Smurfette's Absolution part1

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The annoying pounding onmyfront door just as morning came around was enough to wake me from myslumber, I heardBabySmurf cry from the rude awakening. I scrambled out of bedand rushed to the front door, a bit steamed from the banging. When I openedit, I saw a smurf staring at me with lovestruck eyes, he heldupsome flowers that appear to be freshlypicked.

"Hi Smurfette," he said in a lovely tone, "Can we goout on a date?"

"Maybe later," I respondedas he handed me the flowers, "Thank you by the way."

"I picked them myself," said the smurf, "I hope you like them."

"Okay..." I said, not quite sure where he's going with these flowers.

As the smurf turns around and walks away, I shut the door and sighed, "Must be that time of year again." I muttered.

This was nothing new to me. Ever since I became a real smurf, all the boys ogle me onschedule. Its happens once a month, but this month however is the most aggressive. It didn't occur tome when I lookedout the window andsaw the smurfs looking like they're in a trance, theymust be in a love spell once again. It usuallylast for anentire day, but this time its different.

The smurfs attraction towards me increased the next day, once everyhour a smurf interrupts me in mydailychores to either give me gifts, ask me out for a date, give me flowers, or marriage. When the weekends arrived, it got out of control.

I was watering myflowers one morning as usual, the dayseemedordinary enough, but something doesn't feel right. Myinstincts were telling me something bad was going tohappen, but I don't know what. Just as I emptyout the last drops of water intomy flower garden, that's when I heard a dozen or so footsteps pelt the ground like rain. I turned aroundand saw a horde of smurfs coming after me, theywere holding flowers, boxof chocolates, and other gifts. Knowing I'm going to get trampled over, I drop the water can andran straight tomyhouse.

Once inside, I slammed the door shut and barricaded it. I ran upstairs andtryto look for a place to hide, there wasn't anywhere for me to hide. "Smurfette!" I heard myname being calledthroughan openwindow, "We got stuff for you!"

"Go away!" I screamed back at them.

Theydidn't listenof course, theycontinuously pound on myfront door, demanding for me tocome out. I couldn't take the pressure, and so I collapsed ontothe floor and began crying.

I have to deal with this almost week, its because I'm beautiful since I have blonde hair good looks. I managed to win the smurfs' hearts when Papa Smurf changed me from my uglyevil self intomygood beautiful self, and after rescuing everysmurf from Gargamel I was accepted intothe village. Even though I won the smurfs' hearts, it doesn't mean I was able to bend them to mywill. I had no power over them, only Papa Smurf does.

Mybeauty and charm benefited me in the short term, but the long run was a different story. I'm used to being chasedbyboys, but the problem was that I have my limits. I don't know whats gotten into those smurfs, they come at me without warning, to crushme with their love. I can't remember how manytimes I was asked to marry, it was ridiculous.

Among all the boys, Papa Smurf and Grandpa Smurf were merciful and supportive. We have a relationship where I was the younginand they're the elders, somehow I feel safe around them. But theycan do so much, offer me advice and protection, but they also have their limits. I don't know where they were during this flash mob, nor did I care, I just wanted it all to stop.

Awhile I was on the floor crying, I heard a loud bang ripped through the air outside. "Everysmurf back away from Smurfette's door!" barkeda loud authoritative voice, "Or I'll knock you onyour ass!"

I know that voice, I got off the floor and rushed to the window. There he was, standing right before the smurfs as theystood in silence. His name was Chernov Reznov, he's a grass green smurf wearing a camouflagedsmurf hat, jacket, and smurf hat. He stands 4 apples tall, his body very skinny. Unlike most smurfs, he has a head of brown hair, hair in whichhe never combs.

Chernov was half-smurf/ half-human. He's the first member of his species: the green smurfs. Its hard to describe the green smurfs other thantheir grass green skin, but they are 3 apples tall and theyare made up of both male andfemales. Males have camouflaged smurf hats and pants, also have a head full of thick brown hair. Females usuallywear camouflaged smurf hats and dress, they like to wear camouflage, the M81 woodland pattern design.

Unlike the regular smurfs whohas the same body structure, their bodystructure varies. Sometimes they have slender bodies or a lot of fat on their bones, sothey are more unique than us in some ways.

What's really unique about them is that they live in a Colony, made up of 10 smurf villages situated right next tothe other. The Green Smurf Colony holds about an estimate of 1,000 green smurfs, since there's 100 green smurfs for each village. Chernov is technically the "papa smurf" of the green smurfs, since he's the eldest green smurf. The oldest generationare b*****rs and s****rs by bl**d, Chernov refers to them as his half-siblings since he doesn't share the same mother as them.

Their mother happens to be me, cause Chernov's father managed toget a bl**d sample from me. As a result, the green smurfs were made in both his and my image. The green smurfettes either looked like my old self or mycurrent self, unlike the lean males the leanfemales have pair-shaped bodies like the regular smurfs. I do not know why.

