Then, Lucas just stopped asking. So I went to ask him.

“Do you like me too?” I went to look at him in the eye.

“Hmmm,, yes..” he answered softly.

“So what if I say I like you more than friends?” I truthfully asked him.

“Ha? Sorry I didn’t hear that..” his voice shaken as he tried to avoid answering my question.

When I was about to repeat it for him, the bus just stopped, I just so noticed that we just arrived. We moved down from the bus and walked towards the building where my apartment is located.

As I open the door, I took his coat and hang it on my glass coatrack. He just stood in front of the door as if trying to give me a hint to repeat my query earlier. I closed the door and grabbed him in front of me. I kissed him torridly, devouring every taste I could get from his sweet lips. He didn’t seem to react, and he just went to hug me intimately. I touch his face with both of my hands as we keep on kissing.

“haaaa,,, sssssspp,,, tssssssppp… “ both of us hearing the sound.

“haaa… hmmm.. ahhh…” as we both breath heavily.

While kissing, we slowly take small steps until we reach my bed and we plunge
on it. I went to unbutton his polo, while he rubbed my face. Next, I took off his polo as well, and went to lick his nipples as he licks his fingers wet. Then he bent down and unzips my jeans. I just stared at him as he went to play with my nipples using his tongue. It tickles me that it got me hard. He then stood up and pulled down his jeans, he wasn’t wearing any underwear and his hard cock just pops out. His cock looks succulent. He squatted his ass in my chest, and I went to lick the head of his cock.

“hmmmmmmmmm” Lucas moaned as I lustfully played his dickhole.

Then, I went to hold it with my two hands and make an up and down motion.

“yeahhhhhhh!” Lucas still moaning.

I push my head nearer to his cock and suck it hungrily. I slowly covered all his meat and wetting it with all my saliva.

“ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Lucas is having so much pleasure.

Now I went to detach my mouth from his tool, he leaned over me and kissed me again. Then he started kissing my neck.

“haaaaaaaaaaa” I tried to breath.

He moved down and kissed my nipples and biting it sexily.

“fucccck… mmmm..” I can’t control myself to moan.

He slided his tongue way down as if tracing something to get to the finish line. Until he bumped into the head of my hard erect cock. He went to dig it using his hungry mouth and wrapped the head of my cock. He went for a slow jerking motion and it gets me harder.

“hmmmm shhhhttttt… aahhhhh” then I screeched.

After playing with my hard dick, he went to ride on it.

“ah fuck! Yeahhh,,, tight ass… “ I went to groan noisily.

“uh, uhm, uh, uhm, “ lucas whined.

He grinded over me and it feels so good.

“aaaahmmm,,, hmmm… yeahhh..” I moaned as he keeps on grinding.

Then he went to a fast motion,,, I screamed at him that I was about to cum, so he unfasten himself. He went to stroke me hard… ‘till I gushed my sticky cum. He went to lick it clean.

“hmm,, sssssllllrrrrrrrp….” As he keeps on licking it.

“hmmmm….” I still moaned while his tongue touched my body.

He moved his lips near to my lips again and we kissed. I can taste some of my cum inside his mouth. While we are kissing, he keeps on stroking his still rock hard tool.

“um goooonnnaaa cumm.. hmmm” Lucas informed me..

I went to rub him, squeezed his nipples,, kissed his arms,,, till he released his cum in my stomach.

“ahhhhh fuckkk!,, yeahhh! Uhmmm.. yeahhh!” ditching his erect meat.

He then placed his face near my chest, and we both sl**p the whole afternoon, we both wake up 7pm in the night, and I sent him back home.

Lucas was now my boyfriend. Days have passed and we felt more in love with each other. I still work as a part time messenger. I shared to him my experiences out from my work and i promised to him that I will never have sex with anybody else now but only to him. ;)


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2 years ago
Another great series of stories ;)
Many thanks!
2 years ago
very nice
2 years ago
Very hot & very sweet.
2 years ago
Well Done.