A BBW old friend from the past pt. 3

After I shot my load and started to relax, I only then began to realize how heavy she was. She sat on me for a long time afterward while my dick soften and slipped out of her. “There it is!” she said, “I was waiting for that” “Waiting for what?” “Every last drop out of you” as I wiggled a bit to breath. “Oh, sorry, let me let you up” with that, she pulled off of me and we quietly put our clothes back on in the steamy car. She looked at me again, “I have SO much I want to do with you!” I looked at her and all I can muster up was “I’ll be waiting”… What a dork. We got out the car and walked back into the party. We both went straight to the bar as we were very thirsty, “Where de hell allyah been?” Cheryl asks with serious concern on her face “We went to the car to cool off but that didn’t work out too well” Lucille told her. I just stared and Cheryl as her eyebrow went up and leaned over to Lucille to whisper in her ear. Lucille wrapped her thumb and index finger around the thick part of her beer bottle and looked at Cheryl. Cheryl opened her eyes wide as Lucille leaned over and said, “at least 7 inches long but since we were sitting in the car, I really couldn’t get a good measurement”. Cheryl made a circle with her lips and I could see the motion of ‘Whoa!’ she made with her mouth. Lucille just nodded up and down with a satisfied look in her eyes and a deep breath with a sigh.
We all went back to the dance floor. I of course was a little tired but Cheryl grabbed me close to dance or so I thought. Lucille came behind me and put her hands on my chest. I put my hands up so they both could get a good feel. Cheryl of course turned around to put her ass on my dick and started rolling her ass on me. I could only muster a semi hardon as I literally just let a load go in Lucille. 10 minutes of that grinding produced nothing. She turned around and leaned around me while grabbing my ass and said to Lucille, “you must have sucked all of it out of him, he isn’t getting hard but I can tell he is big since I can still feel something down there.” “Wait til later nah, maybe he’ll show you” “Or is it just for me Chris?” “Uhhh, I’m not in this, you two can work that out amongst yourselves” Cheryl spun me around to face Lucille and immediately reached around me to grab my dick while whinning up on my ass. Lucille looked at me with a look of such passion I asked what’s wrong??? “Nothing sweetheart, nothing at all” “but that look you just gave me, it was really strong?” she tiptoed up to me and whispered “I wish you lived here” my heart started picking up speed again. “I would give you everything you need and then some” Cheryl tiptoed and pulled me backwards a bit “I would give you the rest if you let me” “Like what I asked?” “You’re an ass man, we both know that, so you would get mine after you are finished with hers” “Oh really” “All day, all night if you want it” Lucille leaned in “I bet you would love it if she sat on your face wouldn’t you?” I never thought about that. I started imagining what that would be like. They were both right, I am definitely an ass man. I can stare at ass all day. Being as young as I was then, I never thought about really ‘doing’ anything with them per se, I just liked starring at them, grabbing them, and maybe slapping them. They had me in a trance. My dick started to get harder as Cheryl continued to rub it. Lucille, tiptoed up again and kissed me, then Cheryl spun me around and kissed me. People started noticing. One guy shouted out, “He doesn’t have two dicks you know!” We laughed, Cheryl shouted back, “but its big enough for the both of us!” I was da man of the hour. I had two obviously older, built and very good looking ladies all over me. Kissing me and feeling me up.
