Mom was her first

In my teenage years, my mother was always my best friend. We were really

close. We did everything together as I was growing up; we even took baths

or showers together from time to time together. Since dad was always

working I spent almost every night in bed with mom snuggled closed to

her. I would always remember the scent of mom as I snuggled closed to

her during those bad thunder storms. Mom would always tuck me in close

to her body and I could feel her breathing in my ear. I always felt so safe

in my mom’s arms.

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, and mom was out at the pool, getting

her tan, and reading the current issue of playgirl. I so admired the way that

her chest raised up as she took each breath. From my view upstairs I could

see the hard points of her nipples. Every so often she would reach up and flick her

nipple. Was what she was reading exciting her? All that I could do was watch her as she

would put her suntan oil on and glide her hand up and down her body. I could not see if

she was touching her pussy but her hand stayed down there quite awhile.

Even when we lay in bed at night sometimes mom would put her arm over me and her

hand some how would rest across my nipple. After awhile of that happening I would feel

my nipple harding under her palm and have to get out of bed and go in the bathroom to

masturbate. I would always look in the clothes hamper and see if mommy had any of her

soiled panties inside. If I did find some I would smell them and be in heaven as I knew

that I would always have an orgasm. Her scent imbedded in the crotch.

As the sun went down, we ate dinner, and then we watched some TV. Soon my mom

called from the bathroom and said that it was time for my shower and that she had

started the water running for us to take one together if I wanted to. We stripped our

clothes, and when we got undressed, I noticed that mom’s breasts for the first time had

the longest and thickest nipples that I had ever seen. The last time that I had seen mom’s

pussy she had it shaved and today her pussy had a big bush of hair covering it. Actually,

she hadn’t shaved since the last time we took a shower together. As she stepped over the

tub I just couldn’t stop staring at her breasts and pussy. She asked me if I liked what I

saw. I was in a daze, brought myself back into reality and said. Mom’s eyes had been

glazed over most of the day since she had came into the house.

“Yes, I’m amazed how interesting your body looks, I just can‘t stop staring”

She then got closer to me and we kissed passionately for the first time. I kissed her back,

sticking my tongue in her mouth, moving it around in circles. She leant me back into the

water, my back set against the shower wall. She started to pinch my nipples on my breasts.

I started to moan softly, that felt so good!

We got out of the shower, by this time we had finished my pussy was soaked and wet, we

went upstairs. She pushed me on my bed, and I spread my legs out as wide as I could.

She had an excellent view of my tight wet virgin pussy. She tenderly spread open my big

puffy pussy lips and put her tongue to my wet cunt. I wanted to have my orgasm right

there; instead I just moaned and started. Convulsion ran all over my body! She started

sucking on my clit then, running her tongue up and down my inner pussy lips! With that

my breathing started to get faster and I let out a soft moan:

“Oh, God, suck my clit, feels so good, stick your tongue in my wet pussy, that‘s it right

there!” I told her to get the vibrator out of my dresser. (as most girls of my age we all have

sex toys like dildos and vibrators, so no wonder to find out that girls usually make fun

with such devices!)

When she came back, she turned it on and gently moved it up and down my pussy lips. I

could hear its buzz low sound and I could feel the vibrations, she was going to tease me! I

really loved that, she teasingly put the tip of the vibrator inside my wet pussy then quickly

took it out, and rubbed it up against my clit! She did this for a few minutes and then stuck

it deep inside my pussy, in and out! The small vibrator worked well going in and out my

wet pussy. She started going faster and faster, soon it was just too much for me to

endure. My body was thrusting with hard and heavy rhythm of the vibrator, I started

shaking and thrashing like a fish in the net, letting my body convulse in wild waves of

pleasure! I let out a long moan. She started licking up my pussy as my juices started

squirting out.

I laid there looking at her lovingly and very pleased. “My turn!” she said, I sat up quickly

and pushed her onto my bed. I was ready to eat her pussy badly, kiss and bite it, tease it

vehemently; I could see it dripping with her juices. The moment passed by and now my

lips touched her pussy and clit! I knew she was in heaven. I started licking gently; she

started to moan softly, begging me to do that faster. Going against her wishes, I started to

tease her with my tongue; I started from kissing her breasts gently, sucking on her

beautiful nipples and getting them nice and hard! Then I continued working my way down

kissing her pussy, moving my hands up to her breasts and pinching them hard, twisting

them. I then started licking her clit up and down, sliding my tongue in and out of her

soaked pussy, it tasted so good!

I loved the taste of her juices. I picked up the vibrator, and put it in her wet pussy,

rubbing it over her clit for just a second! Then I put the tip of the toy into her pussy

teasingly. I then put the vibrator all the way in really hard, going in and out in and out!

She started moaning begging me go faster and harder. I started to go faster, then I pulled

it out with f***e and teasingly moved it over the hole of her ass! I started going around in

circles along that lovely pink tight hole, before sticking it in. I then gently slide it into her

ass. I started moving it in and out, faster and deeper each time! At the very same time my

mouth was sucking on her beautiful puffy clit, licking up her juices! I spread her pussy lips

gently so I could move my tongue in and out with the vibrators rhythm. She couldn’t take

it anymore, I could see her body started to convulse in a raging orgasmic wave, she let

out a long moan: “God, I’m cumming! And started thrusting and thrusting her hips

furiously, her juices squirting into my mouth! It tasted so good, I lapped all her juices as

her body started to settle down.

I could tell that her orgasms were very strong, I had done a very good job for it was my

first time giving oral to a woman. I loved every minute of it. Mom turned over on her side

and fell asl**p. I cuddled up next to her. This wouldn’t be the last time we took a shower

together. In fact, that was just the beginning of a even closer relationship.
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11 months ago
Super hot!
11 months ago
hot story do you still have fun with you MOM?
11 months ago
So loving and hot
11 months ago
That was so hot. Thanks.
11 months ago
Thanks that was awesome