Chris Grffin pt 2

I climbed out of bed, yawning. It was Monday -brilliant. Everybody's favourite day, I don't think. At least I wouldbe able to see Clio and her s****r, my crush Jennifer again - they had been on vacation inBarbados for two months now. For Clio, that probablywould have been Hell. Her parents probablyf***ed her to go outside andsocialise, and Cliowould rather blow her own brains out than do that - though I think every f******n year oldgirl these days thinks that way.

In school, Clio, TJ, Matty, Jennifer and I were all having lunch. Clio, who generallystays away from her younger s****r, looked very disgruntled to have her sitting withus. I guess I can see why. The two s****rs are polar opposites - Clio is very tall, verythin andvery pale, with a face full of piercings-on her eyebrow, tongue, lip, nose, five ineach ear and several in places she doesn't reallydisplayto the general public, if you know what I mean. She has reallyhuge, stareyblack eyes and long black hair with purple, pinkand electric blue streaks init. You'd thinkshe's a really creepy, scary goth, and you'd be right, too, but she's really funny, smart and kind, andwith a heart of gold.

Jennifer, on the other hand, is short and cute, with freckles, big brown eyes and curlybrown hair. She usuallywears things in purple, blue and pink with floatyskirts covered in flowers. She is quite bubbly and giggly, and she's really fun and outgoing with a really kind heart. I've had a huge crushonher for about five years now, but she's noticed nothing.

Mattysuddenly pointed over at something over onthe other side of the cafeteria. "Hey, Chris, isn't that Meg?"

I looked over and saw Meg sitting byherself on the floor by the trash cans. Connie D'Amico, who I am ashamed to say is myex-girlfriend, and her clique strutted over to her. Connie liftedher lunch tray, which had a half-empty carton of milkand chicken bones all over it, and accidentally-on-purpose tipped it onto Meg's head instead of into the trash.

"Oops!" Connie cackled sarcastically, while her friends laughed and tookpictures of poor Meg with milk all over her headand chicken grease and sauce all down her front. "So sorry, Meg!"

Clio got to her feet, purple in the face. She's quite close with Meg, andhates seeing her bullied, especiallybyslime like Connie, whohas bullied her in the past. Somehow, I found myself getting up and striding after her.

"What the fuck is your problem, D'Amico?!" Clio screeched when we reached the skanky cheerleader. "Why do you always pick on Meg? She's ten times the person you are!"

"Yeah!" I agreed, to Connie's surprise. I usually keep myhead down andstayquiet in situations like this. "You're just an insecure, anorexic whore who's picking on Meg to make yourself feel better about what a sluttybitch you are! I saw you giving Principal Davis a handjob back in Junior High, so don't even attempt to lie!"

Connie stared at me for a long moment, then Clio started to chant "Slut! Slut! Slut! Slut!" over and over again, then Matty, TJ, Jennifer and Meg started, then the rest of the cafeteria, eventhe teachers, and Connie's supposed "friends".

Connie looked around the room, and, finding that nobody was on her side, burst into tears and fled the room. As she did, we stopped chanting and cheered, the popular clique immediatelypicking Meg up off the ground, apologising, and rushed her over to their table. I watched this, grinning, andwas for once glad that it was Monday.
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