swimming with sister

I remember going skinny dipping in my backyard pool every night during every summer ever since I was around 11. Me and my older s****r were always swimming naked under the nighttime sky. One night I was supposed to sl**p over at my friend's house, but we got into a fight and I took off, wanting to go home. It was around 11:30pm, I went through the garage, because it was easier than using the back gate, and the garage is across the yard from the house, the pool is located on the right side of the yard, next to the house. Well, I was creeping around because I didnt want to startle the dog, I ended up going along the fence to the right of the dog run. I crept up next to the pool and I heard giggling and splashing. I cautiously peeped over the deck (above ground pool) and saw my s****r and her best friend skinny dipping. I always felt that I was a little gay, and I got horny looking at other girls, and my s****r was no exception. She and her friend were built similarly, except her found had a nicer ass. Well I got caught up and staring at them and I noticed that they were feeling up on each other, my s****r was against the wall and was massaging her friends tits and from what i could tell, her friend was fingering her pussy, but the water was distorting my view. My s****r and her friend began to make out, and the my s*s started kissing and sucking on her friends tits. they kissed and touched each other a moment longer, and then my s****r hoisted her friend up on the deck, with her feet dangling in the water, she spread her friends legs and started to lick and finger her best friends pussy. I was so hot watching the two of them, I had been fingering myself for a while and now i was close to cumming from watching them. My s*s looked so hot eating her friends pussy, i wanted her to eat me out too. Well their funtime ended when a cat ran into the yard and the dog went nuts barking, they dove into the water and hid from sight. I took that time to quickly go inside and up to my room. I fingerfucked myself until I passed out.

Many nights had passed and I had braved up the courage to make a move on my s****r. we were skinny dipping as normal. I would swim close to her, rubbing my tits (which where a cupsize bigger than hers) on her back and then we playfully groped eachother. I had managed to pin my s****r against the ladder and I started to caress her tits and rub her nipples. She protested and tried to push me off, but I pushed back and started to kiss her lips. She began to kiss me back and I pinched her nipples so hard she cried out loud. "We're s****rs...stop it" she said and I replied "Why should we when we both like it?" She thought it over for a moment and then she pulled me close to her and we kissed and touched each other. She put her hand between my legs and felt for my clit, which she rubbed fiercely. I felt like I was gonna die from pleasure. We kissed and fingerfucked eachother and she made me cum. Then she hoisted me up onto the deck like she had done with her friend and she started to lick my pussy. she tongued my clit and finger fucked me so hard, I cried and my body shook. I cam on her face and she asked me to eat her out as well. I happily obliged, and I sucked on her pussy lips and rubbed her clit. She asked me to finger her and I did, I managed to fit 3 fingers inside of her, and she came violently. We laid on the deck, kissing and touching and holding each other for an hour or so. I suddenly remembered her friend and I asked her about it. And she told me that her friend was bi-curious and wanted to explore with her, and would let my s****r fuck her, but wouldn't do the same. She told me she was so happy to have found out that i wanted her like that, because she loves me and she lusted after me for a while. After this night, my s****r moved her stuff into my room, and we shared my fullsize bed. Her room ended up being a game/entertainment room, and our parents bought a futon for it. We would watch crappy porno movies and fuck on the futon all the time, then we would move back to our room and fondle each other all night
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8 months ago
hot story
9 months ago
I had sex with my sister a few times, hottest sex I've ever had
10 months ago
10 months ago
Hot story, thanks for sharing!