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Well "next weekend" is over and done. Friday when I walked in from work I saw a suietcase packed and setting by the door. My wife was in the bathroom . I called back to her hey what's with this suietcase? you leaving me? She said NO goofball we are going to James's buddy's cabin on the lake tonight. Oh was that THIS weekend? She walked out of the bath room and said yes it is and why? Oh I'm just asking I said, she said you had better not say you have to work! After all I talked James into letting you watch us fuck all weekend. Cool I said, it's been a while since I was able to watch you get your eggs scrambled. But hey..what about his buddy? Didn't he say he was going to be there too? What's he going to do all weekend while you two fuck? Oh He's going to fuck me too , as a matter of fact there will be three other guys besides James's buddy. Wait , five guys ? She said yeah, I'm getting gang banged this weekend and I'm so excited. Well, when was I going to find this out I asked. Hell I guess when you saw all the hard black dicks... What? all of them are black? Yep..aint it great? Honey I said , you and I have been doing the cuckold thing for a long time. We have been having a lot of fun doing it. Is there something you want to tell me about you fucking a lot of black guys lately? She said don't be silly, I know it looks like I've gone BLACK but I'm just exploring new things. I said but I'm afraid all these bigger than normal dicks will either spoil you or make you so loose that I can't do you any good. Baby she said , to be honest with you, you haven't done my pussy any good for well over three years. But you always act like your enjoying my screwing. That's because I love you she replied. Man I'm kinna feeling shot down right now I said. I'm sorry she said but you have always said be 100% honest with you. Yeah I know I said...she said does this make you feel better ? I looked up just as she raised her little skirt to show me she had a fresh fucked pussy for me to eat. Is that a freshly fucked pussy you have there? Well get down here and see for yourself. I burried my face in her cunt and it was in deed a sloppy mess. I looked up at with a wet face and said you did this to you? She said the boy that cuts our grass. I said he's only eighteen , she came back with yeah and ten of that is dick. I didn't say anything to her but that k** stretched her as good as the biggest dick she has ever had. She said hurry up and finish I was about to shower and shave we need to get on the road. I finished and stood up , I tried to kiss her but she turned her head and said ewww you have cum on your breath...then she laughted and ran down the hall. I told her I was going to shower in the guest bath , she said I laid you some cloths out , will you do the same for me? OH yeah I get to pick out what she is wearing up there...and if I'm correct it'll be just me and her for the ride. I'll pick something sexy out. I heard her shower going so I went in our room and started going through her dresser drawers. Umm the mountians and a lake...what should I pick out? I found a pair of light tan denim short shorts , and I added a white wife beater . No panites or bra...Oh boots, I got out her hiking boots and a pair of knee high white sox. I've seen them shorts on her and the "camel toe" is fucking HOT !. I got in the shower and washed todays work away, I was drieing off when she walked in the guest room and said is this what you had in mind? I turned around and she had on the outfit I had picked out. Baby you look fantastic I said. You did know that wearing these shorts without paints does two things didn't you? Well I know about that beautiful camel toe you have there , what else does it do? Well she said that camel toe is because the seam of the shorts is right up my cunt and rubbing my clit. I'll probably have a wet spot in them by the time we get there. Hey I don't care if they don't I said with a laugh. Oh and you can see my nipples through this thin white tank top. I said again I'm OK with it ..are you? She said baby I love showing off and you know it. Well lets get rolling. I got dressed and we put all the stuff in the car. I asked whats in this bag ? Oh that's our video camera , I thought you could film the gang bang. I put in two freshly charged batteries and I brought the car charger just incase I am getting more than the battery can handle she said. Do you really plan on fucking that much I asked. She said I don't plan on sl**ping all weekend. I want a hard dick in me till Sunday evening. Man you are hot I said. She said I have directions on how to get there ,hit seventy five north. I said we need gas first , OH pull in the Kroger they have it cheepest she said. I pulled in and as soon as I stopped the car she jumped out and walked to the window to pay. The fat k** working the booth about set the place of fire with his red face after he saw my wife. I got the hose and was walking to the rear when she