A BBW old friend from the past pt. 1

It has been so long since this has happened that I hope I leave out only the insignificant details. To be quite honest, this relation of the story is true at about 90%, the other 10% is just to close the story and fill in the parts I 'wish' had happened.....

I was 17 years old. I had f****y in Trinidad of which I either didnt remember or have not seen since I was maybe 3 or 4 years old the last time I visited. If you have ever been to the Caribbean, then you know something about Carnival. It is celebrated once a year and at least a million people go to Trinidad to enjoy or 'bask' in the festivities of 'Mass' and partying. It is one of the greatest events of the year for many people around the world. People would 'play mass' and join a 'band' and party for days at a time. There are day and night parties. Men and woman would come out with as little clothes as they could get away with and woman especially would put on the most revealing stuff they could find. Locals and foreigners would come together as one. All 'hangups' would go out the door especially considering the amount of alcohol consumption that was going on. Old and young, would have a great time with each other and if you take it easy, you too could have the time of your life. Woman in Trinidad run the gammit as far as looks are concerned. You have; black, white, indian, asian, hispanic and mixes of all 5! Body shapes are unreal... Big asses, big legs, big breasts, small waists, light, dark, tanned and reddish color skin tones. Their accents are strong and sound incredible. Guys are spoiled as the woman to men ratio is like 5 to 1. So Carnival time, if you're a single guy, you reign supreme (especially if you're attractive, but that's like anywhere else!). Anyway, back to me. I am 5'9", at the time; 175lbs, light skin, with dark features and light brown eyes. I attract the woman of Trinidad easily but don't do so well here in the states. The real problem was, at 17, I still had a baby face. Luckily, I played football and was built like it. My stomach was flat as a board and my waist was 29". My butt was tight and my shoulders were broad. Because of my accent, all I had to do was open my mouth and just about say anything and woman would raise their eyebrows. But I digress. My cousins and aunts/uncles who lived there would take me to all the parties leading up to the actual 'Carnival days', where I would literally salivate at all the beautiful woman. One party would forever change my life. My aunt had a girlfriend meet her at one party that everyone was going to. I didnt remember her but when we all got together at the party and she was introduced to me, she said "Oh my God!!!!, I remember you when you were just a baby!!!!" and we embraced. Whoa!!!! I was respectful and simply said "hello", but on the inside, was like "Holy Shit!!!! look at those hips and that little ass waist!!!!" She was about 5' 4" I guess 175lbs too but 80% of it was hips and ass. Her name was Lucille and she had a very fair complexion with light brown eyes, short reddish brown hair and the sexiest lips I had ever seen. Her accent was to die for. My heart was racing. I thought to myself, if I could only do the customary 'whine' on her, I would be in heaven.

Explanation: 'Whining' is a simple dance where a man or woman would basically turn their ass to the opposite sex, and girate it in a circle. Well, mostly woman would put their ass on the pelvis of a guy and grind on them fast, slow, up, down, didnt matter. It was to the beat of the song that was playing.

So, as the night went on and all the cute girls were passing, all I could think about was Lucille's big fucking ass! It was probably 55" if I were to take a tape measure to it. Yet her waist couldnt be more than 31" MAX!!!! I stared at her while guy after guy tried to whine on her and she kept pushing them away. She had on stretch white jeans and a green t-shirt tied in a knot in front so that in the dark EVERYONE could see how phat her big ass and hips were. "What did she expect with all the guys trying to get their dick hard??? Anyway, I thought to myself "Who was I, a 17 year old, to try and approach her from behind, a 30 year old friend of the f****y at that??? I stood behind her maybe 10 ft. away and just watched her ass girating all the while, while she drank beer after beer given to her by my uncle (who of course was starring at her as well) and by a couple guys trying to get at her. I figured.. "fuck it, what is she going to do but just push me away too!" So I mustered up enough boldness and left my cousin to walk over to her and heard my cousin say "Good luck, be careful she doesnt bounce you down!" I was like "fuck it, what the hell"

With all the loud pounding music and she being a little tipsy from what I can tell, I decided to approach her differently. I came up to her side instead of just rushing her from the back. There were so many guys trying to get their rocks off on her that me coming to her side was comforting. She looked over at me and to my amazement, walked in front of me and put her phat ass right on my dick (or should I say pelvis?). I was blown away!!!! She tilted back and leaned on me and literally thanked me for 'saving' her, go figure??? She said "Thank God I'm safe now!" and grabbed my hands and wrapped them around her waist and slow danced on me.

HOLY SHIT!!!!!! I thought to myself "I wish this night would never end" Problem was... I got hard as a rock!!!! I began pulling my hips back so she wouldnt fill my hardness, but she stayed still. I told myself "think of something else, think of something else" to try to soften my erection. NOT! She smelled so good and looked even better that there was no way my dick would go down. The crowd started getting even tighter as the night went on and people passing by bumped us repeatedly. I eventually couldnt prevent it and bumped up to her ass over and over. The thing was, she never acknowledged my hard on???? I was like "fuck it!" after a few bumps of my hard-on on her big ass and she not moving a muscle, I just kept there. She was so soft and so fucking hott I let my inhibitions go and started grinding on her. To my dismay, she started pushing back on me... wtf???? I was about to blow my freaking load from all of that. I continued on but figured that her jeans were so tight, that she couldnt feel a thing, so what the hell... I grabbed her tight and after a few more minutes, let it fly. Squirt after squirt in my pants, I felt my legs get weak and my hard-on subsiding.... whew! I was spent.

After my boner went away, would you believe she turned around and asks me "What happened sweetheart"? with a curious look in her eye... I was dumb founded. I damn near stammered to respond. I said "What happened to what??" She grinned... "What happened to all the action in your pants???" I was flushed at that very moment. I had nothing to say. No words could come out of my mouth. I felt like and ant about to be crushed by and elephant. She said "Are you okay down there?" Still nothing to say. "Are you done?" My mouth dropped open like Jim Carey when he saw Cameron Diaz in the Mask at the night club. "Ummm, what are you talking about?" I asked pretending to be ignorant. She just raised one eyebrow, grinned at me and turned around facing the stage and started dancing (whinning) again by herself....

There is so much more, check back for part 2
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