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Barb's Adventure 1

I was a sales rep for a large company that sold stamp machines and shipping systems, therefore called on nearly any business in my assigned territory. One company I called on was a small travel agency with a couple employees and the owner/manger. He called himself “Zee” due to the difficulty of pronouncing his name. Sitting in his office making my pitch I noticed a couple of photos of a beautiful woman wearing a very brief bikini. Zee and I chatted for a while and the photos came into the discussion. I comment how awesome she looked and then he smiled and told me he had more photos that he loved to show off to agreeable guys.
I usually carried a small album of my wife Barb also, with nearly all the photos were of her naked and many showed her using a vibrator. After Zee shared his with me, I asked if he wished to see my collection. By the time we finished looking at the photos, his people had left for the day. He told me how he had almost gotten his wife fucked by a dancer he hired for her birthday as he watched from the balcony, but she chickened out. I told him how I always wanted to watch my wife fuck another man, but never got as close as he did.
Taking my leave, he invited me to come back again soon and bring more photos if I had them and suggested late afternoon. A week later, I stopped again. The two of us came up with a plan and discussed the details.
That night when I got home Barb asked how the day went and I told her interesting. After we fed the k**s, did dishes, and prepared for the next day, we got to sit down and talk. So I told her about my day.
I told her that I made a second call on a client and there was a possibility of a good sale, but he was a tough sell. I told her about the meeting and mentioned that during the discussion an envelope slipped off his desk and spilled the contents. The envelope contained nude and semi-nude photos of his wife and some of them included another man, but no sex. He apologized profusely about the photos, I said. Then I told her that I said to him that they did not offend me, I liked them and truthfully I had some of my beautiful wife, Barbara, also nudes, but no guy was with her. He asked if he could see them and I showed him your naked photos, I told her and expected and explosion. Barb looked at me and asked if I really showed him the photos and I said yes. Her next question was “What did he think of them and what did he say?”
He thought they were awesome and thinks you are incredibly beautiful. He would love to meet you and buy you a drink sometime. Then he said we could talk again about the mailing system.
She asked if he really said that and why he wanted to meet. Just to talk and look at you, he said he would like you to wear a mini skirt and blouse, but would love no bra. She asked if she was supposed to fuck him and I told her that was not part of the discussion at all, just talking and looking, but I added that he said, “I’d sure like to eat that tasty hairy pussy”. Then Barb asked was when he wanted to meet her and I told her he wanted to tonight, but it was too late. The subject was dropped at that point.
A couple days later I stopped in at Zee office again. I told him that she would likely meet him because she did not outright refuse so we decided to try it this evening.
When I got home, I told her that I had stopped at the travel office again. Barb asked what happened and I said that she had a date for that night in about an hour. She went upstairs to shower while I fed the k**s and got them ready for bed. She came down wearing a denim mini skirt, button blouse, thigh high stockings and low heels and asked how she looked, which of course was terrific.
I put the k**s to bed, did the dishes and settled down to watch TV and wonder how thing were going. She had been gone about a half hour when the phone rang. It was Zee with bad news, when he got home his wife had plans for the evening that he could not get out of. I told him that Barb was likely waiting at the Fairmont Fair mall. He was sorry, but could not get out of this. Maybe she will get lucky, he said. We did not have a cell phone then and I could not get in touch with her, but figured that she would hang around for half to three quarters of an hour then either call or come home. About 90 minutes later, she called and told me that she thinks she met him, but he refuses to be called Zee. They are having a drink and talk is getting kind of “racy” and he likes her clothes. Then I told her that he had called and canceled because of something came up he could not avoid.
What should I do she wondered and I asked if she was having a good time and told her whatever she wanted. She shyly admitted she was enjoying the fact that three guys thought she was sexy and attractive and thought she would stay a little longer. But she told me that she had not intention of fucking anyone and hung up. “WAIT, What three guys?”