As the party started winding down, the ladies wanted to leave. It was 3:00am and we were tipsy and tired. We went back to the car where Cheryl gave Lucille the keys and said “I’m too tired and d***k to drive” I opened the back door and got in and Cheryl jumped in behind me. “You don’t want to ride up front?” “Why would I when there is such a sexy handsome man here in the back to keep me warm? Or should I say, I could keep him warm?” With that, she leaned in and literally parted my lips with her tongue and shoved what felt like a 4 inch tongue down my throat. I was shocked and unsettled but after only 10 seconds or so, very turned on. She grabbed my face and explored my mouth with fury. I really started getting into it as I reached down to grab her by her waist. Whoa! She has such a small waist to have such a phat ass I thought. She climbed into my lap to sit on me and continued kissing me passionately. My dick was getting pretty hard now. Lucille didn’t say a word and drove slowly. Cheryl began to grind her hips down on my hardon and I rubbed my hands all over her ass, squeezing it, rubbing it, and parting it. It feel so fucking good. It was a lot bigger than I thought, probably 50 inches now that I think back. Lucille is easily 10 inches more. “You like dis bamsy?” Cheryl said, “I love it, its so fucking soft and big” “you want it?” she said as she reached in between us. She was hot and had a serious ‘Fuck me’ look in her eyes. “Uh, Lucille???” “Yes darling?” “Um, you know what she is doing right?” “She wants you just like I do” “Is that okay with you though” “I’m not going to stop you” as Cheryl climbed off of me and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants so fast I didn’t realize she was pulling on my meat just a few seconds after she climbed off me. She had a hard time pulling my dick out as it was point down my pants leg. “OHHHHH MYYYYY GOOOOOOSH!” my dick was fully hard and extended, it was actually aching me and a bit numb to her touch. She starred at it and up at me and then back at it as she pulled, tugged and rubbed it. She pulled it towards my stomach with one hand and grabbed my balls with the other. “Luuuuuuciiiiiiiiille!!!!!!” you see dis ting? The weird thing was, I even looked down at it and noticed I was longer than usual. I had this happen to me before when I would jerk off to something that really turned me on but it didn’t get this long all the time. Cheryl marveled at my dick and just squeezed it for a while. “I guess that means you like it” “Well its very big, and its so thick???” I’m kinda concerned. “Concerned, why, it doesn’t bite?” She bent down and put the head in her mouth as it started stretching her mouth wider than she has ever felt with a dick in it. “See, it can barely fit in my mouth!” “how de hell do you fuck with this thing?” “It’s never been a problem, but yeah, I have had that reaction once from a girl I used to mess with” she leaned back down into my lap and put it in her mouth. Cheryl had long enough hair that I could run my fingers through it. Her hair was very silky smooth and was sexy. I ran my fingers up the back of neck to her the back of her heard as she bobbed her head up and down on only about 2-3 inches of my dick. She immediately grabbed my hand with her left hand and applied pressure to the back of her head as if to shove her own head down on my dick harder. I got the picture quick and applied my own pressure and grabbed her beautiful hair and helped her bob. She then grabbed my dick with her left hand and my balls with her right. She started squeezing my balls firmly while pumping on my dick really hard. She made a suction cup sound when she pulled my dick from out of her mouth. She looked at me “I love your big dick” while pumping it hard. “I want to sit on it right now!” My heart was racing. Lucille said “well we are almost at your aunt’s house, do you want to circle around or would you prefer to come by us Chris for a little while?” Duh! As Lucille was talking, Cheryl was pulling her pants off. “I think someone would be happy if I c.u.m. by your house for at least a little while. Lucille continued past my street and onto their house. As much as I want Cheryl to sit on my dick, I was really enjoying the blow job. As she was about to mount my stiff pole she said “I hope this doesn’t hurt” “Its not THAT big!” “YES IT FUCKING IS! I have only heard of them being this big but never seen one, Lucille, look at this thing!” “When we get home, I WILL definitely take another look, I’m driving dufus!” “Well, I was enjoying what you were just doing, maybe that’s why it is so big” “Oh really” as she decided to suck on me some more.
What seemed like just a couple minutes passed and we were pulling up at their house. Cheryl had on only her shirt but I suppose at that time of night, no one would see. We all got out of the car and I was finally able to see Cheryl’s ass…. HOLY SHIT!!!! “Its so fucking phat!” “DAMN!” “you have a sweet ass Cheryl” She looked back at me and started to shake it harder while walking in front of me. “You like big bam bam’s eh” Lucille said to me. “What you going to do with two of them eh?” “I don’t know yet, but I’ll figure it out” We got in the house and Cheryl went to bathroom immediately. Lucille went to the towel closet and told me to pick a towel as she began taking off her clothes right in front of me in the living room. All I could do is stare “Chris!” “You coming in the shower?” I didn’t know what to do, continue to stare at Lucille so I could see when the monster ass would be