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It's been a while since I have posted , it isn't because my wife hasn't been busy , it's because I have. Last Friday she told me she had a Saturday day time date with a new friend. She didn't offer a name and I knew better than to ask.
We stayed home Friday night and enjoyed a nice quiet evening watching old movies on AMC. When we went to bed I asked if we could make love and of course she said no. She gave me the same reason she always does. She wants to be as horny as she can be on her date. Then she got my CB3000 and locked me up. This is so you will be a good boy tomorrow she said, then she turned out the lights.
Saturday I awoke at six fourtyfive , I got up and carried all the wash into the laundry room and started my first load of the day. I had just emptied the first load into the drier when I saw my wife standing in the kitchen watching me work. I told her good morning and she smiled without a word. Then after I started the drier I looked back for her and she was gone. I heard the upstairs shower going and knew that's where she had gone. She usally takes long showers just before she goes off to have sex with her men friends. She always shaves everything so while she was in there I ran to the street to pick up the news paper.
When I came back in I heard the shower had stopped , I laid the paper on the coffee table and went to fix her a cup of coffee. I lightly taped on the bathroom door, come in, she said. She was setting at her makeup table putting on her war paint. She had a bathrobe on so I couldn't see anything , I brought you some coffee I said and sat it down . She thanked me and told me to get...she hates for me to watch her getting ready. She said it's more exciting for me NOT to know whats under her cloths. And she is right.
I was setting at the kitchen table sipping my coffee and reading about what happned last night in the paper when she walked in to the kitchen ready to go. She had on a kackie colored mini ( just about half thigh ) a white button down shirt ( tucked in the skirt ) a black belt and a brown baseball cap with her pontytail sticking out the back. Oh and the best part , she was wearing a pair of laceup hiking boots with just the tops of her white sox showing. I looked at her and said , I bet you're going to the mountians to look at the leaves. She said yep....then I said remember the last we went ? She gave me a slight grin as she said yes, when you got all my cloths wet and I had to wear that short skirt and met that black boy . I said you did more than just meet him...she said yes he fucked me on the trail down from the lookout.
Well do I know this date? She said no he's a blind date that her friend next door set her up with. I asked what do you know about him? Well he's black and Ann said he has a nice, long, hard dick. Oh I said. So I guess since you threw that part in you'll be seeing this nice long hard dick. You know it big boy was her reply and I know I'll be doing more than just seeing it , I felt like messing with her, after all she already had me locked up what harm could it do? And what makes you think you'll get him to fuck you I smarted off to her. That usally would have pissed her off but this time she just grined and lifted her shirt a few inches to show me that she had shaved her pussy smooth and wasn't wearing any panties. Just as I got a good look she pulled the hem back down. But , but, I tried to say something and was cut off. I have a pair of panties in my backpack to hold in your damn creamypie you big pussy.
I smiled and said I love you so much. You are thinking of me aren't you? She snapped back with yes sweetheart every time I'm getting my pussy tore up by some big dick I think of your little bitty pee pee. Well that one was my fault, I stepped right into that.
She said well I got to go I'm meeting him at the Kroger on the corner , that way my car will be safe and he won't know where we live incase he don't work out. What do you mean work out? She said not all of the guys she has fucked in our marrage where " nice" guys. Then she said I'll tell you about it some time. Then a peck on the cheek and out the door she went. I followed her to the door and watched her get in her car, as she backed out I head her toot her horn. I walked out on the porch to see why. I saw Ann picking up her morning paper at the road just she my wife passed her. Ann looked over to me and waved , I waved back and then she yells out across the yards " Is she going to fuck that guy I set her up with"? SHIT I loud mouth bitch!! I just nodded and walked back in the house. Damn does the whole neighbor hood have to know my wife fuckes around ?
I put the TV on a music channel and cleaned the house , when I was about done I saw we where out of tile cleaner so I had the idea to go get some at Kroger. As I turned in I saw my wife's car setting way up in the corner where no one ever parks. As I was leaving I drove pasted and stopped , I don't know why. I looked in it and there on the seat was a pair of painties . I thought I hope these aren't the ones that should be holding my pie in place. Just as I started to get back in my truck I saw Ann roll up with her window down. OH GEE I wonder what she wants. She said hey look I'm sorry about yelling out a few hours ago. I said well I don't think anyone heard you but me. She said I'll make it up to you if you come over in a bit I'll jerk you off and you can cum on my tits. I said no that's OK, my wife would be pissed if I did that. Then she laughed and said You goober ..I'd never jerk you off and I know she locked you up anyway...then she rolled off. Man that woman is one lady I'd like to dry fuck in the ass just for doing that kinna shit to me.
