As I woke up that Monday morning, I went to take a bath, getting ready for school. School is a little far from my apartment and I can pass by through the Well’s place. Just as what I’ve seen Mike got inside the car with Mr. and Mrs. Wells leaving Kevin at their house. From the looks of it, Mike is going back to their place. So when Kevin closed their gate and the car started to go, I just went straight ahead to school.

The whole school thing was over, and it is Saturday. Had to do some homework and clean the mess in my crib.

Morning came, and I have to get up for work. As always I have to deliver the mails for the five houses I’m assigned. I finished my delivery without seeing Kevin.

Lately, I haven’t seen Kevin, it has been Mr. Wells who take the mails.

“hmm.. Mr. Wells, so where did Mike go?” trying to ask him

“he have to go back for school.” Mr. Wells replied shortly.

I didn’t bother to ask about Kevin so I waved goodbye to him, and went to the other houses to clear out the mails in my bag. So definitely, I won’t be seeing Mike now for years not unless if he’s going to take a vacation here. It’s been a few months that I haven’t seen Kevin as well. So I was back to my plain work.

I still haven’t found anything boring in my current job. It’s still full of colors for me. As I sometimes get a chance to talk to the people I served for. I discover different stories from them, some are happy and some are not. It’s just like the normal earthling life, full of twists I should say.

In some cases, I get a chance to talk to young c***dren, teenage folks, around my age people, and older fellow whenever I deliver the mails to every house I go into. They just give my life more meaning and fun.

Whenever I talk to c***dren, it always goes to the topic of things in school, which is kind of flattering knowing the fact that I had been once like them. For the teenage folks, sweet love and bullies which I can relate for somehow and it’s nice to share to them a few of my experience. While for the people around my age, we sometimes tackle about future life, and most especially being independent, in which totally I can connect to. For the older fellows, most are about parenting, frustrations and success and failures which I will be sharing soon to younger people soon.

There’s this white guy who is three years older than me, living alone who always receive a mail from his parents. His name is Kryce Matthews. The house where he stays in is too big for him I wonder how that could be boring. His house is always the second stop when I deliver the mails. He works Mondays to Saturdays, but I didn’t bother to ask what his job is. He always wants for me to stay at his house for a few minutes every time I deliver his mail, because he wants to have someone to talk to. When I opted to stay in his house he always put some music of different genres on. I once asked him if he ever felt bored living alone in his house so big. Well, I myself live alone but with a big house like his, sure it would be boring. He just said “not really”. I can see why, because most of the time he is working. He even once told me that he doesn’t sl**p sometimes at his house when he works and he just sl**ps at a friend’s house. That is why also that he is glad to see me and likes to invite me to stay for a while when he is at home.

He is such a nice looking guy. At 23 he brings maturity which I like. He even gives me advises about life and work which is at some instance I was able to apply. He is white, with blue eyes, and is 10cm shorter than me. One time he noticed that whenever I bring his mail, I still have some mails left in my bag. I told him that his house is second on my list. So he asked me if I could deliver his mail last next Sunday because he wanted to invite me for lunch. I was game to it so I did deliver his mail last that next Sunday.

“Hey! Come in.” Kryce opened his gate.

“Thanks, how are you?” I said.

“Good, let’s have a talk inside,” he replied.

We went inside, I gave his mail to him and he dropped it on his open cabinet. He was just wearing blue summer shorts and nice flip-flops. His table is already filled with food. Shrimps, hotdogs, eggs, grilled pork, pancakes, strawberry juice, a bunch of fruits and many more are laid on the beautiful wooden center table. We started to eat and make a little conversation. He then shared to me one of his favorite movies after we ate. I sat comfortably on his couch while we watch the television. When the movie was done, Kryce asked me to go to the backyard while he gets some drinks. As I went outside, I noticed he had a two hammock at his backyard. So I went to lay there. Then Kryce just came as I have settled myself and put the drinks on his stone table. I just can’t stop looking at Kryce beautiful body while he bends to put the drinks over. It gave me shivers and I just got a boner. I tried to control it by swaying the hammock.

