I had no cash

This one day in particular had been real crazy i had no cash on me at all but still found a way to get all the stuff i needed and taxi rides all over town. I was 14 when i decided to ditch one of my last days of 8th grade to go on a downtown shopping spree. at 14 i looked pretty god i was about 5'4 34B breasts and a tight round ass. So while i was hailing a cab i got in and told the old indian taxi driver ,he looked about 55years old overweight not great looking, to take me downtown. He did and when i got downtown and dug in my purse for my wallette it wasn't there. i looked infuriated i told him tthat i was so sorry and started to unlock the door thats when all of a sudden i heard WOOSH and the door locks slammed shut. he said that i was not going anywhere and that he was going to call my parents. so we pulled in the alley and asked for my phone, i gave it to him i begged and pleaded with him and told him that i would do anything for him if he didnt call my parents because i had cut school. he looked at me and asked how old i was i told him 14 and he smiled at me devilshly and climbed in the backseat with me as his huge beer belly flopped and swooshed across the seats. he told me to take off all my clothes and start rubbing my self all over. i was reluctent at first then he threatned to call my mom so i rubbed my virgin pussy and chests until he told me stop. he then told me to take off his shirt and pants so i did. he was completely naked underneath. he told me to pick up his cock and start to stroke it. i had never seen a cock in my life ever before and was in awe of it and all its glory. his cock was 12inches long and 4 inches thick. with his thick accent he told me to climb up on his cock so i did he slowly shoved his meat in my pussy and i screamed out in excruciating pain......
61% (11/7)
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3 years ago
Good beginning, now where is the rest?
3 years ago
yes a nice start
3 years ago
wheres the rest dirty old indian lol
3 years ago
Nice start