Cuckold lifestyle 32 part 2

Well if you read my part one of this story you know that I now have a scrip for Viagra even though I never have trouble getting hard and in fact I never fuck my wife so it wouldn't matter any way. My wife and our kinky next door neighbor Ann came up with the idea to have my dick stay hard for hours on end. Friday night I came in from work at six just like always , I noticed there wasn't any supper ready like normal. I left the kitchen and started down the hall toward our bed room and I heard the shower going in the hall bathroom. Just as I started to open the door my wife came down the hall from our bedroom. She said that shower is for you. I started it so it wouldn't take you as long to get ready. I said ready for what? She said get in the shower and I have your cloths laid out on our bed. I got in the nice warm shower, it felt good after a damp cold day at the shop. As I was soaping up I heard the door open then close pretty quick. I didn't think anything of it. I cut off the water and opened the shower door to get my towel. I noticed a note laying beside it. I dried off and picked up the note. It said " PUT ON YOUR CB 3000 AND TAKE A PILL " I looked and the chastity device was laying on a wash cloth along with a single blue pill. I sliped my soft dick into the plastic cage and downed the pill. On the bed I found a nice pair of slacks and a dress shirt. I called out where are my underwear. My wife said the CB3000 will be your underwear. OH OK, well after dressing In went into the den to find out what we where doing tonight. My wife was setting there talking with Ann . Both ladies where dressed in very nice dresses, they both had on nylons and high hill shoes. I said so what are we doing to night? My wife said Ann and I have dates and you are going to be our driver. Oh yeah ? What am I driving I asked. My wife said Ann rented a custom van for the night and you will be up front while we are in the back with our dates. We are going to Ruth's Chris Steak house first then to a motel. But won't that look goofy me as the fifth wheel? My wife said yeah that's why you won't be eatting with us. But what fun is that I asked. My wife said OH it's not about you having fun tonight , although you might enjoy this, then Ann and my wife at the same time lifted their dresses up to show me their shaved naked pussies and the extra wide black lace tops of their garter held up stockings. My wife knows for a fact I LOVE lace top stockings and she knows that never fails to get me hard. They held up their dresses for a little over a minute , then my wife leaned over to kiss Ann square on the lips. I saw Ann's tongue slide into my wife's mouth. Never had I ever seen my wife act this way !! Then my wife squatted down to give Ann's slit a long lick , Ann let out a soft moan , my wife stood up and Ann repaid her the favor , my wife held the back of Ann's head as she looked straight into me eyes. Her eye lids just slits....I had to adjust myself , as the show had made me hard as a rock. and the cage was not letting me grow. My wife saw me do this and she tapped Ann on the back and said it worked. Ann popped up and said I knew it would, men are such easy targets when it comes to chicks kissing. They fixed the dresses and picked up their purses. Lets go my wife said. I just stood there. I said wait a minute, you guys can just cut it off just like that? I mean you both where into what you where doing and then just like that you can stop. Yep, women don't have point of no return Ann said as she smiled at me. Is you cock hard Ann asked. She had never talked to me that way before. I looked at my wife for help. Well is it hard my wife asked. I said yes it is you know it is. Let us see my wife said. What I said... drop them pants NOW I was told. I did as I was told and they both looked at me very carefuly...they had never seen a full erect cock all bound up in a chastity cage. Ann grabbed my balls with her cold hand and gave them a squeeze. This made me raise up on my tip toes . Does it hurt my wife asked. I said well it isn't the most pleasent thing I have done I said. OK zip up and lets go my wife said. Next door at Ann's was a brand new full custom van. I opened the drivers door and climed in, setting down with a hard dick was just a bit tricky. I started it and backed out of her drive way, where to I asked. We are meeting the guys at Ruth's Chris on Roswell Rd at 285. 285 is the highway the circles Atlanta. I pulled up to the door they have valet parking , I told the guy I wasn't staying , he just half assed knoded that he heard me because he was busy looking at my wife's pussy as she exited the van. Then he saw Ann's too. They said we'll call you when we are ready to leave so don't go far. I drove down to Lennox Mall to walk around and look at the sexy ladies of Atlanta. Lennox Mall is on Peachtree just a few miles out of down town Atlanta and all the high roller socker mom's shop there. Tennis skirts and tight firm tanned legs where everywhere. My CB3000 was doing a great job of hiding my still hard cock. I grabbed a icee and sat down at the food court just under the long escalator that goes all the way to the top floor. This is a well known place for some upskirting. My wife