Kryce went to sit down on the hammock opposite my position and swing it. I can imagine what lies behind his shorts as his bulge looks just perfect. Astonishingly, he moved out of the hammock, stood up and pulled down his shorts, and left was just his blue brief. His favorite color must have been blue. Wow! His bulge is clearer! He just looks so hot with undies on. So I went to ask him if I could also undress to feel the nice wind blowing and he said yes. I just took my polo and jeans off. Left was my shorts with brief under. He was just staring at me taking my clothes off. So he asked why have the shorts on if I could just leave my underwear on. And so I did take my shorts off and left was my white brief.

Kryce doesn’t seem to care with just underwear on with someone, while I am not because I always feel awkward.

“Wow nice bulge,, you hard?” kryce asked naughtily.

“hmmm.. hahaha sorry, I just got a boner watching you barely naked.” Shyly replying.

With that, Kryce left himself fully naked by taking off his brief, and shakes his soft cock. I was just amazed him doing that in front of me but I find it entertaining, so we both stand there, and he went nearer to me and dance,, and hit my body against his cock. His cock just keeps on growing as it touches my erect cock. I tried to move myself nearer to join his dance. And we both dance at his backyard.

“hmmmmm,, yaaaaah,,, you likkkeee ittt??” Kryce whispered in my ear.

“uhuh..” I answered near to his ear.

So we keep on dancing as he slowly pulled my brief down .. and revealed my 7.5inches erect dick. He went to my back and spanks his 8inches cock in my butt.

“yeahhh,,, hmmmm I loooveee it.. “ me groaning.

“ahhhhh….” Kryce is now rubbing my body while his cock can be felt against my ass.

Then I went to face him, and both of our cocks meet again. He grabbed both of our cocks and sticks it together and stroke it while I’m squeezing his nice ass. We went for a sweet kiss,, and kissed and kissed..

“tsssssssssssp… sssssspppp….” the sound of our lips meeting together.

After that, he led me to sit on to the hammock and he bended down and sucked my cock..

“aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh….” I groaned as he covered half of my cock by his wet mouth. “ahhhhhhhhhh,,,,,,” still groaning…

Kryce then lick my asshole wet, stood up and started teasing my ass by sliding his cock in between.

“mmmmmm,,, let me feel that cock inside me kryce.. mmmmm” I begged.

So kryce pushed his cock all the way in,,

“yeahhhhhh,,, tight ass…. Ssssssshhhht….” Kryce said.

“ah,,, uh,,,, ah,,,, uh,,,, ah….. uh…” I groaned hard as he started pushing his
cock in and out.

The hammock swayed along as Kryce moved. It was like were playing.
His cock is just so hot inside me..

“hmmmmma…. Hmmmma… aaaah.. ahhh… ahhh” I kept moaning in pleasure as he keeps on banging me hard..

I keep on stroking my cock while he’s doing his way inside me.

“hm! Hm! Hm! Hm! Hm! Yeah!” Kryce is making sexy noise as he keeps on pushing
and pulling his cock.

“ahhhh,,, yeahhhh,,, harder please…” feeling pressure in my ass..

We keep on going,, until I felt like I’m cumming…..

“ayyyyyhhhmmmm cuumminnng!” making a fast jerking motion.

“ummmm cumming too!” kryce keeps on pushing his cock in my ass…

Then I exploded my cum straight in to my open mouth,, as Kryce shoots his cum inside my ass….

“slllrppp… ggggbbbb…..” as I went to gulp my cum..

“ahhhhhh,, “ kryce trying to drain all his cum from his cock.

Kryce removed his cock inside me and his cum slides down till it dropped to the grass.

“hmmmmmmm….” Me trying to release my feelings…

Kryce went to hug me,, and kissed me,,,

Then we both went to take a shower,,,

It was 4:30pm that I came to report to my boss… and he let me go home.


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Well Done!
Anothe nice story!
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