The green smurfs treat me different than what the blue smurfs treated me. Instead of treating me like a regular smurfette, theytreat me like a mother, since I' am their mother, but not I'm not Chernov's mom. He's technically my nephew. Chernov doesn't ogle me nor shows anyromantic love affections towards me, though I have toadmit I slept with him once (because I wanted him too).

Earlyon, Chernov doesn't even like me, at times he told me this ina stern cold voice. He's not mean or anything, just plain mad all the time. But as time went on, he soften up a bit and began to show affection. Interestingly enough, he managed to find love within a green smurfette from the Colony, even took her home with him. Her name was Rachael, she's this overweight green smurfette whose waist is twice the diameter of a regular smurf. She wears a camouflagedsmurf hat and a pair of green overalls, she has blonde hair, though she keeps it short and uncombed. On occasion, she smells, bad.

Since she is taken, nosmurf ogled her, and Chernov was stern of that. He even sealed the deal on their love by having two smurflings witheach other, Cherskey and Nelly, wholookedlike the miniature versions of adult green smurfs.

Just seeing Chernov come tomyaid at this crucial moment shows that he has some love for me, not attractedlove like the other smurfs. I watched from the window as Chernov f***es the smurfs to back away from my front door, I rushed downstairs and removedthe crude barricade I've constructed so Chernov can get through. "Smurfette," said Chernov, "Youcan come out now."

I opened the door andsaw him standing before me, he was holding a high-tech rifle in his hand. Its not a pepperboxor a blunderbuss kind weapon, its some sort of repeater. He calls it the Standard InfantryRifle, since the barrel can be changed out for another one. He loadedthe gun with bean bag rounds, andat the end of the barrel what looks like two iron rods sticking out of a black box. I thinkits called a stun gun, since it "stuns" smurfs whenin direct contact with it.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

I shookmyhead no.

"Run over tomyhouse and wait for me," said Chernov, "Then we'll talk."

I nod myhead in response. He stepped aside and I ranout of myhouse and across the Smurf Village, I didn't look back.

His house is near the lake, the large lake which supplies the village with freshwater. His mushroom home can be identified with the tall smokestack that erects from his roof, he claims that it stands about 60 centimeters, I had no idea what kind of measurement system he was using but it sounds tall.

I ran through his front door, which happens to be opened. Once inside, I rushed onthe couch and sat on it before resuming crying. I ignored the electronic equipment Chernov has, he's a skilled engineer, technician, and chemist. A real master of science that even Papa Smurf was impressed, the house was filled with books, handwritten notes, andwell organized chemistryequipment. Rachael doesn't mind it all, at times she sl**ps with me when Chernov has something important to do, their c***dren stays with the Smurflings at their house at times as well.

Speaking of Rachael, she came out of the bathroom at that moment. When she saw me heartbroken, her sympathy andpity for me took holdof her. "Mama!" she cried as she rushed towards me.

She sat down next tome and gave me a hug in an effort tocomfort me, Rachael doesn't like seeing me sat for anything, at times she's upset more than me. "What happened?" she asked me.

"Smurfette couldn't take the stress of being very attractive nomore," said Chernov as he came into the house bysurprise, "I knew this day would come."

He shuts the iron front door behindhim and locks it, "Did theyhurt you Smurfette?" askedChernov, "Did theytouchyou?"

"They hurt myfeelings." I sobbed.

"Poor thing," said Chernov, "My mom would be soappalled if she knows this, she wouldn't let a sibling suffer, guess I have to step intoher own shoes."

"Your mom haven't even met Smurfette." saidRachael.

"Which makes things even more sat." said Chernov.

Chernov handedme a white washrag, I took it and blownmynose into it, it was so stuffedupfrom my tears. "Thankyou." I muttered as I handed the rag backto Chernov, who tossed it in the laundrybin nearby, "What didyou do to the smurfs?"

"Nothing," Chernov said bluntly, "I just warned them not to lay a handon you during this state, if they doI shoot their tails off with bean bags."

"I thought you agreed with Papa Smurf on not to harm the smurfs." I noted.

"That's serious injury." corrected Chernov, "I agreed not toharm the smurfs when he's around and I agree not to hurt them in such a way where they get injured, he trusts me on this since he knows I don't even wanna dosuchan act. Since your a member of myf****y, this is personal tome as much to you."

Rachael pressedmyheadagainst her shoulder, from there I slowly relaxas I rest. "Papa Smurf would definitelywanna hear of this," said Chernov, "I triedto tell him, but he didn't take it seriously."

"I wanna stay here for awhile," I sobbedsoftly, "I don't wanna goout there."

"Youcan stayfor as long as you like." saidChernov, "Rachael, keep her company awhile I goout to inspect the damage."

"Yes Chernov," said Rachael, "You can count on me!"

"I know I can sweetie." said Chernov.

Chernov unlocks the front door and leaves, leaving me with Rachael as I cryon her shoulder for the rest of the day.

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