Slumber Party

y For those of you dont know my stories from my boarding school i just explain. Big s****r is not s****r at all, is senior girl who look after new girl like me and i am her servant for first year. There 8 girls together in my dorm. We must do everything together. Every week we get report book if any bad mark girl gets punishment with cane on bare bottom. This is usual punishment at my school. Olenna is girl stood beside me in shower first night. When we look at each other naked we both knew what we wanted. This is the story of our first chance to be together.

This week no girl in my dormitory had bad mark in report book so for reward Big s****rs say we can have dorm party last night friday night. This was first for all of us so we were excited. After supper as usual we all go to dorm and get changed into robes to go for shower. I tell you before we all have to be naked and go into shower together. My friend Olenna and me like to stand together in shower look at each other but cant touch. If some girl saw us touch tell Big s****r we would get very hard punishment. So we just look and smile so we know what we think and mean. After shower we get dried and go back to dorm put on pyjamas. Big s****rs bring in player for cds and put music on. Then they bring trays with nice food for party cheese and meat and crackers crisps i think you say potato chips also sauce and dip. We get cake and biscuit too so a lot for everybody. Then bottles of g**** juice and orange juice also coke in cans. Big s****rs then say to us all tonight you can stay up to midnight then we come clear away but not make too much noise disturb other girls. There are about 20 cds to play but i dont know them. I not really understand pop music or know what girl my age supposed to like. But other girls excited and want to play things so i suppose must be good. We turn off big lights just have lights by beds so is nice atmosphere. Music is quite fast and some girls are dancing jumping about some eating and drinking same time but not make too much mess. I see Olenna sit on her bed so i go talk with her. We tell lots of things about our life. I think Olenna sad be away from home and friends in city also she is bit of rebel i worry she get herself in trouble. When music is slow i say have dance with me and she smile say yes so we hug each other and just move slowly about floor. Other girls do too so not strange. We wear just pyjamas and i can feel Olennas breasts rub against mine and bodies touching all over. After while she squeeze me real tight and whisper in ear i love you! Then she put hand lower and squeeze my bottom push me right against her *****. I am not so surprised i hoped would happen like this and i know from how we look at each other naked that we want to be together. I turn her round so no one see then put my hand down backof her pyjamas stroke her bottom then up and all over her back hold her breasts very tight against mine. I can feel my nipples very hard and i am getting warm inside. I hear Olenna breathing deep too. Is good slow music goes on for time and then more slow. We are able to dance like this for many minutes before have to stop. We go sit on bed and just chat again when fast song starts. I ask Olenna if she ever have girlfriend before she say no only boyfriend. I tell her about me and cousin Natalka what we did together in summer and say want to do same with her. Olenna say yes we find place to do in private. We know we cant take chance get caught. Then girls put on more slow music and turn off some more lights so quite dark. Olenna and me we have another dance and this time i able to touch her breasts while no one look she smile again and do same to me she put hand up front of my pyjamas and stroke me. I nearly fall over with pleasure. I never d***k but maybe like that! I think we get a bit carry away cos next thing we are kissing tongues in mouth and really hugging together. Seems like for hours but surely only minutes cos we stop before any other girls say anything. Too soon time is up and Big s****rs come back make sure everything put away and tidy up. They say everybody into bed now and we all say together thank you Big s****rs for lovely party. Just before lights go out i give special smile across room to Olenna and she back to me. I hope she dream of me of us together. When i lie down i am so excited i have to touch myself to get to sl**p. And now i have to think of a place where we can be together for real and not be caught.
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