MY COUSIN part 4

Sure the morning was fun as I have fucked my cousin Mike for the first time. Well, everything with sex was first time for me and glad that it was my closest cousin that I was having sexual affair of. The feeling was so good that I would love to do it again and again.

By the afternoon, we were playing basketball in the backyard then the bell rang. I went to open it and shocked that it was my parents who came too early from the date they were supposed to be back. I went to kiss both of them and called Mike to help me carry the things they brought.

As we settle everything in, my parents went to rest in the living room while Mike and I went to my room and talk things out. We talked about the fact that it's going to be difficult for us to have fun once in a while cause everyday my mom or my dad will be at home unless if they will go somewhere. My mom works in the morning and dad works in the evening every weekdays, by the weekend they're both at home. Definitely, it is going to be hard for us to have fun. Supposedly going to the bathroom or every sl**ping would be our chance, but in the morning, we can't go take a bath together since dad for sure will not allow and on the other hand, mom doesn't want me to close the door in my room, because she want to make sure that we are doing fine by night.

It's been a month and the routine was still same and summer is almost over. By morning, we played basketball with dad, then Mike and I do our usual games when dad take a rest. During the night, make conversation with mom every dinner time, watch television.

Our last week was still alike and I totally got lost hope with it. I tried to stay cool for our last week, now we are starting out the last Monday because Mike will go back home next Monday. Counting days would be boring, so we just kept on rejoicing the days.

That Saturday morning, mom got a phone call from grandma. Mom talked to dad and relayed the message to us that they had to leave tomorrow and will be back Monday morning for them to send Mike home. Well at least we have tomorrow our last day together to spend before he goes back home.

By that morning, my parents went to leave since grandma wants then to take care of something at her house and would like to talk things out.

It was exactly 9am Sunday morning that they left. Tension is rising up between the two of us waiting for the right time to hustle each other in my room. As we were about to go to my room, the bell rang again. Mike said he will be the one to get there so, I just proceed to my room and waited.

It took so long for Mike to come back. I wonder who rang the bell,, yet i just remembered that every other Sunday, the messenger will come. I went to look from my window and yes indeed it was the messenger.

Usually, it's my mom or dad who talk to the messenger when he came. It was my first time to get to see him that day my parents were away. The messenger would probably be just around our age but maybe older like 20 something. Well I haven't noticed his feature the first time because of that awkward moment i had with him. He stands just about the same with us. He skin is just about fine, not tan like what Mike had, and not so fair like what I had. He looks so sexy and hot with his uniform. He's got nice blue eyes and sweet pink lips.

Then, the messenger just came inside,, Mike must have invited him to get inside. So I just went to stay in my room, and was just watching what Mike is planning to do. He led the man to the chair outside and they talk. I can't hear what they were talking but Mike is kinda smiling. As there conversation gets better, they just started to kiss. ?????

'so what were they talking about that they have to kiss?', talking to myself.

And so Mike started to pull out his shirt while the messenger unbelts him. I can't believe what I am seeing. Now, the messenger started to unzip him and flips Mike's hard cock out. Seeing Mike's cock still gives me goosebumps until now, his hard, delicious, juicy cock is such a joy to taste.

The messenger is working his way sucking Mike's cock, and it's as if Mike is feeling pleasure. That messenger must have been a good cocksucker, i see why he reacted much when he saw my erect cock under my boxer that awkward day i talk to him. While licking the dickhead of Mike's cock he is slowly removing Mike's shoes, then pulling off the jeans.

"slrrrrrp,,, sssssspppptttt..." the messenger swallowing precums dripping.

"ahhhh,,, yeaahhhhhh... " Mike moaning.

My cock just went hard looking at them. So i undress myself and went to stroke my now erect cock slowly. The messenger kept on pleasuring Mike. He licks his balls wet, slides his tongue down way up and plays the tip of his cock. Then he went up to kiss Mike wildly, and fastly taking off his clothes. Both of them now naked outside. I just look at them while I myself is pleasuring myself, still massaging my stiff cock now pushing out some sweet precum as i went to taste it.

I tried to stand up and keeps working on my cock, while the messenger is now biting Mike's nipple. Then Mike's demanded him to bend over. As he followed, Mike opened up the messenger's ass, then went to lick it by his lustful tongue.

"hmmmmmmm........ " moaning messenger.

"lllllllllmmmmm.... lllllmmmmm... " Mike's licking seriously.

Slippping his finger inside his asshole, Mike spits on his cock to lube it up. Satisfied by it's wetness, he pushed in his monster cock inside the messenger's asshole. Rimming him hard the messenger loving it.

