Chris Grffin pt 1

Chapter 1

This story is just something I made up when I was bored. It's not supposed to be good or bad,just an idea that popped into my head. Also, it's not canon to my other f****y Guy fanfiction,The Unknown Griffin, so don't expect to see Cindy, Britney or Jessica here. Enjoy this...thing.

Hello. You mayhave heardabout me. My name is Chris Griffin, and not much is known about me. I'm mainly considered a "space occupier", among other things, but that's only because everyone's too busypaying attention to either Brian, Stewie or Peter. There's a lot more to me than what is seen on the surface.

As you mayalreadyknow, I love to paint. It's my passion, really, art is. I nearly became the famous artist'Christobel', but that bastard Antonio Monatti tried to turn me into something I'm not, andeven worse, triedto separate me from myf****y. Sure, my dad may be a fat, inconsiderate retard, mymother a slutty, mean, self - absorbed bitch, mys****r a suicidal social outcast and myb*****r a homosexual megalomaniac, but whenit comes down to it, they're myf****y, and I love them.

You maythink I have little or nofriends. This is false. I have good friends - Matty, TJ and Clio are my "gang". Matty is a fellow artist who wants to animate for Pixar one day, TJ, at six foot four, could be the school's basketball star if he wasn't so clumsy, and Clio is an aspiring actress who is quite gothic and sometimes downright terrifying. Still, you gotta love her. The rest of the school has given us the fond nickname of "The Losers". Stupidbastards.

I'm not muchto lookat - even I have to admit that, at two hundredand thirteen pounds, I'm heavier than the average f******n-year-old. I have towear a hat all the time to hide my increasingly baddandruff, and I'm not exactly what you would call "handsome" either. Infact, I actually wonder why everyone picks on Meg for being "ugly" and "fat", whenshe's probably the most attractive out of us three Griffin c***dren.

Mygrades have always beenbad - the highest I ever got was a C- in English- but recently, they've been slipping down to a Faverage. Mom says that if my grades don't improve soon, I'll be grounded for a month. I told her that that was a fucked - up thing todo; I mean, it's not my fault I'm an idiot! But all she did was moan some more inher irritatingly nasal voice while I pretended topayattention. God, she's a pain in the ass. And it's obvious that she never actually wanted any of us - she's openly, even proudly admitted that Meg was the result of failed birth control, and me a broken condom. Sometimes I wonder if she even cares about us at all.

This is the storyof me, Christopher Cross Griffin, middle c***d, artist, high school student. The storyof me struggling with girls, friendship, f****y, adolescence, and growing up. The story of a seemingly unimportant person having his voice heard. Not Brian, not Stewie - me. So if that doesn't float your boat, I'd advise you to leave now.

Myname is Chris, and this is mylife.
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