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My wife and I where shooting the shit about how big of whores guys are. I disagreed with her saying guys will fuck anything that will let them. I said you are crazy , she came back with I could leave here and be back home in less than twenty minutes with a pussy full of some guys cum. (Now we live in a neighborhood of older people). So I said are you willing to bet on that? She said are you? Well thinking like a guy and not a grownup I said Hell yes. What do you want to bet? She said if I drive off and in twenty minutes or less I return freshly fucked you will have to allow me to speed a full week at a friends house without you bothering me. I said who's house? She said that'll be up to me when I win. I said you mean if you win. OK, I'll take that bet but you have to go right now, no getting all dolled up or anything, you have to go in those faided jeans and that sweat shirt with the white paint on it. She reached down grabbed her purse and said see ya in twenty and she was out the door. I started laughing , It's 2:00 on a Saturday afternoon. Kroger is the closest place where there is a lot of people , oh there's a Mexican resturant next door to it. That'll take four minutes to get there and four to get back ..umm that's eight and leaving her twelve minutes to FIND, TALK TO and ask to FUCK, oh and the fucking time, he had better be a quick shooter , oh and where are they going to fuck? LOL, I have this bet won!!! It's really about I'll give her that 4 minutes. So at 2:24 if she is not standing right in front of me whith her panites down and a dripping pussy I win. Well at 2:15 I heard her car coming down our street..There's no way in Hell she went all the way to the grocery store parking lot and fucked and drove back that fast. She came flying up the drive and into the garage. I head her yelling I'm back I'm soon as she ran into the den she looked at the grand father clock and said YAAAA ...I have five minutes to spare..I could have gotten fucked twice..she said laughing . OK , I said you are back in time but you have to proove you have really been fucked and cum in. She yanked down her pants, her painties where gone and it looked as if she really did do it. Get on your knees and eat this creamy pie you looser pussy she yelled. I got down and reached around her hips and pulled her into my face. I smelled the secnt of a man....but who? Then I stuck my tongue in her and that set all that cum free, it started dripping down in to my mouth. I ate her for a couple minutes..then I stood up and said OK you did it, I have two questions. She said shoot what are they? I said who fucked you and who's house are you going to stay at. She said that wasn't in the deal sorry, then she pulled up her pants and started toward the up stairs shower. Hey , wait a minute I are going to tell me aren't you? She just laughed and kept walking, OK I know how to play this game..I just turned around and went out to the garage. I worked on cleaning it up for a few hours hopping she'd come out there. She didn't...damn woman has a strong will, a lot stronger than I'll ever have I thought. It was almost five and I was getting hungry , I came in and washed up at the kitchen sink. I called out her name as I was walking into the den, I said I'm hungry aren't you? I heard her say yes I am...I then asked what are we having for supper? I had walked back into the kitchen to see what we had. I heard her say I'm having steak and lobster tail , OH yeah that sounds good I turned to go get a shower and there she stood. Black denim mini skirt , black high hills , and a red low cut blouse, she also had a red bow holding her ponty tail . Oh and I almost forgot she was holding an over night bag. What are you doing I asked? She said I going to start me week away. But what about me I said? She said Oh yeah about you , here let me lock that little dick away so you'll be a good boy while I'm away. Then she pulled my CB3000 out of her purse. Drop em she ordered. But ,, wait..I tried to say. do it looser she said. I did as I was told and in one minute I was locked away. But where will you be? She said I have the video camera and if I think about it I might film some of the week's fun...bye. Well damn it I thought, I stood there pants on the ground and the CB3000 locked around my best friend. What the Hell am I going to do I thought...OH the home made porns...yee haa..I can't jerk off but I can still watch my beautiful wife getting the shit fucked out of her. I pulled up my pants and as I heard her car drove off I ran up stairs to her secret hiding place. I opened the drawer and moved her sweaters so I could open that little box. I popped it open and the movies where gone !! Nothing in there but a note that said " Have a nice week looser"...that woman is mean. I showered and got dressed, I thought I'd ride down to a titty bar or something for the evening. As I was pulling out I saw our "femdom" next door neighbor Ann in her yard. I waved and she motioned for me to stop. I rolled down the window and she walked up. Where are ya headed she asked. I didn't want to tell her so I just said I'm going out for a while. She said you know if you go to a titty bar your hard on is going to hurt in that cage. What the Hell? How could she know I was locked up and going to a titty bar? I said what do you mean Ann? She said well "easy to read" the misses won a bet, she is off to get her pussy tore up a big dicked lover and before she left she locked up that tiny little pee pee of your's so you went looking for that stash of fuck films staring your wife but they where gone...How close am I so far? You are a WITCH aren't you I said...she laughed...want me to cast a spell on you? I was just froze setting there , then I heard her cell ring. She answered it, she said Hello Cucky's wife. and he's setting right here staring at me. Ok here , the she handed me the phone. I said was my wife, she said I tried to call you but you didn't answer the house phone so I called Ann to see if she had seen you leave. I said what have you told her this afternoon? She said nothing ..why? what's wrong? I said have a fun weekend sweetheart and I love you. I hung the phone up and tossed it to Ann and drove is good.
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