A couple hours later she drove in and I saw her blouse was a bit messed up and totally unbuttoned, completely exposing her tits and she looked a bit flushed. I was very eager to hear what happened.
Well, she started; I got to Fairmont and f***ed myself to go in. I was scared you know. I looked around in a store near where I was supposed to meet him because I was early and did not want to be there eagerly waiting, you know. A few minutes after the time I sat on a bench near that little bar, where you told me to. As I was sitting there I suddenly realized that I had no idea whom I am looking for, no description or clothing or anything. Then I noticed a guy who was watching me and recalled he walked past me three or four times. I remember he had seen my picture also, you dick. When I caught his eye, I smiled at him and he wandered over. I greeted him with a Hi and told him my name and asked if he was here to meet me. He said his name was Dave, but I thought he was playing it cool. I moved over and he sat down and we talked for a while. Then he asked if I would like a drink and we went into the bar and took a booth at the back of the bar. We continued to talk and I forgot about the name game, you know. After awhile I noticed that two other guys were watching closely and sort of smiled at them and asked Zee if he knew them. They came over and said to “Zee”, man you have one hot looking wife. And they bought us a drink but “Zee” told them we had just met and I was not his wife.
I was getting a bit hammered by then and started to ask Zee about his travel agency. By now one of the guys was sitting next to me and had his hand on my thigh above my stocking. The talk had turned sexy and suddenly one of them asked if I thought I could take all three on. It took me a minute to understand they were asking me to fuck all three of them, I was that d***k. Well someone said we can’t do that here and I was stunned to realize it was me that said that. That made me start to think a little clearer.
Then I asked Dave if he really was Zee and not using his name. He told me he had no idea what I was talking about, but I looked so good and was waiting for someone and it appeared I had been stood up, so he thought he would try to move in. Well, I had to tell them the whole story now: on how I was supposed to meet Zee. I told them you had shown him my naked photos and you saw his and he wanted to meet me to just talk and how my husband set up this date and here I am. I thought he was Zee by the way he watched me. Then I told them I thought it was time I went home and reported in.
Well they sat there for a minute and one of them said that Zee wasn’t there to fuck me and the sale probably wont go through, but they were and why don’t we go out to our car and they could send me home very well fucked. When I told them no way and eventually I guess convinced them, they offered to walk me to the car. I think they hoped I would change my mind but was also concerned that they would f***e me, but they let me get in the car. I was talking to them through the open window, when one of them reached in and unbuttoned the rest of my blouse and they all played with my tits a while and pussy too. Honey, I came very close to letting them fuck me, but I stopped in time. However we did exchange names and phone numbers. I’m certain they knew how close I was too. Was I too wrong?
Wow, she did one hellava lot more than I even hoped. I suspected she would say Hi, how are you, have a drink and come home. After she called, I had changed my thinking but it came no where near close to what she said happened.
I told her she did great even if he was not the right guy. I told her how about 20 minutes after she had left; Zee called to cancel and had no way to get in touch with her. She said that at least she had a good time and a good tale to tell me, then led me off to bed.
I talked to Zee the next day and told of her experience and he was impressed. He wanted to try again, so I suggested we meet at Fresno’s on Saturday night.
She wore the same outfit again and we sat at the bar waiting for him. When he got there, I introduced them and let him have my seat and wandered away to watch. They had a couple of drinks and were talking close together. Zee was sliding his hand up the outside of her leg, inching her skirt higher all the time. After a while her panties were visible, with the dark shadow of her hair. A couple other guys were very interested in watching also. Now Zee hand was on the inside of her thighs and she uncrossed her legs, pulling her skirt down. Zee leaned in close and said something, which made Barb look around and get an uncertain expression on her face. He said something more and she got up and headed for the ladies room, giving me a smile and wink.