It was already dark when I heard the garage door opener come on. I had already showered and was wearing my PJ's when my wife walked in the house. I asked if she had a good time? She was carring her boots ( I knew that would happen ). Before she could asnwer I said set down and I'll rub your feet. She dropped the boots and said thanks I need that. She sat in my recliner and kicked it back. The foot rest poped up and her beautiful toes where right at hand level while I was setting on the floor. I started rubbing and saked her to tell me about her day.
She said well the new guy's name is James. He's about six foot three and weighs about two eighty. Damn he's a big guy. She smiled and yes he is and long too. I looked up from her foot and saw a smile . You want to share that part too? She said are you up for me telling you how I got my pussy tore up all day long? Baby my dick has tried to get hard all day thinking of you and him. As I rubbed I tried to open her legs just a little so I could see . She caught me and said are you in that big a hurry to see your pie? Well...yeah I kinna am. With that she kicked down the foor rest and stood up. She reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties. Oh they are red I said. She said yes why ? Oh I saw a pair of black ones in your car at Kroger. She threw the red mess at my face and sat back down, this time with her legs wide open. She didn't raise the foor rest and she slid to the edge of the seat. Eat me right now she ordered. I never looked away from that mess. I dove right in and started licking her soft lips. They where so slick and loose..she is always loose after a good fucking. I got my tongue in as far as I could with her help ...she was holding my head so tight I couldn't breath. I waited for her to cum before I pushed back and took a much needed breath.
She said that as soon as she got into his car she saw he had his dick out, she started sucking it and she said she sucked it the whole hour and fifteen minutes it took to get to the mountians. I said he never came while you gave him head? She said Hell no. and I didn my best to try and get him off. I asked how big was it? She said it was both her hands and still enough to suck. In that pasted that works out to be just about ten inches. And could your fingers touch? This is the part that always gets her hot. She said no..I had at least one inch of his dick showing between my thumb and finger. Oh I know you liked feeling that inside you. Long dicks to her are not all that , but give her a fat cock and she's in love. She said yeah it was a little hard to get it in at first but I was setting on it with all my weight and I f***ed it in. He said damn baby you got a tight cunt for a married woman. I told him yeah that your dick was so small it hasn't ever done me any good. She said he laughed. They fucked for the first time in the front of his Lexus in the parking lot of the lookout. I said didn't any one see you? She said yes a few people walked by and looked in but no one bothered them. She after he busted his nut they got out and walked up to the look out. I asked if that's when she put the painties on? She said no , he wouldn't allow her, he said he wanted all the other white bitches to see his seed running down my legs and to be jealous. Well did it I asked? She said yes it did but she walked with her legs together and smeared it around so it didn't look so whorish.
At one time they where the only two people at the highest lookout...they could see people walking up the trail toward them when he pushed her toward the hand rail , lifted her skirt and fucked her again. She said he had just zipped up when a group of old couples walked up. I said did they act as if they knew anything? She said no . but one old geezer kept checking out my legs. James whispered in my ear to show him my freshly fucked cunt. Well? did you? You asshole Hell no I didn't. I asked is that when you put on the panties? NO, I put the painties on in the Kroger parking lot after we fucked for the fourth time. Four times? Yes four times. He wanted to spend the night but my pussy was getting sore. He does know you are married right? Yes he does. But he wanted to come to our house and spend the night fucking you in our bed? Well yeah..whats wrong? What about me? Oh we never even thought about you , I guess you could have slept on the couch or something.
Are you going to see him again? Yes we made plans to spend the entire weekend at a buddy of his place on the lake. When? Next weekend ,and he asked if it where cool that his buddy be there too. What did you say? She said that would be fun but that I had to bring you along. Why do I have to go? She said you don't want to? well, I don't know, can I watch? She never thought to ask James if he cared if you watch. Well that is the next is good.
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yes it has been a bit to long i new you wouldnt forget us good story 6/10