displayed or run to the shower to see Cheryl’s ridiculous body. I was like a k** in a candy store. “Cant decide if you’re coming or going can you” Lucille said with a smile as she turned around to show me the biggest, creamiest, phattest, wobbliest, ass I had ever seen. My heart started pumping harder and harder as she stared back at me. “From the looks of things, I take it you like what you see!” she was starring at my fully erect dick. “Whoa!, it IS bigger than I thought, I could not really tell when we were in the car” as she walked up to me and reached out to it with both hands. “Damn! it is so fucking hard and long!” I couldn’t believe how good looking Lucille was, it was kinda weird but, she was starting to look even better by the hour. She looked up at me with such a sexy look in her eyes and just simply starred at me while massaging my dick and not saying a word. I had my hands on her hips and starred back. My dick was again a bit numb to her touch as I now realize as a man it was because I had dropped a huge load in Lucille less than two hours ago and didn’t fully recuperate. The water stopped running and the bathroom door opened. “Lucille, I hope you are not fucking him, you already had your turn, dammit share!” as she broke the corner to come into the main room of the small house. It was a two bedroom with only one bath. Lucille still had her hands on my dick. “Cheryl, hold this while I take a shower!” “Anytime” as Lucille let go of me and Cheryl grabbed it immediately and rubbed it head to balls. “I don’t care if it pains me, but I want you to put the whole thing in me, right down to your balls!” “For you, anything!” she got up on her tiptoes again, released her love stick and grabbed me by the face again and stuck her tongue down my throat again. I pulled back “I have got to see your tongue!” she grinned, “Its long right?” “Yes, it feels like you can lick my atom’s apple with that thing!” she then stuck the longest tongue out of her mouth that I had ever seen. “Damn!!!!!!!!! your tongue is crazy long!” “All the better to lick you with!” I jumped her just to suck on her tongue. She had no problem shoving every bit of it in my mouth. My dick was raging. I pulled back “Turn around again, let me see your ass in the light” she spun around proudly like she had a prize possession on the back of her. She reached back and cupped it “You know how many man (that’s how they say it in the islands) wants dis ass?” “I can see why” I grabbed the other cheek and she let go the first one. I grabbed her ass cheeks with my hands and squeezed and fondled them. Shaking those two pieces of meat like there was no tomorrow. She just looked at me out of the corner of her eye. “You REALLY like some ass eh!” “Yes, but you and Lucille have SO much to like!” “Hers is bigger than mine and probably even softer!” “You feel like you’re in heaven don’t you?” I heard the water turn off in the shower. “If this is heaven, then I don’t ever want to die!” She arched her back to give the look of even more ass for me to see and play with. Around the corner came Lucille. “You really like ass don’t you?” “Do you even care about anything else on a woman’s body?” Cheryl asked. “Of course I care, I care about a woman’s face, chest, and definitely legs but you two have so much fucking ass, who has time to see anything else????” You can’t blame me can you? They laughed as I walked towards the bathroom grabbing my towel and taking my hardon with me. I made sure to soap every freaking inch of my body. I wanted to be stupid clean for these woman! My mind was going a mile a minute. I was nervous yet excited. I was also wondering about the numbness in my dick. I hope everything is okay.
I grabbed my towel and dried off and then wrapped it around my waist and began to open the door “make a right to get here!” Cheryl said. I did so and opened the squeaky door to see both of the ladies in a queen sized bed under a sheet. Lucille was laying on her stomach while Cheryl on her back. Cheryl said “can we leave the light on?” “Absolutely!” as Cheryl flipped the cover from off of Lucille in a way that seemed to be like showing me what’s waiting for me. “Well, here they are, the thing you want more than anything else in this world!” as she flipped onto her stomach as well and laid hip to hip with Lucille. They both looked over their left shoulders at me as I undid my towel. Damn! what a sight. They were both completely naked and the one thing I really wanted to do was inspect their bodies from head to foot. Both woman had really pretty feet with high insteps and manicured toe nails. Both had shaved legs. Me being a young man did the young man thing and in the back of my mind rated each on their respective categories, you know the usual: who has the better feet, legs, hips, ass, tits, face etc… I reached down and put my hands on Lucille’s ass and spread it apart a molded it up down and around. My hardon was coming back. I climbed in the bad as they parted for me to get in the middle. I leaned in to Cheryl as Lucille grabbed my butt and legs and kissed Cheryl gently. Something about kissing Cheryl was amazing, her tongue I suppose. They both situated me to lie on my back. They took turns kissing me and both put one hand on my shaft one on top the other. I was hard in no time. “What would you like first Chris?” Lucille asked. “Whatever makes both of you happy” “Well, we are glad to hear you say that because we agreed that since you had already fucked Lucille, I get the first turn on this thing but I have to be on top so