Beauty and the Smurf epilogue

Beauty and the Smurf Prologue: Freedom at Last

New York City, NY

It was a warm mid-June evening in the Big Apple. All was quiet unless people worked in bars, night clubs, and so on within the metro city area. However, this night also has a couple of youngsters on the run. A pair of 18 year old female twins, one had long, mid-back length, curly wine red hair and emerald green eyes while the other had short, shoulder length, curly auburn hair and pale green eyes, both having lightly tan skin were running through some of the slummy alleyways. They had a reason to run for tonight, their French step-father Pierre Heaton’s most trusted minion and mistress, Noel LeBlanc found them while they both were doing their jobs. “We must keep runnin’ Paige, unless we want ze witch to catch us.” one twin said, no longer caring if her shoes are killing her.

“I’m running as fast as I can, Lotus. But it’s not easy to run in these shoes.” the other twin, Paige replied. Realizing that her younger twin s****r is right, Lotus motioned her into an abandoned warehouse. Stripping out of their work uniforms and throwing on their casual outfits, the twins then continued to run. They finally took refuge in an old apartment building and held their breaths. Three men began to search the area, hoping to find the twins. Then, an woman, 26 years old with lightly tan skin, long, straight, waist-length hair, deep blue eyes, and wearing a scientist uniform complete with black rimmed glasses and black heels, stepped out of a helicopter. “Did vou find ze bratz yet?” she asked in an icy cold tone.

“We had them in our sights, Mademoiselle LeBlanc. Unfortunately, Mademoiselle Lotus Francesco knew that we were coming and managed to allude our trail along with saving Mademoiselle Paige Francesco from our clutches.” one of the men answered, slightly shaking. The woman scowled in annoyance, muttering swear words under her breath. “Vou idiots are ‘ery lucky tha’ ze Boss finds vour loyalty very valuable or else vou’ll be penniless! Now find those bratz and bring them back!” she shouted in fury. “Oui, Mademoiselle LeBlanc.” After that, the men and the woman, Noel LeBlanc went off in separate directions. The twins let out silent sighs of relief. Now they can breathe a little and get out of the alleyway. As such, they leave the abandoned apartment and began to look for a way out without getting caught.

However, Lotus noticed something strange about the moon. “Sacre bleu, Paige look!” the redhead exclaimed. The auburn haired teen’s pale green eyes widened. “Mama Mia, the moon, it’s blue!” she added. As the two teens looked at the blue moon, a bright light shone on them, revealing a bright blue portal. Lotus’s emerald green eyes continued to display alarm, having a strange feeling that something major is going to happen. “Lotus?” Paige asked out of concern. However, the portal reacted as soon as the auburn haired teen finished asking. “Run Paige!” Lotus shouted, realizing that the portal was going to suck them in. Unfortunately, before the teens can do so, the portal sucked them in, causing them to scream. But their screams were unheard.

The enchanted forest, medieval Belgium

The portal opened, tossing the once human teens out in the middle of the forest before closing. The twins managed to crawl over to an oak tree to get out of the sun. Lotus was the first to notice the change to their bodies, but before she could react properly, the redhead passed out from jetlag. Her younger twin s****r was also feeling the effects of jetlag kicking in. “s*s? s*s, snap out of…” Paige tried to speak, but she was unable to finish her sentence before passing out as well. The twins’ bodies remained under the oak, unnoticed by many passing by. However, that will change in a matter of hours.

And the twins’ destiny will reveal itself to them and their lives will change forever.
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