dare to bare all

Ricardo handed me my favorite drink, the infamous Long Island Ice Tea. I'd just returned from the lady's room. I needed to splash cold water on my face to sober me up. I was losing my control. I'd been warned at the office about Ricardo's reputation of sexual conquests. Yet I considered it a challenge to put this player in his place.

My reputation as being the Sexy Ice Princess was well earned. I'd taken on corporate CEOs; supervisors and they all went away with a very limpimpotent cock.

Ricardo with his dark Latino good looks seemed to breaking through my frigid sexual exterior. Damn him, no way was he going to get me all hot and bothered, I said as I looked at my reflection in the mirror.

My tight pink low cut sweater accented my hard,pointy nipples that stood at attention on my full 42-DD breasts. The pink color heightened how erotic my breasts looked.

I wore a tight dark pink denim skirt that huggedmy ass.Thesnapsdownthefrontofskirt went from the first snap at my navel to the lastsnap that ended at my ankles. I loved teasing a man with how I dressed. Part of being a Sexy Ice Princess was to drip sexuality while freezing out the hottest, horniest, sexiest men into being another snowman in my collection. I actually added a snowman to my collection of snowmen I collected at the office. They were my reminders

That even a red-hot lover can be turned into a snowman.

I retouched my lipstick. My pouty full lips were ready to ice out Ricardo. I smiled confidently as I thought of adding a special edition snowman to my collection to remember my conquest tonight.

"Here, baby, I got you your favorite drink," he said softly as he nuzzled my neck with his lips.

I gently pushed him away and said," Honey, let me finish this yummy drink. "

"Ah, baby, "Ricardo said," Don't you know whata hotwomanyou are? You'vegotsomuch to give a man."

His dark brown eyes ran up and down my figure rakishly.

He licked his lips when he whispered in my ear," Honey,

I can bring you into such ecstasy tonight."

I laughed a little too loudly as I pulled myself away from him. I gulped down my drink.

"Please, honey, get me another drink," I said as I kissed him primly on his lips.

Ricardo signaled to the bar man and said," Bring her a Long Island Ice Ecstasy. The rage of women in power."

It looked and smelled like a Long Island Ice Tea except it had a slight bitter aftertaste.

I began to feel very hot. Ricardo began to kiss me deeply as he felt up my breasts. I didn't know what was happening…

I began to kiss him back and moan out loud.

"Now, baby, I dare to you to flash your sexy breasts? I'll make them feel really good after you do that," he promised as

He rubbed my nipples through my sweater.

I felt my panties get wet as he kept rubbing my breasts. He stopped. I felt myself lusting for his touch, me the Sexy Ice Princess. What had happened to me? I couldn't stop myself from pulling my tight pink sweater off. My full ripe breasts bounced out as they were loosened from their tight knit prison.

Men gathered around Ricardo and me. Low whistles of approval were heard.

"Baby, lick your nipples. "

"Ricardo, pinch those big nips, show her who is boss!"

"Hey, let me bite them if you aren't man enough to!"

I couldn't believe how good it felt to rub my hands down my breasts. I didn't want it to stop so I pushed up one of my heavy full breasts into my mouth. I began to flick my nipples with my tongue. I found myself moaning in pleasure.

Ricardo took my other breast and began to play with my nipple in-between his fingers. He first rubbed them softly, gently than he got rougher and rougher. He started to pull and pinch my nipple. I dropped my nipple as he gained possession ofboth of my nipples. I leaned against the bar and moaned as he began to lick, bite and mark my breasts.

I felt the cum run trickling down my leg as I watched the men around me pull out their cocks and start to jerk off to my moans.

Ricardo stopped. I felt hot, fevered and horny. I felt like a slut in front of all these people but I didn't care. I needed what Ricardo was offering. I'd deal with the consequences tomorrow…tomorrow would be another day.

"Now, baby, you are still too overdressed. I dare you to take off your hot long skirt," He said with a devilish smirk," Let me satisfy you. Haven't I satisfied these beautiful breasts?"

He playfully tugged on one of my nipples. I whimpered softly," Yes, you are the first to satisfy me with your touch."

I quickly unsnapped the long row of snaps that ran down the front of my skirt.

I was standing there in my lacy black underwear. My fiery red pubic hairs curled outside of my wet panties. Ricardo slowly kissed his way down navel. He stopped. He ran his

Large fingers over my wet panty clad cunt.

He smiled wickedly and said,"Sloppy wet. Your ice princess act was just a tease now wasn't it?"

He ran his fingers down my thighs to my ankles. He began to kiss and lick his way up my leg. I felt like I was going to go crazy from desire as he inched his way up my leg closer and closer to my wet hot pussy.

He buried his nose into my panty-covered pussy.

"God, you smell of sex. Tell me you want me to remove your panties," He said as rubbed his fingers over my panty-covered cunt.

"Ricardo, please take off my panties," I beggedloudly forgetting the crowd around us.

He ripped my lacy panties off me.

A cheer went up in the bar but I didn't hear it. My body and soul wanted Ricardo to fan the flame of my red-hot lust for him, for sex. Nothing else mattered…not my reputation, not the consequences.

He lifted me up and positioned my pussy in front of his face. All the men around could see where my cum glistened on my red pubic hairs.

He began to seductively flick me up and down my pussy lips. I moaned as he started to lick harder and more intensely up and down. I felt his tongue zero in on my clit.

I gasped out "Ricardo, don't stop!" As he startedtosuckmy clit.I startedcum againand again. The slurping noises he was making as he was eating my love juices just made me hotter and hornier. I pushed him deeper into my pussy.

"Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her," the crowd said behind us.

Ricardo lifted me onto a table and pulled me to the edge.

I saw him unzip his tight jeans. His dark brown cock

Sprung out. It was so huge and thick. I didn't care that I was losing my cherry in front of a crowd. I wanted to feel him in me. He had melted me by his touches.

He pulled my legs apart and pushed his thick head into me.

"God, baby, this is some tight fit. A good fucking should make looser for the next guy," he said as pushed deeper and deeper into me.

"A virgin, a God damn virgin," he said with glee asrammedhiscockupagainst my hymen.I cried out in pain as he plowed deep into me.

I felt a tingling in between my legs as he thrust again and again into me. I felt my cunt contract around his big cock.

I felt cum run down my ass again and again.

My cunt started to milk his cock. I felt his huge cock jerk and explode inside me. I felt his thick white sperm fill my pussy to overflowing. He brought out his softened bl**died cock for all to see.

"Who wants sloppy seconds?" he said," The Sexy Ice Princess just came into heat like a bitch thanks to ecstasy."

"I do," said Mr. Phillips, my CEO, "This prick tease deserves to be skewered by every cock here."

I couldn't say no . Ricardo had lit a fire in me. I don't remember how I got home after I was "skewered" again and again at the bar.

When I came into work , I found my snowman collection mysteriously gone. In its place were erotic statuettes of men and men in various positions of sex play. At first, I wanted to get rid of them until I remember the nickname Ricardo gave me that night the Erotic Ecstasy Princess. Ecstasy has let the erotic woman in me. I'd rather be the Princess of Erotic Ecstasy than the Sexy Ice Princess any day.
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