said let me do that...OH well, here I said , she never likes to pump gas I thought. I went and sat in the car. I looked in the rearview mirrow and I got why she wanted to pump it. She was bent over at the waist and all the guys driving by where checking out her ass and long taned legs. She hung up the hose and jumped in the car...I looked over at her and said you are such a tease. What ? What did I do she said. I asked how many nasty comments did you get back there? Well a few and one guy said he'd eat my ass hole if I wanted him to. What did you do I asked...she said I wiggled it at him..she smiled and said lets go I need long hard black cock and lots of it!! All the way up to the cabin ( about a three hour drive ) she had her feet on the dash and her tan legs where on display for all to see. And they did. We pulled off the paived road onto a gravel drive, this is it she said keep going, well the gravel road was at least a mile long. We pulled up to a nice little cabin over looking a beautiful cove, it was just getting dark when we got out and started toward the door. I looked arond and there was five cars there, all of them high dollar models with high dollar wheels. I had the thought , yeah they are black, all the black guys back home ride in style in nice stuff. As soon as we started on the porch the door opened and james walked out, well I didn't know it was james but my wife yelled out his name and threw her arms around his neck and planted a big wet open mouth kiss on him. I just stood there with our stuff. James said baby there'll be time for that , lets help you man get this stuff in the house. When he said that all the other guys came out and helped carry in the bags. Every one seemed to be very well manered and clean cut. Boy was i glad to see that too. James was first to shake my hand he said I'm so glad you came along . I just looked at him . uh OK I said thanks for haveing me? ( gee just thanked a guy that is going to fuck my wife all weekend along with four of his buddies for allowing me to tag along) SHIT...that's strange to see it typed out like this. They had the grill going and I could smell steaks...oooh steaks I asked? Yeah ol Bobby here brought a box of them James said , in fact we all brought something to eat he carried on. I started ..Well I didn't know umm I mean we didn't ,James butted in buddy you brought the most inportant thing , they all busted out laughing. Oh yeah I guess I did...Well after we all ate and had a few drinks and some even smoked ...well I don't do that stuff , we hit the hot was huge at least a ten man. My wife said she needed to change into her bikini , I was feeling so at ease with these guys I said NO don't get it wet ...just get in naked. I pulled off my shorts and underwear and stood there naked. I was waiting for that laughter and comments about my small dick, it never happened. they where all gentelmen , each one started pulling off their shorts and most where commando..( no underwear ). Well I took notice at their sizes..the shortest was about seven inches and they where all SOFT!. I started getting a hardon seeing all that black dick looking at my naked wife . I jumped in to hide it. James offered his hand to help my wife in...OK I thought , you're getting the pussy , you be the gentelman. We where all relaxed and sipping mixed drinks. I was being VERY careful to not get hammered, I wanted to see the action. My wife was setting between me and James , both her hands where under water..I know where one was , it was holding my hard throbing dick, she was jacking me off very slowly. I saw James adjust himself a few times , I bet she had his in her other hand. I started to cum so I pushed her hand away. She never even cared she turned her back toward me and was using both hands on James's equipment. the bubbles made the water white on top but I sware every so often I could see the black head of his cock pop out of the foam. I said I need to piss..I'll be back as I was climbing out one of the other guys took my seat. I took longer than I needed just to give here a head start. When I came back around the corner the guy that in my seat jumped up and moved back to where he was setting. Hey umm Joe is it? I said , you can stay there I'll set over here, after all she aint fucking me this weekend. He said gee man thanks and I do admire you attitude toward what we are doing. Oh it's nothing new to me I spoke up ( I thought about it but I didn't tell them how many dicks have been in that sexy body ) . My wife was whispering something in James's ear , he noded and she stood up and leaned over the side of the hot tub , he sttod up behind her his ass cheeks just above the water line. I could see his full hard dick pointing right at my wife's pussy. She laid out flat on her chest and hiked her ass up then Jame's pushed his cock in her. It didn't go all the first two times but stroke number three had his balls at her cunt lips. She let out a very soft did I...the guys where watching him and I don't