The Niece pt 2

The long three hour car ride backto Quahog took longer than expected when Peter discovered a KISScarnival. He pulled intothe packed parking lot and searchedeverywhere for a spot. He finally found one by the entrance, turned off the engine, and without thinking about his f****y, ran out of the car to the carnival. Lois watched as Peter anxiously waited in line for the tickets. She shook her headand turned around to face the c***dren.

"I'm sorryabout this k**s." She sighed.

Brianna lookedout the window from the trunk andlaughed, "He looks like a 10-year-old waiting inline." The f****yall turned tosee Peter throw a tantrum over how long the line was. A female worker walked over to him, handing Peter a balloonand then tapping his headwith a smile.

"Youmarried him." Brian said.

"I see a pony! I wanna ride the pony!" Chris hollered jumping in his seat.

"Mom can we go? Please?" Meg asked. "Please, please, please."

Stewie joined in on the fun, "Oh Lois may we? I'll be a good boy… for 10 minutes if we go."

Lois looked at her begging c***dren andthen at her niece who onlyshrugged. "Alright k**s, let's go." Meg, Chris, and Stewie cheered as Brianna climbed out from the trunk. The c***dren ran towards the carnival but stopped were stopped deadin their tracks whenPeter stood in front of them. Peter's face was painted as a dragon; he had cotton candyin one hand, and in the other hand, five large stuffeda****ls.

"Ohhey guys," He said, "I threw up a little after the Whirl- A- Twirl, so I'm readyto go."

A little after five, the Griffins finally arrived at their house. Joe Swanson wheeled outside of his house tograb his mal when he noticed his friends and neighbors. Brianna hoppedout from the trunkand unloaded her bags.

"Ohhere," Brian saidas he took her bags, "Let me take these for you."

"It's alright Brian." Brianna smiled.

Lois walked up toJoe, "Hello Joe."

"How you doing Lois? Where have you been all day?" He asked.

"Ohwe went to a funeral. Peter's b*****r and in-law passedaway." Lois answered.

"OhI'm sorry to hear that. How's Peter taking it?" Joe andLois turned and watched as Peter grabbed Meg's face and farted. Then he took her hat and glasses, putting it on himself.

"Ohlook," Peter said in a girl's voice, "I'm unpopular and unloved."

"Same old Peter." Lois shookher head. "But we have a new member added to the f****y. Our niece Brianna. We took custody."

Joe nodded, "Oh wow. Well if you need anything Lois…"

"Ohwe will. Thankyou Joe."

Brian and Brianna walked intothe guest room that was normallylocked byChris's room. It was a medium sized room, like the other rooms in the house. A vanity set was placedon the far right wall; a bed was bythe window, a closet. Brian placed Brianna's bags on her new bed, "Well this is it."

"Thank you." Brianna said as she removed her leather jacket, showing off her white tang-top. Brianlooked over her curvy body, her beautiful eyes, and her soft lips. His eyes trailed down toher hands as she hung up her jacket. He followed her hand upto her arm andnoticed her thick faceless scars. He knew what they meant but didn't saya word. Brianna looked at her arm, and then quicklyput her leather jacket back on, forgetting that she wasn't alone. Brianwas about to walk up to her when the soft pitter-patter of Stewie's feet entered the room. Brianna knelt down and kissed Stewie's cheek.

"What's up k**do?" She asked thenwent on unpacking.

Brian eyedStewie and leaned in close while Brianna's back was turned on them. "What are you doing here?" He whispered.

"None of your beeswax dog. She's my cousin and I intend to spend my time with her." Stewie huffed.

"Ohnow she's your cousin? A couple of hours ago youdidn't even want to get to know her." Brianargued.

"Whyare you so defensive all of a sudden Brian? It's not like-"Stewie gasped looking at Brianna and then backat his friend, "Oh youdirtydog."

"What?" Brian asked.

"Youdirty, dirty, dog. You like-"Brian quickly stepped on Stewie's foot, sending a shot of pain up the young infant's leg. Stewie yelled then as the pain became worse he started to cry making Brianna turn around.

Seeing her baby cousinon the floor holding onto his foot, she walked up tohim and picked him up checking on his foot. "Ohhhhwhat happened Stewie?" She looked at Brian, "What happened?"

Brian stammered, "I-I- don't know. He was just standing here and then he started crying."

Brianna eyed Brian then went back toStewie. She took off his shoe and sock, seeing a sign of red. She massaged his foot softly withher hand. "Aw come on let's goget some ice cream. That wouldmake you feel better." She smiled. Brianna walked out of her room as Stewie flipped off Brian. Once they were out of the room Brian let out a sigh of relief then followed them to the kitchen.

Peter and Lois were in the living room watching one of their shows as Meg and Chris on the floor deep in thought playing Battleship. Meg looked at her board thinking when Chris shouted, "Don't sinkmybattleship."

Meg sighed. She had no idea how manytimes she's explained the rules to her idiotic b*****r. "That's not how you play, Chris. I told you, I needto make a move and of I guess right… if I sinkyour battleships then yousay,'You sunkmy battleship.'"

Chris groaned, "This is stupid."

"Youwanted to play fatass."

"Yeah well… well you're ugly!" Chris yelled.

Peter laughed, "Oh snap. He's got your there Meg."

"Chris!" Lois said, "Be nice to your s****r. And Meg, you know better than topicka game that involves thinking for your b*****r."

As the hour passedthe Griffins sat down to have dinner when there was a knock ontheir door. Brianna stood up and walkedover tothe door, opening it. Glen Quagmire stood outside smiling as he looked at the young girl.

"Whoa Bri, I didn't know you were here." He said slyly.

"Hi Mr. Quagmire. Yeahmy Uncle Peter and Aunt Lois took custodysoI'm living with them now." Brianna answered.

Quagmire laughed, "Hehe, so…you 18 yet?"


"Well bye." He said as he turnedaround andwalked away. Brianna raised her eyebrow and then closed the door returning to her dinner.

Around three in the morning as the house was silent, Brian walked down the stairs yawning when he noticed the kitchen light on. "Damn Peter, leaving the light on." He walked into the kitchento turn off the light. He gasped when he saw Brianna sitting at the table with a glass of Scotch in her hand.



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I'm reading picturing this as other ppl besides family guy.... I can't focus cause it is... It's a good story so far