A BBW old friend from the past pt. 2

I left the party with my cousin and all we could talk about was how I "Got my Man!", well in this case... "MY WOMAN!" My cousin was like "Damn! you're a b**st!" "How the fuck did you pull that shit off?" me "I have NO CLUE!, she just let me" "I think it was because the rest of the f****y wasnt close by to see us and she was only there with a girlfriend who had no idea who I was". We talked about her for the rest of the ride home and of course after a good shower and immediately throwing my clothes in the wash, I went to bed thinking about her. Of course, my dick got hard again and since I was not in my own bed, I did the respectful thing and jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom to rub one out by closing my eyes and imaging Lucille. I thought about having my hand between her ass cheeks in those white jeans and she not stopping me. I imagined her reaching back and grabbing my dick and squeezing it hard while rubbed her ass. I thought about how dark it was even though we were outdoors so no one could see. I fantasized of how I would kiss her neck as I stood behind her and she would lay back her head on my chest. It didnt take long for me be shoot my load with something so simple and so I was back in bed in minutes and fell asl**p fast.

The next morning I woke up and looked the clock.... 11:00am!!!! wtf???? I didnt realize I went to bed at 4am. As usual, I woke up with 'morning dick' and seriously thought about just jerking off another load, but deep in my mind since I knew I would be going to another party (Carnival is tomorrow) that night, I'll save the load for Lucille if I see her. When I went downstairs, everyone was up and eating and talking about where we were going to party tonight. To my shock and amazement, everyone was there, including Lucille... My heart began to race and I tried my best to be nonchalant and said a general 'good morning' to everyone in the kitchen/f****y room trying not to pay her any attention. She immediately said "So, how did you like the fete (another word for party) Chris???" I tried to play it cool and responded "it was nice, the music was great" everyone else chimed in by agreeing to the music. I could feel Lucille staring at me while I made my way to the refrigerator to get something to drink. I grabbed a soda and went to sit outside on the porch where my cousin was. He said "I see your girl is here, she must have come to see you as she doesnt come here much at all!" I was like "whatever, what could she possibly see in me?" 20 minutes later, she walked outside and sat in the chair opposite us. She had on linen shorts and a tank top. Her legs were so freaking smooth and thick, I could feel my love muscle move slowly just seeing her sitting down! I had on long basketball shorts, a t-shirt and had to adjust my position so she (or my cousin for that matter) couldnt see my shit get hard. She asked "So which party yall going to tonight?" My cousin was like "I don't know, we just riding along with the driver" My cousin is 16 and doesnt have a license much less a car. She asks, "Do you want to go the Mas Camp with Cheryl and I? We can pick you up?" I had no idea what the Mas Camp was but it was a no brainer as far as I was concerned. I said "I don't care" like it meant nothing to me. "As long as there is good music and some food, I'm in!" My cousin was like "I might not be able to make that one cuz my boy is throwing his own party in the city. I was going to have us take a cab??" Of course, I lied to look cool and said "Doesnt matter to me, who ever takes me first, I'm riding!" Lucille was like "Well, if you want to go with us, you are welcome, we are leaving the house at 11pm, but if you are going with Tim (my cousin) let me know so I won't come to pick you up!" She got up and walked away.... What a sight, her fucking big ass giggled like crazy in that linen and it looked like she was shaking harder than I have ever seen it move the night before. Must be normal, it just moves more in linen versus tight jeans I suppose.

My cousin knew where I was going and I decided to call her to confirm at 10pm. "Lucille, are you still going to the Mas Camp?" "Yes" "Okay, can you pick me up" "Why, you're not going with Tim?" Nah, I had fun with you last night so if you don't mind, I want to roll with you and Cheryl" "You did did you?" "How so?" silence.... oh boy, think Chris, think fast! "Well, I had great company with a beautiful lady, how could I not have fun" "uh huh, okay, if you say so!" "Tell me, with all the pretty girls in the party last night, why did you stay so CLOSE to me?" silence.... again! "Why are you putting me on the spot like this? I don't know what to tell you, I just liked being with you, you know, dancing" "There were plenty of girls that you could have DANCED with last night, why did you only dance with me" "You know what, this feels like 20 questions, if you can pick me up, I'll finish the rest of your questions later, how's that?" "fair enough, see you soon".

