Sunday is work time again; I reached the office just in the nick of time. I just saw my co-workers not bringing any mails to deliver, I appeared in front of the table of Kurt, and then he just informed me that there will be no mails to be delivered today, so it was like a day off.

Kurt invited me to his house. For somehow, I still have the feeling of liking him every time he talks to me. And this time, he is inviting me to his house. Without any dawdling I said yes from his offer.

I will be having dinner at my boss house. He invited me in because his wife and c***dren was out for vacation. I wonder why he haven’t asks the others and just only me. Well, maybe Kurt must have liked me a little I guess. Hahaha!

It was my first time to have a visit of Kurt’s house. It was such a grand-looking residence. It would definitely be nice to live in his house. He had a big swimming pool, a garden as big as my apartment. When we came inside he requested me to sit in a very long sofa; I guess 5 people can sl**p in his sofa. LOL! Kurt moves on to his room to change clothes, when he came out, he just wore a white shirt, and a nice short. Kurt has a stocky body. He looks hot and cute in his casual outfit. He closed the door of his room, faced me,, then winked, I countered a smile, then he proceeded to the kitchen. I just stared all over the place while waiting for him to finish preparing the food. Nice figurines, big vases, pleasing paintings, and charming flowers and plants can be spotted everywhere. They have a long stair. Their c***dren’s room must have been upstairs. He had 3 beautiful seeds, two boys and one girl as I can see in their f****y picture just in front of me. Where could there helper be? Well, anyways it is Sunday, so probably she was on off. Bored of sitting, I stood up and wandered around, moving nearer to the pictures and paintings displayed on the wall. While walking, I haven’t noticed that Kurt was actually at my back observing me. He was done preparing the food. I went to look at my back, and then Kurt just asked me out to go with him on the dining room.

As we went to eat, Kurt asked me.

“So how was school?” Kurt trying to break the silence.

“It was okay sir.” I answered.

“hahaha,, it’s Kurt, don’t call me sir in my house.” He joked out.

“Hmm,, even in the office,, “ I smiled.

“So where did your wife and your c***dren go Kurt, if you won’t mind.” I felt awkward asking.

“Oh! Paris.” He answered shortly.

I didn’t try asking more as I felt embarrassed asking about it. So we continued eating. The food was so good. I should commend how good he cooks the food.

“The food was so delicious Kurt, you cook so perfectly.” I told him.

“Well, thank you, I could invite you more often, once my f****y is here.” He grinned.

I am not sure if I could stay with his f****y but if ever it would happen, I would still be glad, why I would insist, with the food just perfect to fill your belly.

I helped Kurt fixed the table and wash the plates. When we were done, he showed me his room, then he went for a shower; I just sit down on his comfy chair while waiting for him to finish. He had a closed bathroom and a glass bathroom. He opted to take a shower on his glass bathroom. Kurt must have forgotten that I was also in his room, so he would have probably preferred using the closed bathroom. Anyways, he just starting undressing and turn on the shower. I can see a view of his perfect body. I just got a hard on watching him taking a shower.

The scene is not quite as clear but just enough to make me feel horny. I just can’t control myself that I had to open my zipper and pulled out my cock, I started stroking my cock while staring at Kurt taking a shower. His ass is so nice. I tried closing my eyes while remembering the view of Kurt in his bathroom in my mind. Because of being to focus on my imagination I haven’t heard the shower turned off, Kurt was done washing himself, when I opened my eyes, I saw Kurt staring at me. He dropped his towel; his cock was hard watching me jerking myself. He was still wet and just went to grab me and kissed me. I felt his wet cock against my stomach. Then he strips me and threw me to his big bed. He hugged me. Then he held me down to his cock and let me suck his cock. I opened my mouth and started gobbling up his big cock.

“Hmmm,, yeah!! Suck it you horny young man” Kurt told me.

I tasted every inch of his yummy cock.

“Ahhhhh….” He groaned hard.

I tried to bite his dickhead.

“Uh!” he screamed. “Yeah, you still starving young boy? Eat that! Hmmm,,” he is in total pleasure.

I keep on sucking his cock,, licking his balls wet.. sliding my tongue up and down his hard tool.

“I know you want to taste that delicious cock.. Ahhhhh” Kurt telling me.

Not wanting to cum right away, Kurt carried me like a baby, I have my arms around his neck, and wrap my legs around his waist. Then he inserted his monster cock inside me… he swings me up and down.

“ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm…. Ha,,, ha… ha…” I squeaked.

I hugged him as tight as I can and felt so much pain spreading within my ass. He keeps on swinging me up and down; he just stand there, and his cock moving in and out my ass…

“yeah,,yeah..hmm..hmmm” Kurt moaning.

“hm,,, uh,, ah,, uh,,,” me moaning too in pain.

“aaahhh,,, I love it.. hmmm” he loves the feeling that his cock is now inside a man’s ass.

He keeps on doing the motion until he exploded his cum inside me.

“yeaaaaahhhhhh!” kurt moaned noisily.

“ohhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhh!” I felt the hot cum inside my ass.

As if not satisfied, I went to jerk in front of him,, I stroked my hard cock hard until I went to shoot my cum straight to his chest.

“whoaaaaaw… hot cum” as my cum slides down to his chest.

I went to lick it up,, tracing it way down, and I went to suck his cock again,, his cock went hard again. And I went to suck it softly.

“awwww! You’re making me feel horny again,,, ahhhh” Kurt told me.

“hmmmm,,,, “ me moaning while his cock inside my mouth.

I keep on tickling his hard dick until he spurted another amount of big hot cum inside my greedy mouth.

“ahhhhh…” as I swallowed his cum.

He went to stand up, he asks me that he will take a shower again but he wants me to go with him this time. So we both take the shower together.

Then, Kurt drives me back home.

“We should have next time boy..” Kurt started the engine.

I just answered him with my sweet smile and waved goodbye.

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Nice Job.
2 years ago
Good story! Would like to have a boss like that