Mommy at the GloryHole

Gladys Ham had seen it for the first time just two days before. She had stopped at the Exxon station for gas and had needed to use the restroom. There, in the first stall, was a hole in the wall. Looking through Gladys realized she could See directly into one of the stalls of the mens room next door. The thirty five year old mother of four had heard about glory holes, but had never seen one before. the idea of it excited her.

Now here she was, two days later, sitting patiently on the toilet, waiting for a man to occupy the space just beyond the wall. Gladys had stripped off all her clothes and felt more sexy than she had in years...her 36b bra laying on the floor next to her thong panties, skirt and blouse.

After no more than 10 minutes, she heard the stall through the hole being occupied. throwing caution to the wind, she slipped a finger through the hole and motioned with it before withdrawing it. Less than 30 seconds later, she heard the sound of the zipper being pulled down, followed by the appearance of a very black cock coming through the hole.

Gladys went to her knees and taking the cock in hand, she began to lick at the head and shaft. The hole was big enough for the man to push through his balls as well, and Gladys stroked them lightly and lovingly as she began to suck the cock. This wasn't the first time Gladys had cheated on her husband, nor the first time she sucked on black cock, but the anonimity of the experience was thrilling for her.

This black cock was perfect for sucking...6 inches long and moderately thick. She loved the feel of the prick as she moved it in and out of her mouth. She knew that the cock was similar to her son's prick and she thought about her son as she sucked, making her crazy with lust. She used her tongue to bathe the balls and prick before her and sucked while rubbing her tongue along the base of the prick. It didn't take long before she felt the cock swell up and stiffen more, then her mouth was filled with cum. Gladys swallowed as quickly as possible, continuing to suck. She didn't lose a drop.

As the dick disappeared back into the hole, she heard the man drop to his knees, and then his tongue appeared through the hole. Gladys put her lips around it and sucked on his tongue. After just a minute, the man turned his back to the hole and put his ass directly against it. Gladys saw his asshole clearly and putting her mouth firmly against the wall, she began licking his asshole.

All too soon the experience was over. The man wrote down a phone number on a slip of paper and put it through the hole, whispering..."if you want to party with me and a few friends, call me." Gladys knew she would. She then whispered back.."I'll be here again tomorrow, same time."

Driving home Gladys knew she would spend a great deal of time in that bathroom stall in the future...and then she thought how exciting it would be to bring her daughter sharleen with her.
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2 months ago
It's a nice story, is there anything sexier that a hot mommy sucking at a GH...?
2 years ago
One of the many holes of Glory that must be attended to expertly and lustily!
2 years ago
safely good
3 years ago
hot i loved it
3 years ago
Nice one, now let's hear about her and the daughter.
3 years ago
Very hot
3 years ago
it is good
3 years ago
nice short story..hope her dau does next time...or son !!