Lucille and Cheryl arrived 30 mins. later and blew the horn. I was out the front door like the last bell in elementary school. When I got to the car, they were both giggling..."Wow!, that was fast!" I thought to myself, dumbass, you're supposed to play it cool and act like you're used to two older, sexy, big booty chicks picking you up to party and it happens all the time. I said "Yall took forever!" "What do you expect, let's get rolling" and hoped in the back seat. In caribbean, nothing is far so we arrived in like 20 minutes. We got out the car and Cheryl had on tight jeans (the norm) and a half T-Shirt with comfortable tennis shoes. I could tell she wanted to sweat! But Lucille... I was like wtf? A white blouse that was covered everything and some black tights with sandals!!! Boring! I was so disappointed. She said "You like my outfit Chris?" "uh, its cool" Thinking I wish she had the same thing on from last night compared to that shit. "I told you to wear something else, even a young man thinks its bad" I smiled, nah its okay, this way all the guys will leave her alone. "You'll have me all to yourself won't you" Lucille said. I was like 'damn right' to myself. "You can be my date tonight sweetheart!" and she grabbed my arm and Cheryl grabbed the other and we walked in. I was curious to know if they would let me in but Lucille just said "for 3" to the cashier and we were in! WOW! no carding?? Great! The music was so loud and I saw whinning EVERY WHERE! I was siked! Cheryl went to get some drinks and Lucille went to scope out the place leaving me to fill my eyes. Two girls walked by and stared me down hard, I said "dang, do I look funny?" they stopped "Where you from?" one said, "the states?" the other. "Yep here on vacation" "You with someone?" "Yeah, but I have no idea where they are" the music was pounding and one of them immediately came up to me and turned around and started rolling her ass and the other got behind me and started grinding her pelvis. I thought, this would be fucking awesome if Lucille and Cheryl were not around. 5 minutes later, here they come "We leave you for 5 minutes and you already have not 1 but 2 girls checking ya?" with smiles on their faces. They are mature and take things like that with a grain of salt. I pulled from between the 2 girls and said, "gotta go!" "later" and Cheryl put a beer in my hand. I was like this is too good to be true! I only drank a few beers in my life and these woman are handing it to me like water??? Lucille began to dance in place and even under her big blouse, you could see that ass poked out and those hips swaying. I moved in front of her to dance and we got close, "You ready for me?" she said. "All day every day" with that she turned around, pulled up her blouse and BAMN! there it is! She bent over and rested it on my package. Immediately I started getting hard. Fuck, that IS a big fucking ass I thought to myself. I was wearing a linen pair of pants and my dick was pointed straight up because of the underwear I had on. She looked back at me and said "That's better now isnt it?" "You damn right it is, you are so fucking hott" "Well thank you, I figured these tights would be better for you to get a feel for me" "I want to FEEL you all night if you let me" "All night cutie, all night, its all yours" I was in heaven. I wish it was all mine in the bed I thought to myself. She began going lower and went down with her. THIS was whining. My dick was like a rock. She grabbed my had and pulled me to an open space on a wall where other girls were backing their asses up on their men while guys just stood there with hard-ons. Lucille did the same. She just stood there so relaxed like nothing, and wiggled and rubbed her ass on me. "Do me a favor!" "Anything!" "Don't cum in your pants tonight!" shit! stammering, "okay, sorry about that" "save it for after the party!" "What do you mean after the party" she stopped talking. I kept my hands firmly on her hips and kept the pressure on, pulling that ass on my dick. She reached behind her ass and rubbed my dick. I didnt move. She ran her hand up and down the whole thing and turned around "You are pretty big!" "I guess, I don't know" she put both hand on it and grabbed tight, "yes you are" "thank you I suppose" since I had no belt or zipper but a draw string, she could not find how to get her hands in my underwear to feel it skin to skin. She looked down "How do I get to it?" "its a draw string" and I pulled one of the strings for her "Ohhhhh, nice!" as she pulled back the waist line and reached in "OH MY GOODNESS!!!!" "What the hell???" "What???" I shouted "you have the biggest,hardest dick I have ever felt" "How big is it?" she asked. "I don't know, I guess around 8 or 9 inches long" with a matter of fact sound in my voice. She swooped in and kissed me so fucking hard for like 2 minutes all the while squeezing and pulling on my dick. I had my hands on her ass and was feeling for panties, nothing! The material of the tights was thin and figured I could tell what type of panties she had on easily. She pulled out of the kiss "You want to know what I have on under these don't you?" "Definately" "Feel here" and she put my hand in her pants right in front "Nothing" I said and she kissed me again. I began rubbing my hand up and down her phat pussy and could feel her getting wet. We broke our kiss again, and she was breathing hard. "Come with me" she grabbed me by the hand and walked fast out of the party and to the car. It was dark and no one was around. The car had tinted windows and we jumped in the back seat. "I'm going to give you what you have been wanting" as she pulled off her tights "How do you know what I want?" "I know exactly what you want because every man who has ever seen me wants what you want" "and that is?" "my big ass to play with, to bend me over and fuck me!" I was about to cum just hearing her say that. what shocked me was what she said next. "Your dick is the only one I have seen worthy of my big booty" "What???" "What are you talking about" as I was taking off my pants "It is long enough and thick enough for me to really feel it. Guys' dicks are too small and they get theirs but I don't get mine" "Tonight, I'm going to get mine" she pulled me to the middle of the back seat, climbed over top of me, and guided my dick in her slot. With a huge sigh she said "Thaaaaats niiiiiiiiiice" and slowly lowered her pussy onto my shaft. The only reason I didnt cum right that instant is because I was nervous. She pulled her bra up and buried my face between her tits. I pulled her big ass cheeks apart every time she thrusted down on me. They were so heavy I was getting a work out on under her. She began rocking the car and in 2 of 3 minutes, "Yes, yes, yeeeeeees Chrrrrrriiiiiissssss, I'm cummmmmmmmmmminggggggg" I was amazingly able to keep from cumming because I was still so nervous. After her high, she slowed down her grinding and looked at me "You are so fucking sexy!" "Me????, You are the hottest woman I have ever seen!" with that she smiled "Are you okay" "Okay, I'm fan fucking tastic!" She began to pick up her speed a little "You wanna make me cum again?" "Duh, yeah!" "I want you to cum all night long if you can" she kissed me again and started putting the pressure again. In another minute or so, "Oh fuck, I'm cumming again!" "oh fuck oh fuck ohhhhhh fuuuucccccckkkkk!" and with extreme f***e grabbed my face and kissed me hard as she started to cum. I couldnt hold back this time felt my balls tingle. I pulled back from kissing her as she was cumming, "You're going to make me cum, stop!" she looked at me with half open eyes and said "What's stopping you?" "Cum in me" in 20 seconds "Because you're so fucking hott and your ass pussy wants it, here is some cum for you to keep!" and I blasted load after load after load inside her and she loved it "Thaaaaat's a good boy, buried nice and deep inside my fuck hole"

To Be Cont....
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Yup, them big women know how to work you out!