think they heard me. I jumped out of the tub and ran and got the camera. I was setting on the deck filming my wife's face as she was enjoying the first of many cocks to come. Her face looked so sexy and at ease, Her eyes where half closed and a slight snarl had her mouth twisted. James was moving so slow...I saw my wife's ass backing up to meet his thrust. He fucked her for about ten minutes and then said where's my manners ? the host needs to be next, James pulled his cock out and the cabin owner moved behind her , His name is Jimmy , he goes by James but to keep things easy he said call him Jim. he took hold of my wife's hips and hammered her poor cunt like a man fresh out of prison. She loves it rough and started moaning out . He didn't last but about five minutes before he emptied his balls into her. He pulled out and said guys we need to carry this inside, I don't want all your dick snot in my hot tub. They all laughed. they started climbing out as I helped my wife stand on shaky legs. I asked are you cold? she said no why? I said you are shaking , she said I'm horney you goober. I said still? you just got fucked twice. She said yes still, now come on I need cock. We all ended up in the had a big rug in front of a huge stone firplace. Jimmy said I can build a fire if you want one sweetheart, my wife said no I am hot enough already , he and almost every other guy at the same time said "I heard that!" Well she was on her knees sucking a new guy off and another one was working on getting is cock in her from behind. She took the cock out of her mouth long enough to tell the guy behind her if my pusst to too loose you are welcome to mt ass hole I know it's tight...Again all of then cheered out loud. He worked her cunt over for a few minutes then used her cunt juice to get his coock in her ass. He didn't last no time in there. She said I told you it was tight. The guy she was blowing laid flat on his back and she sat on his cock. He was working her cunt over and she said I need a cock in my ass, someone get to it! The last guy that hadn't had any walked up and slid a nice sized dick all the way to the balls in her ass. James was watching standing beside where I was filming. He taped my shoulder and said I think I'll make her air tight...he walked over and put his cock in her mouth. There was my wife that I love with three black cocks in her all at once. I was figuring in my head that all three added together was about two feet five inchs of cock. I do goofy shit like that. They all took turns till one by one they couldn't get it up again. It was well past four AM when the last one said I'm going to bed. My wife was a heep in the middle of the den floor. I asked her if she wanted to go to bed too? She said no just get my a blanket and a pillow I'm staying right here. Jimmy hooked me up with all that and she feels asl**p in less than aminute. I laid down on the couch. I had dosed off and was wakened by a noise I opened my eyes to see one of the guys I couldn't tell who it was , hisfeet where sticking out from under the blanket and I sware he was eatting her out. She was flat on her back, eyes closed and moaning very softly. I kept watching and soon there was a bald head come up beside hers and he started fucking her. As much as I enjoy watching her fuck I was just too tired. I feel back asl**p. The next morning I woke and looked down for my wife, she wasn't there. I sat up rubbed my eyes then I saw her in the deck witn James drinking coffee. I got me a cup and went out to join them. Morning james said , you sl**p well ? I said well I slept some. I looked at my wife and asked how long have you been up? She spread her legs apart and her short robe fell open, long enough to get you breakfast. James spoke up and said she told me this morning I had best leave a load in her pussy for you , I didn't know you enjoyed clenup duty. I blushed a little and said yeah after all you big cock guys wear her pussy out that's about all I can do for her. He said I hear ya. The wife stood up and I got on my knees and stared licking her very sloppy cunt out. She let me go for about three minutes then said that's enough I'm going in to shower. You boys talk. I bet you can find something to talk about. She went inside and i took her set next to James. He said you my friend are a special kind of guy. I said who me? Why? He said non of that stuff last night made you jealouse at all? I said well to be honest it did..but not thay you guys where fucking my wife . it's just I wished I had a cock that size. Well my friend , she loves you and thats what matters, all we are is toys for her to play with. I had to agree with him...well theres more but that's all I feel like typing tonight..remember life is good.
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3 years ago
I hope the video is posted here somewhere!
3 years ago
Very good story, you are a lucky guy to have such a horney wife, I envy you. And by the way it's nice to have you back and posting your stories.