Nadine (Part III)

Just to tease me, and disappoint every single organism inside the holiday resort, Nadine opted for one of her regular suits on our fifth day of holiday frolicking. She still looked amazing, her olive skin tanned to perfection, lines kept to an absolute minimum and the satisfied look of a girl who’d been fucked to an inch of her life. I knew the sling bikini was lurking somewhere in her luggage, if she hadn’t discarded the idea completely anyway. The thought of it kept me on my toes; would she decide to wear it? The material of this piece was probably less than all the material together on her day-three string bikini. It looked too tiny even for a pair of knickers, let alone a suit covering her ample bosom and downstairs area. If she was going to wear it, then some guests would probably have to be taken in for heat stroke soon after. The sheer-when-wet had left nothing to the imagination as it was, but I guessed that a simple activity such as walking in her sling would have various bits and pieces simply fall out time and time again. Then again, she’d gone for yesterday’s number. There was obviously more to Nadine than met the eye, even if I decided to ignore the fact that I was fist deep inside of her yesterday.

We spent the day relaxing and, as I mentioned before, boring other guests to death with our antics of - well - behaving like a regular couple. Yesterday’s show of fingerfucking had been followed by today’s show of reading books and listening to iPods. The collective sigh of nothing to see here was almost audible throughout the resort. All the pervs who had reserved nearby sun loungers because they’d heard the rumours were now drinking themselves silly at the bar.

‘Would you like to go for a walk,’ Nadine said after lunch and an extra hour’s lounging and drinking. In all honesty, I wanted to stay put and get some more Banana Daiquiris inside me but we hadn’t been for a walk for at least a day and the coastline was lovely. Most people remained close to the resort and, thereby, close to the free booze but five minutes out and not only did you have the beach to yourself, you could literally count the fish. Two days earlier Nadine had saved up some boiled some eggs and we fed the fish while we snorkeled in one of the tiny bays. I couldn’t even count the different species of tropical fish, let alone the sheer number.

‘I’ll just go to the loo and then we’ll explore the marine life, shall we?’

She wrapped up in her sarong and left; most guests had already given up on seeing any action, so the number of eyes peering above books was minimal. Nadine in a regular bathing suit doing nothing much special, they must have thought, what a drag.

Not to me; even going for a walk was a treat. Nadine’s raven hair was glistening, she was radiant and she was in a sublime mood for anything and everything. If the last couple of days had proven anything, it was that. Nadine was in the mood for anything; all I had to do was suggest it.

‘Did you bring our camera,’ she asked after a good 15-minutes’ walk. She knew I had because I didn’t leave home, or our apartment, without it. We only had a week in paradise and I was either going to make that count or make sure I’d get the pictures to prove it. ‘Do you want to make some use of it,’ she asked before I’d answered.

With that, she disrobed and revealed her near-naked body barely trapped inside a modicum of cloth. Not only my jaw dropped to the floor, today’s largely inactive penis immediately also signalled its approval. Here was Nadine; tanned, dark and olive-skinned Nadine and her round EE32 breasts standing in front of me in nothing but her sling bikini. Nothing more, in fact, than a slightly oversized g-string that reached over her boobs and shoulders, coming down in a string down the cleft of her arse. The part of this suit that was meant to cover her pussy barely kept both lips inside, as the material was struggling not to tear right into her vagina. The thickest part measured little over an inch in width and was designed to cover her nipples, which it almost did successfully. However, it was not match for Nadine’s brown areolas that protruded on either side of the bikini, on both boobs.

‘You like,’ she asked and turned around.

At the back, the sling was buried deep in her arse and only emerged as the crack of her bum ended. I didn’t say anything but I liked. I very much liked.

‘Pictures only,' she demanded. ‘And no touching.’

‘What,’ I said. ‘You want pictures of the scenery or - be specific?’

‘You’re an idiot,’ she smiled.

She got down on her knees on the waterline and faced me. Her boobs already did their best to flop out but Nadine refused to give in to what the clothing company had intended to happen. Her knees buried lightly in the sand, her legs apart and her vulva straining against the fabric; Nadine waited for me to snap away. Not that I was interested in taking shots. I might have been for the sake of the future and the inevitable times that I would find myself alone but for now I only had interest in getting rid of my swimming trunks and plunging my rock hard dick inside of her. Someone I could not escape the feeling that Nadine wanted exactly the same but she was hiding it very well.

She decided to lie down on her belly, resting her head on her arms, giving me a good view of her arse, which she stuck into the air for my benefit. She smiled while I snapped a couple more pics for posterity. Then she got up and allowed me to capture her body covered in the moist sand. Again, her large tits started coming out and again Nadine fought it.

‘Best wash this off,’ she told herself and referring to the sand. ‘Did you know this was also sheer when wet?’

Did I know? Did I know the ocean was blue? Did I know I wanted to fuck the hell out of this girl?

‘To be honest,’ she continued. ‘You might as well not wear anything but I guess that’s the point of it all.’

She walked into the sea and I stood on the shoreline to capture her splashing around. The sand was washing off and the bikini was getting see-through. Nadine was right though, it was a little pointless. Not only was it getting sheer, it was also deciding not to stay in place. The top part was not playing along and each gentle wave washed the material to either side of her breasts, revealing her pert nipples and ample areolas, whether they were covered or not. The elasticity of the sling simply meant that it flopped off her titties and after ten seconds I guess she got tired of adjusting it.

