Mommy at the GloryHole Part 2

Gladys Ham was excited as she left the Exxon station. She could still taste the cum in her mouth as she drove and pondered; should I take Mike or Sharleen tomorrow? She thought it would be great fun to watch her young son suck a strangers cock, or take it up the ass while she watched. She knew that her daughter, at 15, was not a virgin. She had seen Sharleen sucking off a boy in their garage two years earlier. It was a hard decision to make.

When she got home she asked both of her c***dren if they had a test in school the next day. Mike said he did, and Sharleen said she did not. Gladys didn't want her c***dren to miss out on their grades, so Sharleen became the choice. Gladys told her daughter that she was going to stay home from school tomorrow because mommy had a nice surprise planned for her.

The next day, just a one PM, Gladys pulled up next to the Exxon station with Sharleen at her side. The girl followed her mother into the bathroom and listened intently as Gladys pointed out the glory hole to her and told her what was expected. She told her that they were going to share sucking cocks and that it would be great fun. She also told her daughter that she knew about the cock sucking in the garage and that she approved of it, which please Sharleen a great deal.

They didn't have long to wait until they heard the zipper being pulled down just beyond the wall, and then the stiff, black cock appeared. "I'll take the first one", Gladys told her daughter, then dropped to her knees and began lovingly sucking the strangers cock. "Oh mom", Sharleen said, "You really know how to suck a guy off." The young girl then stripped out of all her clothes and began to finger herself.

The man on the other side of the wall gave a grunt and began shooting cum into Gladys' mouth. "Take my cum you fucking whore", he said loud enough to be heard. As his prick softened, Gladys told him to turn his ass to the hole, which he did, and then she showed her daughter how to rim a man's ass.

As the man pulled away he bent and looked through the gloryhole. "Mmmm. Who's that sweet looking young cunt with you?" Gladys smiled at the man. "That's my daughter. You can fuck her mouth or her cunt if you want."

The man said he was spent, but had brought two friends with him. Gladys could see two middle aged black men in the next room. "Why don't they come over here and fuck us both bareback?" Gladys suggested. It didn't take long at all for the men to respond.

The two men stripped quickly, as did Gladys and they stood in the middle of the women's restroom, the two women with their hands on the sinks, legs spread, as the men got behind them and inserted their long black pricks into the waiting cunts of mother and daughter. "Oh yes, fuck us...fuck my daughter and fuck me", Gladys moaned.

The man fucking Sharleen said, "I'm gonna give you a little nigger baby sweetheart", as he pumped the young girl. "And momma's gonna get another one", the other man said laughing. The two women could only moan "yes..yes.."

Both men came about the same time, filling the two cunts with fertile sperm. It just so happened that both women were ovulating. As the men pulled out, Gladys instructed her daughter to suck both men clean, and watched as Sharleen did just that - tasting her mothers cunt juices as she did.

Before they left, Gladys gave the men her phone number and told them that she and her daughter would be available for private parties. Gladys told them that from now on Sharleen would cost $25 for a blow job and $50 for a cunt fuck bareback.

On the drive home, Gladys and Sharleen decided that it was time the two of them got to know each other better...sexually...and that Mike would be getting his share of pussy and blow jobs from both of them from now on. They looked forward to getting home.
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3 months ago
It's never too early for the young ones to start sucking cock.
2 years ago
Oh, the devious ways of mother's love for her sexully learning experiences! It's never too early for the young'uns to start learning their abilities!
3 years ago
YES---lets hear more...
3 years ago
Very nice love to hear more!
3 years ago
nice but details