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Well she's home after a week away. I didn't want to quiz her to much to fast. I heard her car pull in the garage so I went out to help her carry her bag in. As I walked up from the rear of the car her door opened and a sexy stocking covered leg came out. She was wearing black lace up boots that came all the way to her knee. I said hey there sexy lady. Then here came the other leg as she got out of the car I noticed that everything she was wearing I'd never seen before. I said I'm glad your home and I kissed her. She said grab those bags from the back seat and take them to our room. Ummm bags...she only left with one now there are three. I picked them up and followed her down the hall to our room. She said just set them on the bed. I did and as I turned I got a good look at what she was wearing in the bright lights of the ceiling fan. Her blonde hair was on her shoulders and straight, her bangs where slightly parted , her face was made up a little heavier than normal. She had on a low cut white knit tank top her tits where two sexy round bumps sticking out of the top. but the part that I loved the most was a tight pair of white linen shorts with a two inch cuff at the very short legs. Coffee colored pantyhose always looks perfect on her legs. I just stared at her. She said HEY ASS HOLE....what's wrong? I said I'm sorry but you look fucking perfect...or perfect for fucking , eather way I like it. She said the shorts are a tad tight to be wearing on a long drive. I have got to get out of them , these pantyhose are all up in my snatch. I said set down on the bed and I'll help you get those boots off. She said thanks, I can't bent that far without blowing the ass out of these shorts. She sat down and held a foot up, as I started unlacing the first boot I started thinking...who tied them if she can't. So I said in a casual way...I bet it was hard putting them on this morning wasn't it? She said I didn't put them on Carl's butler did. Oh Carl , like in from work? Yeah he has a butler , and this morning I was just too tired to get dressed so he dressed me. I dropped the first boot and started on number two. OH , I said, I bet he's an old guy that's been a butler for a while . She said no , he's twenty eight, handsome ,and he fuckes like there's not going to be a tomorrow. So I take it you spent the week at Carl's place somewhere? She said yeah he has been trying to get me down there so he could share my pussy with some of his buddys, but I couldn't think of a way to get out of the house for a full week. I didn't say anything. She said, he had an idea. He came by last Saturday while you where at the grocery store. He told me to make that bet with you and when I won I could come down to his place. But how did he know you would win I said. Well he fucked me and told me to pull my panties up real fast so it'll stay. You mean that was his cum in you? She smiled and said yeah...But where did your painties go when you came home? She said they are in my glovebox in my car. You cheated I are a cheater. She said well yeah..a pussy full of cum and a little lie. Then she said I know that was wrong, but where's the line to cross when I fuck who ever and when ever I want? But lieing....that hurts I said. Would you have let me go if I was straight up with you? Well yes, but I wouldn't have liked I said. Well I brought you home two full DVD's of my weekend and Carl bought me over two thousand dollars worth of cloths. He picked this outfit out because he thinks my legs are sexy and he knows you enjoy eatting my messy pussy after I fuck. So he said these shorts are tight enough to hold most of it in . I said well lets see if it worked!! She unbottoned them while laying on her back on the bed and it took both of us pulling to get them down. I sware if she hadn't had on them pantyhose we'd never got them off. I folded them and turned to see her in just the pantyhose and tank top. I said keep the pantyhose on till last. I ran around to the other side of the bed and helped pull her top off. That's when I saw that new white bra. Wow that's a nice one, she said yeah Carl had me model it in the store in front of at least eight guys buying stuff for their wifes. She said it made me wet having all those eyes looking at my boobs. I said what else did you have on? She said a black tight skirt , I said what under it? A lacy black garter belt and lace top black stockings , no panties, and I had on a pair of six inch hills. But I said the bra is white. She said this one is, the black one is in my bag. Well lets pop it off and get you undressed I said. she held up an arm and I pulled her up to a setting position, she snaped the front clasp and set her tits free. She doesn't have big tits, thirty four B's but they look just perfect on her little body. I asked if I could take her pantyhose off now? She said yeah and stood up so I could pull them down. I stopped just above her knees so I could have a look at her pussy. It as always looked just fine. Her inner lips have never hung outside of the lips and the slit is always closed...well unless it just let go of a fat cock. She said what are you doing? It's still there. Oh I'm sorry , it's just so beautiful I said. She lifted one leg and then the other I threw the pantyhose on the bed. I turned to leave the room and she said aren't you going to eat this pie? I spun around, PIE? there's pie? She fell back on the bed and said Carl had his butler fuck me just before he dressed me. She parted her legs and I went to work. I looked up, you said Carl had the butler fuck you? Yeah , he was too pooped to pop. Tell me about it if you want to I said just before running my tongue up the inside or womanhood. She had that smell of a man on her, and she was loose, very loose. She started off by saying I hope you don't think your going to get any. After the dicks I had all week there is no way your little dick could even do anything at all. Then she said when she left here she went straight to Carl's house in Marietta. He already had his Hummer packed. I jumped out of my car and he said I told you that would work. I got in and we headed to his place in Florida. It's a privite place , I told him I didn't pack a bikini, he said don't worry, you'll be naked for the next seven days. I laughted she said ...are you serious? He said OH yeah very....but I do want to buy you some sexy things to wear when we go out, back home. He has a big house on the beach and he has three guys that stay and work there. I never caught their names, but I did catch and few wads from them. I looked up from my dinning place and asked, He let the help fuck you? Yeah , those three young guys , Carl, and four of his golfing buddies. I looked up again, eight? Yeah but they only all did me at once on Friday night. It wasn't a mad fuck fest like it sounds. I said eight guys seven days and it wasn't a fuck fest? Well she said I was going to keep up with how many times I got fucked , just to mess with you. But I lost count and didn't worry about it. Where was the count when you lost count? She said I don't remember but I know it was Tuesday at lunch. Who videoed the action? I asked. Oh that, well Carl has a professional crew that does all his commercials. OH man you mean there was more than just the eight guys? Yeah, but the film crew didn't get any of me. Carl hired some College girls to do that. OK this is way to much to figure out tonight I said, you get a shower and come in the den and we'll talk. I was in the den listing to some music with the lights down low, I had two glasses of wine for us and when my wife came in the den she was wearing a black lace teddy , black lace top stockings and high hills, the cups of the teddy where half cups and her nipples where in plain site. It was hard to see her in all that black in a dimly lit room, her skin is so dark tanned from a week of Florida sun. She was carring a she handed it to me she said this is the only thing you'll be putting in tonight. Life is good
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