While she was gone, Zee talked to the two guys and they laughed, but moved away again when she returned. As she got on the stool I saw that her pussy was bare, she had taken her panties off. His hand went under her skirt again and I was sure he was dipping inside her. Then she gave me the come over signal, informing me it was time to get a table and eat. The booth was sort of private with only two or three others nearby. Zee sat beside Barb and me across from them. Asking how they were getting along, she said just fine. I asked Zee how if he thought her nipples were as pretty as I thought. He looked down her blouse at her braless tits. Barb moved around to open her blouse to give him a good view. She told me how he was playing with her under the table he was flicking her clit and occasionally entered her. I am sure her pussy was completely exposed under the table.
After our meal, the waitress asked if she could get nosy and to whom she was married and if we did threesome thing this a lot. When Barb told her it was a brand new experience, the waitress told her she would have a great time taking on two men later. Her and her husband did that sometimes and it was a lot of fun, beats sneaking around. We got outside and I said, now what. Barb said it was time to go home, ALONE. Zee and I were very disappointed, but I told Zee to follow us anyway, for a night cap. My wife was a little displeased with that, and let me know on the way home.
It took about 10 minutes to take the sitter home and I found Zee’s car in the driveway. Barb had asked what to do while I was gone, and I told her to make him a drink. I slipped around to the front window to see what was happening and saw the sofa bed was pulled out. Barb was lying on it totally naked with one vibrator on her clit and another inside her pussy. I move around and saw that Zee was standing in the doorway to the living room, fully dressed but watching my naked wife as she orgasmed, pulling her legs up to her chest and spreading them wide. She was lying so her pussy was facing him and I could see a huge tent in his pants.
Then he took off his shirt and lay with his head between her legs and began to devour her cunt. I about shot off in my pants and decided to go in and join. As I went down the hallway, I could her telling him to eat her pussy. She just glanced at me when I went into the living room and then had him roll onto his back. She moved on top of him in the 69 position and began working on his cock. He was probably 7 or 8 inches long and she was gulping it down. Barb was really hot as in minutes she had her nose buried in his pubic hair and was deep throating him. A few minutes later he told her to stop because he was about to come. “Go ahead,” she said, “I think I can bring you up again in a while”. Then she went back to work. A few minutes later, Zee groaned and thrust upward into her face and Barb took his cock all the way into her throat again as he unload his load deep in her mouth. She swallowed every drop and rolled off him, picking up a vibrator began working her clit again. After she came a couple times she again devoted time to get Zee hard again and in about 10 minutes he was.
Barb rolled onto her back again and guided Zee’s cock into her sopping wet cunt. He slid in her to the hilt in one thrust and she spread wide open giving him total access. Then she started to talk to him, telling him she was fertile and horny. He should not cum in her, as he would knock her up, but to fuck her hard. It took probably 10 minutes until he announced he was getting close. Barb again told him she could get pregnant if he came inside her, but had her legs wrapped around him and was pulling hard on his buttock. He told her to let go or she was going to get his load and she pulled him harder and said she was coming and he had to come inside her. She had her legs spread and as high as she could and was urging Zee to come in her, and did he ever. Even though he had came a short time ago, huge blobs of sperm drooled out of my wife’s pussy when he withdrew. She smiled, as she lay there, then beckoned to me to mount her.
Barb was so wet, hot and slippery that I was inside her in one stroke also. I was so horny that I blew my nuts in 2 minutes.
She laid there, sperm running out of her and Zee asked her to tell about the night that she was supposed to meet him. He had her go into detail about being with the three guys and her thoughts.
As she described it, I found out more details than what she had told me. Her telling us how she sucked one of the guys off in the car as the others played with her tits and pussy soon aroused both of us. Zee then told her that he wanted her to call all three guys and arrange to meet at his office. He had a nice apartment over it that was empty currently and all five of would do an awesome gang bang on her. Much to my surprise she agreed to try to set it up. Before Zee left, he came in her again.
It took several days to get things lined up with the guys she had met at the bar, which will be another story.

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