Smurfette's Absolution part2

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I didn't went outside for anything for the entire day, I stayed indoors and shut myself awayfrom the outside world. I was so hurt that I couldn't thinkstraight, I couldn't listen, nor do I wanna speakto anybody. It felt like the worldhad ended for me and my life is over. Luckily Rachael stayed by my side during the entire day, she only leaves if she needs to use the bathroom, or take me tothe bathroom.

Papa Smurf finally found out about what happenedand stopped by to checkup onme, he came in with Chernov and saw me on the couchwith Rachael. "Smurfette?" he asked, "Are you okay?"

I didn't respond, I didn't want to.

"Mama 's hurt," said Rachael, "She won't talkto anybody."

She pressedme against her body, I in turnhugged her more tightly andbury my face deeper into her shoulder.

"What did the smurfs do to her?" asked Papa Smurf.

"Swarmed her like bees," saidChernov, "It didn't end so well."

"Is she hurt?" asked Papa Smurf.

"They didn't touch her," said Chernov, "But the emotional toll is a different story."

"I best speak tothe smrufs about this," said Papa Smurf, "Will Smurfette be fine with you Chernov?"

"She'll be fine," saidChernov, "As a precaution, I have her under suicide watch."

Once again, he was being protective. Papa Smurf soon leaves as Chernov follows him out. I wound up falling asl**p in Rachael's arms, and eventually slept through the entire night.

The next morning, I awoke to find myself alone in the house. For a moment, I laid there on the couch, feeling a little bit better. I don't know where Rachael or Chernov was, I was glad to finally be alone, but it was short lived. "sl**p can untangle thoughts from a stressful day." I heard Chernov's voice say.

I turned aroundand found him standing near his bedroom door, he shuts it behind him before approaching me, "Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yes," I said, "Where's Rachael?"

"She's out running errands with the smurfs," said Chernov, "Maybe helping Greedymake breakfast for the entire village."

"Speaking of breakfast, I'm not feeling hungry."

"That's a sign you're still depressed. In fact, I've got permission from Papa Smurf so I can take you on a trip to the Green Smurf Colony."

"The Green Smurf Colony? Why?"

"To show you an important lessonyou needto learn. The green smurfs, well some of them, would be happyto see you."

At first I thought of potential trouble, since that's what the green smurfs were full of. I've met some of them and some told me theyhate me, because I was never there for them at the crucial moments intheir lives. One green smurfette I know is Dashie, the girlfriend of Rickwho is one of Chernov's advisers. She was one of those green smurfette's who looksimilar tomyold self. Her behavior was uglyas her looks, I haven't fullyunderstood whyshe's somean, all I know is that she drinks alcohol in an effort tonumb her pain. Truth is, it fuels her rage instead.

"When are we going?" I asked.

"Now," said Chernov, "The sooner we leave, the less likelythe smurfs here will get a chance to saygoodbye."

"Can I get a chance to saygoodbye toSassette?" I asked, "Or BabySmurf?"

"This is punishment for them," said Chernov, "Papa Smurf has everysmurf in the village tostayindoors until we're gone, no goodbye celebrations, nosimple hand waving, we leave without being bothered. Got it?"

"Yes." I muttered.

"Look, even if I wanted to I still won't let you. I'm sure the smurfs we'll be fine awhile you're gone, its not like the world's going toend."

"How are we going toget to the Colony? It's far away."

"10 kilometers isn't that far if you're using a vehicle, we're going to use a smurfvee to get there."

A smurfvee is the green smurf design of the smurfmobile, instead of looking like a horseless carriage it looks so alien. Like a majorityof greensmurf products, its made out of solid metal. It was a b**st, the smurfvee was built for war. I first saw them during my first visit to the Colony, theywere large and vicious. I do not know how Chernov managed to get a smurfvee into the village, when we head outside I saw it sitting outside his house.

"I had it airdropped here an hour ago," said Chernov, "Green smurfs are more reliable than you think."

Theydon't use birds, they use superior technologically advanced aircraft. The huge triangular blackplanes theyhave were amazing, and the aircraft that takes off verticallyand flies like a plane were just as impressive. Green smurfs rule the skies, and from the skies they canstrike without warning. Chernov gets into the driver's seat as I simplygot into the passenger seat next tohim, I looked out into the Smurf Village before we leave and saw that it was largely empty.

The last thing I saw was the faces of smurfs in some of the windows, Chernov started up the smurfvee and we drove off. After a slow drive out of the village, we drove straight into the forest and head down a small a****l trail, the performance of the smurfvee was amazing. The cab of the smurfvee muffled the sound from outside, all I heard was the drone of its powerful engine and the ruffling of turf from the tires that were kicking up dirt.

"Youmight wanna put on your seat belt," said Chernov, "As much as I love the forest, I don't trust it, youcan get hurt out here."

I noticedChernov was wearing a safetybelt, I looked over my shoulder at the wall of the cab and saw one for myseat, I grabbed it andstrapped myself in, clicking the safety belt in place. Chernov reached over tothe dashboard andpressed a knob, it turned on the radio system of the smurfvee.

"This is Richard Reznov from GreenSmurf Radio," said Rick's voice from the smurfvee's speakers, "Is a beautiful morning out, 22 degrees Celsius with clear skies. Todaywe're going tostart off withan update on our 24/7 watch of Gargamel. From what our scouts have reported, Gargamel has been planning something big in the past few days. Right now he's working on a project of his at his hovel. We can't tell what contraction he's working on, but it appears to be another attempt in capturing our blue buddies. A Gargamel Watch has been issued for the Smurf Village for 48 hours, we'll keep you updated on Gargamel's activities when new information comes in."

I listened to Rick's voice as he goes on telling the latest news in the Green Smurf Colony, I was impressed on how well the Green Smurf's communicate with each other due tothe Colony's large size. At the Smurf Village, information gets around from conversation or handwritten letters. It can take awhile for a message to travel to every corner of the village, but in the Green Smurf Colony any message can me delivered all over in an instant.

Realityfor me in the Colonywas numbing, its like being in the future. I don't feel comfortable near "computers" of what not, I don't like the noises they produce nor the heat they give off from all those little circuits live with electricity. I fear getting electrocuted from them anddying on the spot, the onlythings I'm fine with are smurfmobiles and typewriters.

"We're almost there Smurfette," said Chernov, "You can stop daydreaming anytime now."

I was spooked from the surprise, "That was fast." I contemplated.

"Thank me for not going anyfaster," grinned Chernov, "You would be terrified on how fast smurfvees go."

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