"uh, uhm, uh, uhm,,, ahhhh,,, fuck me... ahhh" groaning messenger.

"yeah, feel that cock in your little tight ass,, hmmmm.. " Mike telling him.

"awwwwhhhh... ahmmm haaaaahhhhsss... hhhhaaasss.. yeahhh... " messenger asking for more..

Mike keeps on banging the messenger's tight ass hard. Hearing Mike moans keep my cock still erect.

"hmmmmmmm... yeahhhhh..." me moaning too.

As i was stroking my cock, the messenger keeps on moaning while massaging his cock as Mike keeps on pushing in and out his cock.

"hhhhha, haaaa, hhaaaa,,, yeah,,, i'm about to cum... fuckk.. hhhaaa" mike in total pleasure.

"hmmmm,, yeahhhh,,me toooo,,, hmmm i think i'm gonna shoot out.." messenger in ecstacy.

"ahhhh... i think i'm gonna explode ahhh" talking to myself as i jerk fast.

The messenger shoot out his cum first...

"ahhhhhh,,, shhhhhhittttt... hmmm.."

then, i exploded my cream..

"hmmmmm,,,, fuccckkk!!"

next, was Mike who pushes out a big load of cum on the ass of the messsenger.

Then, i was not contented by just jerking myself, i went outside. Seeing them naked just put my cock stiff as i walk toward them. The messenger shows that face i have seen before, but now seeing me naked completely and being able to see my cock out. Suddenly, he went to grab it, like he was so hungry to taste my cock, and went to cover it all up. I was aghast by what he did, but i didn't mind to flinch,, instead,

"ahhhhh,,,,, yeaaaaah,,,," i moaned.

As the messenger went to suck my cock, Mike joined in and suck the messenger's cock. Then after all the sucking, we both stand up. I summoned the messenger to bend over the table, then i went to slid my hot erect cock in his used asshole.

"hmmmmmm,,, hot! hot! hot!" messenger screaming in pleasure.

"yeah, feel that hot cock of mine.. mmmmmm..." talking to him.

Pushing and pulling my cock inside his asshole, Mike spank my ass...

"aah!yeah,, spank my ass cuz.. hmm..." i told him

then, Mike just slip his cock inside my ass.

"mmmmm,,, yeahhhh,,,, sssssshhhhhtttt.. i'm feeling your hot cock inside my ass mike.. hmmmm " me in pleasure.

i just stand there while Mike bangs me at my back and the messenger pushing his way in my cock at my front..

"fuck.. ah! ah! uh! uh! uhm! yeah sandwich me in you two horny men.." me in total ecstacy.

Now, mike pulled out his cock and sit on the table, and just as follows, the messenger detach his asshole from my stiff cock and rides on Mike's ass. And to that i inserted my cock inside the messenger's ass too... The messenger is taking two cocks..

"awwwwwwwhhh!! haaa! ahhhh! yeahhh.. fuck meeee hard you two. hmmm" messenger screaming...

I kept on pushing on as well as Mike.

"yeah, yah.. yeah.. ah ah ah.. hmm hungry ass,, take it deep" me

"hmmm.. yeah... take it deep" mike

we kept on banging him hard until we both cum in his ass...

"whoooooahhh! very hot cum inside my ass.. aaaaaaaaahhmmmm.." messenger feeling it good.

after that, Mike and I kneeled down as the messenger jerks off.. then shoots out another set of cum in our faces..

"hhhhhmmm.. yeaaaaah... taste that cum...aaaah..." messenger moaning.

that was so hot.. another first time of me having a threesome experience..

We went to take shower, and cleaned up ourselves. Then we let our visitor, the messenger to stay for lunch, but he insisted as he have to send the other mails. So he just bid goodbye as he help himself up putting his uniform back. And I have just known now that his name was Ryan. He is 20 yrs. old.

"bye,,, tnx for your time guys" ryan waves at us.

I closed the gate, went back to the terrace. and Mike and I both smile to each other like sensing what we both are thinking.

Sure it was one of the best days i've had.. and for sure there will be more coming once Mike goes back to us after college graduation. I'm sure that I'm going to miss Mike, the fun, the usual game, and the sex we've had.

Sunday afternoon, my parents came home earlier again. So by that night, we went to prepare Mike things and packed it up. Four years to wait before seeing back Mike.. Mike might get a girlfriend by that time, but for sure, he won't forget me,, his closest, sweetest, joyful cousin.


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2 years ago
LOVED IT ALL!!!!! thank you!!!
2 years ago
Great series...A+
2 years ago
Well written so hot.
2 years ago
nice one..
2 years ago
Well Done!
Now it's time to write about Ryan......