you don’t tear my pussy up!” “Its going to take me some time with this thing!” “And I want to give you what I hope you have been waiting to do since the first day you saw me!” “And that is???” “I’m going to sit my big, soft ass on your face for you to lick it, kiss it, and make it yours” “Would you like that Chris?” as Cheryl got up to mount my stiff pole “Your dick is at least 9 inches long but it has got to be 6 inches around the shaft???” “Do you have a tape measure?” we all laughed, I will find it later for sure! “I looked at Lucille and nodded” I had initially thought that that was gross but as she got up and stood up in the bed and turned around, looking at the biggest sexiest ass I had ever seen raw was turning me on. She put a foot on either side of my shoulders squatted down holding about 6 to 8 inches of space between my face and her asshole. I reached up spread her cheeks apart moving all that meat around. It was amazing. She bobbed it up and down slightly, “You like that?” “Oh yes!” She didn’t have a pungent smell or anything! I could actually smell a perfume. That was really nice! While she was teasing me with one of the most beautiful sights I had ever laid my eyes on, Cheryl was working my dick head insider her tiny hole. “Its so hard Lucille! and so big!” “Take your time, you’ll loosen up!” “She has no k**s Chris, so your big fucking dick is going to stretch her good and proper!” Cheryl was trying to hold back from making too much noise and she worked just the head in and out of her pussy. Lucille decided to sit on my chest and neck and reached behind her and pulled her big cheeks apart. “Raise your arms baby, let me get my feet under your shoulders” I raised them and she slid her sexy little feet under my shoulders and was able to arch her back more for me to have a better view. “Is that a better view? you can see your property better now right?” “Oh yes, yes I can” “You like how that looks?” “Is that where you want your face?” as she began to inch it back towards my face. “Stick your tongue out!” as I did, she gently rocked back and forth so my tongue was stabbing her asshole. Cheryl had a firm hand on my shaft as she too bounced up and down on my dick trying to work it inside her. It felt about halfway in when she started making louder and louder cries. “His fucking dick is amazing but damn it hurts!” “I’m not going to stop until I have it all though!” I was able to get out what I could between Lucille’s rocking back and forth “Your pussy is tight as shit” Lucille giggled “You want this ass, you got it!” “Now fucking take it!” as she literally planted all of her weight on my face! I loved it. I stuck my tongue in asshole as deep as I could and left it in there. In 10 seconds, Lucille moved forward so I could catch my breath “Good boy, now again!” and she shoved the ass back on my face and beared down harder this time. She sat up straight so I could insert as much of my tongue up her ass as possible while Cheryl continued on her mission. What a feeling. Having these woman use me like a tool to get their rocks off….LUCKY ME! Lucille let up off of me every 10 -15 seconds and slammed her weight back down hard. I was really getting into it and was so excited yet did not have the feeling to cum. Cheryl was working a little more than half of my pole like a machine and her pussy was warm and tight, but what was confusing was I still did not have to cum? The numbness was working to my advantage. 5 minutes in and Cheryl had all but an inch to go. Since my hands were spreading Lucille’s ass cheeks apart, I could not pull Cheryl down to bury my pipe in her all the way, she was doing all of the work on her own at her own pace. Cheryl was concentrating on getting all of me in her that she had not cum but Lucille started playing with her clit and talked herself into an orgasm. “That’s it sweety, eat my ass, eat it, stick your tongue where it needs to be, right up my fuuuuuccccccking ass!!!!” as she let a massive orgasm rip! I was never so turned on in my life. Lucille slowed her pace to catch her breath but not for long. I was loving every second as she adjusted herself and arched her ass higher so now my tongue was now licking her wet pussy. YES! I licked in and out, up and down and around and around. Lucille was now rubbing her pussy up and down my face. “Eat my pussy young man! Eat it all up. Don’t you ever stop eating my pussy until I tell you to!” “Oh my God, oh my God, I’m, I’m, I’m” Cheryl was about to explode. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing” she said as she rigorously pumped her pussy up and down my rock hard shaft “oh oh oh oh oooooooohhhhhhhh, you fucking big dicked young fucker!” “your fucking dick is so gooooood!” as she vibrated relentlessly allowing wave after wave of her orgasm take her to another place in her mind. Lucille saw her friend having a massive one and immediately pickup up where Cheryl left off. “I have one coming too, eat it Chris, eat it baby, eat my pussy sweetheart, make it cum on your face, lick it baby, lick it for mama!” I licked it lightly but fast and as her Category 5 orgasm hit, she smashed my face with her pussy allowing me to get my tongue deep inside her. “Yesssssssssssss” I heard her say as she let the orgasm overwhelm her.
There they sat, on their new sex toy. One using my mouth to please herself, the other using my still rock hard dick to satisfy her pursuit of happiness and accomplishment, completely spent or so I thought….
To be continued….

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