‘Pointless,’ she shouted with a big smiled and, as she did this, she also briefly glanced over my shoulder.

Remote as our spot was, we couldn’t expect the inquisitive mind of the local population to take us for granted forever. Guests may not venture this far from the alcohol but we were hardly on a desert island either. Behind me a small posse of locals were quite happily watching proceedings. Not from behind a tree or in the bushes, as one might expect but casual and in full view, leaning against a log.

I looked at Nadine and asked her if she wanted to call it a day; we could always take more intimate pictures inside the apartment. We didn’t have to put up with peeping toms, did we?

‘No way. We can always take indoor pictures.’ I wanted to interrupt but she continued, ‘Baby, when are we returning to a place like this. If they want to watch, let them watch.’

She made to leave the water and added, ‘In fact, we should probably give them something to watch as well.’

I wasn’t so sure about that. We didn’t know who these people were. They were four men and if they wanted to cause harm, they would easily get the better of me and do whatever to Nadine. Taking saucy pics was one thing, endangering your Missus quite another. Not that it deterred Nadine though. She sat down in the water, the two straps of her sling now off the top part of her body, and she had turned her legs toward me, stretched out wide. If she wanted to give the men behind something to look at, she had succeeded. Through the calm waves that lapped up against her, she now started playing with her clearly visible pussy lips. I tried to forget the guys behind me and concentrate on taking pictures and, to my surprise, it wasn’t all that hard. Nadine threw her head back and her black curls touched the water. She moaned and started rubbing her clit even harded through the material. I kept clicking as she got to her knees again, this time facing away from me. She was on all fours and, zooming in, I got a clear view of her puckered arsehole underneath the g-string. Meanwhile, Nadine continued masturbating with one hand.

I now approached her and dipped my toes in the water. Sitting down right behind her, I took some more pictures. Nadine got up and faced me again. The suit was loose and falling off her body; She let it happen and stood in front of me without anything on, her mound and lips shaven clean. I took more pictures and she resumed her wank, grabbing one of her phenomenal tits while she was at it. She groaned and looked over her should again. I couldn’t help myself and followed her gaze.

Although none of the men had moved, two had actually got their cocks out and had started following Nadine’s example. The other two were completely unfazed, as if hot girls with huge hangers always got undressed and playful at this beach.

Nadine hoisted me up and said that it was no more time for pictures. In one quick movement, she got rid of my swimming trunks and exposed my own excited state. Was my girl actually going to go down on me in front of a bunch of strangers? Was I going to have my dick sucked while some random guys stood there, jerking off. The answer was yes; Nadine dropped to her knees again and started licking my shaft. She licked it all the way to the very bottom and onwards to my balls. She grabbed my entire sack and held it tight, separating my balls from the base of my cock, and then she sucked the sack gently. With her other hand, she explored my arse and started circling around my anus. She had previously found out that I was quite sensitive in that area but she’d never explored it too much. Without sticking her finger inside my arse, she got me aroused enough by stroking the area around it.

‘Look,’ she said. And with that, we managed to turn around so that I faced the strangers. There were now cocks out all over the shop and it seemed to spur Nadine on even more. Her tongue traced all the way from the base of my dick, across my shaft and on to the head. From this point, she gobbled it up almost whole and started sucking my knob more avidly. One of the guys now increased his tempo and before I registered fully what was going on, he came with two thick spurts of cum in the sand.

Nadine loved the sight of this, as she peered from behind my legs. She applied more pressure, took in more cock and went backwards and forwards more violently. I caught up with her rhythm and starting thrusting inside her mouth and she accommodated gladly, gobbling up more cock each time. I saw the second man coming and Nadine stopped to get up.

‘Fill me,’ is all she said as she turned around. With both hands she grabbed her ankles, giving me full view of her wet, open cleft. I didn’t need an invitation either and I rammed my meat inside it while I held on to her sides. This is how I fucked her; both of us standing in the sea, midday and in plain view of total strangers who were jerking off. It was easily the horniest thing I’d ever done. With one hand I started rubbing her clit, violently, uncontrollably. If not for the circumstances, Nadine would never have climaxed like this. I hardly knew what I was doing. Though as it was, my cock slamming into her, another stranger shooting his load over what he saw and her getting used up like this; Nadine’s orgasm errupted into my hand like a volcano. Juices flowed from her cunt and her body bucked spastically. As her pussy also contracted on my dick, I could not take it any further. From the depth of my sack I could feel the sperm accumulating and speeding its way to the tip of my cock. Then I shot my load into my girlfriend with one final, aggressive thrust. As I looked up the last man now came and quickly made his exit, leaving Nadine and I alone again.

We were both panting quite heavily and I wanted to rest on top of her for a few seconds more, spent as I was. Nadine wanted me to reassure her that we’d just shagged in front of total strangers and I told her that that was about right. Her sling had drifted off somewhere - or, who knows, got taken as a souvenir - and so she had to help herself into her sarong.

‘You got some good pics at least,’ she said with a smile.

‘The best,’ I answered, knowing that I could almost look forward to those nights alone now.

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