and I have rode it several times with her showing her legs all the way to her pussy to all the guys gathered below. I caught a few panty shots when my phone rang. It was the girls and they where ready to leave the steak place. Lennox is about ten minutes away so I headed back. I pulled under the covered drop off awning and the front doors opened with my wife Ann and two black guys coming out. Oh man they are black, she never said they where going to be black I thought. I'm not a racist , that's not why I said that about them being black. But when shes with a black guy they always end up fucking all night and her pussy gets so wore out that she makes me lick her clean to ease the sorness. They all got in the van and I adjusted the rear view mirrow so I could see my wife . Her and her friend sat in the bench seat in the back and Ann and her date sat in the two captin's chairs right behind the front seats. It was dark in the van as I pulled out into traffic, Ann said turn on some "mood" lighting up there driver boy. I flipped a switch and a string of tiny lights that ran around the roofline came on. I could see all them now. they had closed all the shades back there so it was private from the other traffic. Ann told my wife let me show the boys what they missed when I came over this afternoon. My wife never said a word , she just opened her legs and pulled up her dress hem. Ann got between her legs and started eatting her pussy. My wife brought her legs up and put one on each captian chair so Ann could get all the way up into her jucie pussy. The fellows sat and watched quietly. Ann ate her for a good ten minutes and I noticed that I had missed our exit over three miles ago. When Ann stopped the guy setting in the captian chair right behind me ( I thought he was with Ann ) got on his knees and pulled down his pants to let a very good sized cock pop out. I'd guess it to be around eight or nine inches and about two inches thick. He spoke his first words by tell Ann to get out of his way he was going to tear up that white pussy. She sat down and spun her chair around so she could watch. He was between my wife's out stretched legs and started working his cock into her wet cunt. when he was in all the way I saw my wife's hands ( complete with wedding band) wrap around that back of his neck and pulled him up closer. He never took it easy on her , as soon as his dick was wet with her pussy juice he started hammering her as hard as a man could. He beat her cunt so hard the van was rocking , Ann turned to me and said hey driver boy, you had better find us a place to park before we get pulled over for d***k driving. I said I haven't been drinking , she said well when the cop pulls us over for the van swerving all over the road you can explain to him why your sexy wife has a extremely large black cock rammed up her cunt while you drive. Oh I see your point I said. I pulled into a Days Inn , I told them I'd go get a room. hammer man never let up , he was still banging my poor wife's cooter when I came back with the key. I drove to the room. I had asked for a bottom level in the back of the motel. Ann and the other guy got out as I unlocked the door. They had left the double side door open when they got out. I turned on the lights and started back out to the van when I saw them getting out. My wife's legs where over his shoulders and he was still lodged all the way in her with his shinny black hose. He fucked a couple of stroks as they walked across the parking lot. It was about eight thirty, it was dark but there was still a lot of people out. I glanced out to the right and left to see if anyone had noticed them. I didn't see any one. They fell across the first bed next to the window , the curtians where opened. I asked if I should close them. Neither of them said anything, Ann said no leave them open , somebody might want to watch this. She stood up and pulled her dress over her head. She had on a black lacy bra and her added opition tits looked great as they where perfectly round peeking over the top of the bra. She took the other guy's hand and they went to the other bed. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't go jerk off.....I looked to see if my hardon was noticable , that's when I saw the dark wet spot in my pants...damn it , it was precum and not wearing any underwear made it that much worse. Well now I can't go out , I just pulled up a chair and sat and watched some TV...Them damn black boys fucked on and off all night. I feel asl**p once and when I woke up to go piss I noticed they had swapped partners. I sat down on the toilet and must have fallen asl**p again. I woke up to having Ann shake me. What? I said
