Awkward sexy time!

Real story:
My girlfriend and I had been dating for roughly 5 months. If you know relationships this is usually the prime period for tons of sex.
One night, after dinner and movie, my girlfriend and I decided to head back to her apartment for some "physical activity". Upon entering her apartment we discovered that her roommate had left and was not planning on returning until late, the following morning. This was perfect, (her roommate was always complaining that we had sex that was too loud)we could really let go in the bedroom and have the time of our lives.
We started to make out in the hallway leading to her room. I was pulling her hair and pressing her up against the wall and feeling her fantastic breasts through her t-shirt. She was scratching up and down my back and groping my increasingly hard dick through my jeans. Once we made it to the bedroom things became very strange.
We immediately started to take our clothes off while passing lustful looks back and forth; I wanted to fuck her and she wanted to get fucked hard and deep. After I had undone my jeans I looked up at her, she was trying to get her leg out of her pant leg while standing up. She was attempting to balance herself with her hand pressed against the wall. He hand slipped and switched the light off in the room. All I heard in the darkness was a loud THUMP. I asked if she was okay and she was already laughing and gasping for air. I took a moment to let the absolute absurdity of what happened sink in and I too was laughing.
I helped her up off the floor and we started to make out again while trying to help each other out of our clothes. This was really sexy. We were all over each other. Hands were groping, tearing and gripping. Our mouths were up and down each other's bodies. This was truly bliss.
Once we were both naked the real fun could begin. I went down on her and really tried to give her my all. I was licking in all directions and slacking my jaw so I could reach everywhere in her special spot. I was getting so into it my jaw let out a loud pop! Unfortunately it was excruciatingly painful (I had a problem with my jaw previously, it was caused by me breaking my jaw when I much younger and it never healed quite right). She sat up quickly as I was lifting off of her , gripping my jaw, and her forehead connected with my forehead! I saw stars. Once we had established that my jaw and head was fine and her head was fine we went back to it. She went down on me and things went off without a hitch.
It was time for some penetration and I needed condoms. I usually left them under her bed but they were missing this time. I asked her where they were and she had moved them to the bathroom (which is right outside her room, up the hallway) when she was cleaning. I stumbled out of the dark room and into the hallway in search of condoms. I stepped into the bathroom and fumbled around and eventually found them in the medicine chest. I pulled one out of the box and headed back toward the door when I heard the apartment door open; it was her roommate! I decided to switch the bathroom light off and stand away from the bathroom door, trying not to make a sound. She did not know we were back and I did not want her coming to investigate.
I heard the roommate take off her shoes and stash her jingling keys in her purse. I was praying that she was going to go straight to bed, leave, or just not come ANYWHERE near the bathroom. I did not get my wish...
She bumped through the half open door and flipped the light on to see me, naked, fully erect, holding a condom. She just looked me up and down and said "sorry" and slowly backed out and closed the door. The look on her roommate's face is something that still cracks me up to this day. It was like someone had set off a fire cracker in her back pocket, she was freaked out.
I returned to my girlfriend's bedroom and threw the condom on the ground and said to her, "How 'bout we just watch a movie and go to bed?" She smiled and asked "Did the roommate walk in on you in there?" I said yes and immediately picked up my phone to text the roommate that I was really sorry about that.
Although her and I broke up a year later we are still buddies. We still joke about that night from time to time. I ran into the former roommate a few weeks ago and she brought that night up to me, probably just to watch me blush.
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2 years ago
Haha, that just made my day :)
2 years ago
LMAO good sex story but really funny!
2 years ago
epic! LOL