startled...she said get your cloths off and come look at this. Still in a daze I undressed and followed her out into the room. She said look at that and pointed to the bed. There was my wife sandwitched between both of those monster black cocks. I went to the foot of the bed and I could see her pussy stretched around the bigger of the two , and above that the other black hose was rammed into her little asshole. They where fucking like they where getting paid by the stroke. They kept it up for about ten minutes and the guy in her ass came and fell out, he stood up and went to the bathroom. Her ass hole stayed open even though he was gone. A small trickle of cum started down her taint meat onto her already messy cunt. The bottm guy came a few minutes later. He rode her till he was to soft to stay in. he fell out. She rolled over onto her back with her legs wide open. Just then I had the thought, this is the first time I've seen her face in over seven hours. Her makup was all fucked up. her hair was a mess and her tits where red. But that poor pussy of her's was gaped wide open. I bet I could have slid a Coke can in with no trouble. The first guy was setting on the bed behind me , as my wife's last lover went into the john the guy on the bed said man that pussy is done for. The guy in the john answered back yeah so am us a cab cuckold boy. I was still in shock looking at my beautiful wife's totaled cunt. Hey dickhead Ann hollowed... Oh I shook my head and turned to her....uhh what I said. She said call these guys a cab and then thank them for fucking your wife's brains out. I said oh yeah..uhh thanks guys for fucking my wife for me. The dude in the john said man are you for real? I said excuse me. He steped out and said I just ruined your wife so that she'll never allow you to fuck her and you are thanking me? Yes I am I said...damn it man he said, look at that little dick of yours and what the hell is that shit that's got it all knotted up? Oh this is a CB3000 , it's a chastity device, my wife makes me wear it so I can't beat my meat while she fucks. How often does she do this shit he asked. Evey weekend and two of three times a week I told him. Good God and you are Ok with it? Well yes I am , I love watching her get serviced by large cocks. I get the pie afterword. He said don't tell me you eat her cunt after it's been used like that. Well I kind of laughed , it hasn't ever been that fucked up. But yes I'm about to eat her right now, you want to watch? He looked at his buddy and they both at the same time said HELL NO. They got their shit together kissed Ann and my wife on the foreheads and left. I looked at Ann and then to my my wife , I think my wife is asl**p I told Ann. She said she's not asl**p , she's passed out. Passed out ? why? She said she had passed out about a hour ago from all the coming she had done. I said but she just fucked them both at once. She said no they both fucked her at once, she'll never know it happened ...then she smiled. For once Ann was being nice to me. She said where is the key to that damn cage? I said it's on her ankle chain why? She said if you can get it and get that thing off I'll let you fuck me. I looked at her standing there butt naked with a trail of cum running down the insides of her legs. I looked at my wife laying there all busted wide open with her pussy still gaped open. I said thank you but no thanks Ann. My wife wouldn't like it if I did that, but I don't think she would mind if I cleaned your pussy for you with my tongue. She said it's a deal and she laid across the other bed and I went to eatting her out. I gave her head for about thirty minutes, I had her nice and dry when I said I had better do my wife now. Ann said I'm going to clean up my face while you eat her. While she was in the john I went to cleaning up my poor wife's badly used cunt. Just as I was getting started I noticed I bet I could get my hand in there. I licked my fist and with ease I slid it in all the way to my wrist. I was looking at it when Ann stepped out to ask me if I wanted to go get breakfast for us. She said what have you done ? I said it fits ..she said I've always wanted to be fisted , but I could never get any one to go slow enough to do it. I said I just stuck it in..shes that loose. Well pull it out and get dressed , your dark spot on your pants is gone and you can go across the street to McDonalds to get us some coffe and something to eat. I did , when I got back my wife was in the shower and Ann let me in. I asked her quietly did you tell her what I did? She said now what good would that have done? Oh man I like the nicer Ann I thought, she could tell what I was thinking and said don't get me worng buddy boy I'm holding that over your head till I need to use it. She gave me a real mean look. I smiled at her and kissed her right on her lips real fast and said thank you. She hollored to little dick wife was walking in and heard her...why is he a little dick pussy she asked Ann. Ann looked me and I know my face turned red, then she said " like I'd have to explain that to you ,of all people"..she smiled and my heart started beating again..lets eat...oh my wife said , pull down those pants you little dick pussy. I sat the bags down and pulled down my pants. there was my dick , still hard, still locked up. She said those Viagras we gave those guys last night worked great didn't they Ann? Yep she answered. I said you gave them Viagra too? What do you mean too? my wife said. that wasn't a Viagra I gave you. I'm not going to waste a Viagra on that tiny peepee. What was it then I asked. She said it was one of Ann's birth control pills. So you have never ment to give me any of them I said, shit no we wanted them for our fuck buddies...oh well life is good
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