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I don't know if it is possible for MY wife to cuckold my friends. Let me explain , we had a party at our home back in June, It was a Saturday , it was hot, and there was a lot of people here. My wife was wearing a short denim skirt and a bikini top, she also was wearing a pair of highhill sandals. As always her dark tanned legs where the center of attition for all the guys, even the married ones. I know for a fact almost every man here at one time or another has fucked my wife. I caught the tail end of several guys talking about how my wife looked and when and how they had fucked her. They always stopped talking when I talked by. As the evening wore on some of the more pussy wipped guys and their bitchy wifes had left. We where all setting around the pool drinking and the music was making everyone frisky. I came back from getting a beer from the house and saw my wife setting in a friend of mine's lap. She was turned almost sideways and her legs where not even close to being together. She acted as if she didn't know that her naked shaved pussy was on display to at least eight guys and me. One by one the guys would come up with some lame ass reason that she should come set in their lap. She was loving all the attition. On the back side of the pool it's a good bit darker and when she went back there to set in John's lap I know he must have had is cock out before she sat down. I had a few guys talking about work with me and I heard her giggle real soft and I turned to see why. She was setting dead still in John's lap but not how she was setting in the other guys, this time her back was to him and her legs where together. I acted like I needed to check the pool pump as it was closer to where she was. I sneeked a peek at her and could tell her skirt was pulled up in the back and she was rocking ever so slightly on his hard dick. I didn't want to spoil her fun so I walked back over to my buddys before any of them came over to where I was and saw what I saw. I lost track of time and before I knew it she was standing next to me. Would you go get me a drink ?yes and run to the house. When I returned she was in Mike's lap and again I know he was fucking her while we all stood around . This went on till the last married guy had left with his wife. I saw them out and when I came back around back there she was in Greg's lap and this time there was actually a line of guys standing waiting their turn . I didn't know what to do. I thought none ofher buddies knew I knew she was cuckolding me. Well they didn't mind that I was there and my wife sure as Hell didn't care. When Greg came in her she stoodup, adjust her skirt and top while the next guy took Greg's seat. Then she would turn facing her new hardon and pull her skirt up just high enough for her to straddle their legs and then she'd set down on the hard dick. She kept her skirt on the whole time and even made sure it stayed down far enough as to not show the next guy what was going on. One by one they would fuck her , usaly about eight to ten minutes each then they would grab a beer and start talking about anything. When she had finished the thriteen guys that was there she stood and got everyonesattition. She said I want to thank all you handsom guys and your beautiful hard dicks. As all you know my husband has been standing right over there watching every stroke. Now it's his turn for some fun and I had better hurry and let him have it as all the hot cum is running down my legs. I looked at her in shock, what the Hell was she doing ? She laid back in a chair and spread her legs as she pulled her skirt up. Then looking me straight in the eyes she said get over here and eat my well used cunt you pussy. I know for a fact my heart stopped beating for at least a full minute. My face could have started a fire it was so hot and red. I froze , Then again she said I said get over here then she unhooked her bikini top and threw it at me. Her tits where in full view of eveyone and so was her beautiful slit. All of a sudden all the guys cheared for me to clean her up, they chanted clean her up over and over. Well I did as I was told and got on my knees, Her pussy was so relaxed it was almost hanging open. My tongue ran all the way in and brought out a big nasty load of mixed cum . I didn't want the guys to see that so I swallowed it without letting them know. My wife caught me and said oh Hell no, show all these men how a good cuckold pussy boy cleans his wife's well used pussy up. I licked her and then would pull my head up so they could see. I was getting mixed reactions for the guys, a few where grossed out some cheared and some even looked like they wanted to help. After I had finished I stood up and so did my wife, she dropped the skirt and asked who wants seconds? Well guess what, every fucking one of them bastards had a second hard on! And just like me the second hard on last a lot longer than the first. I watched them take turns fucking her on the diving board till I was just to tired to watch. I slipped away and camen side. It was well after three AM when she came to bed. I was awake as I had heard the cars leaving. she slipped into bed and I asked do you want me to clean you again? She said no I'm to tired go to sl**p. Well I never really fell asl**p that night and I was up early and cleaning up after the party when my wife came outside. She had a short robe on and as she sipped her coffee and watched me work I asked if she had a good time. She said she did and she had proof. I looked up as she spread her legs , her pussy was red swollen and there was even a few hickies right next to the lips. I said who sucked the hickies on you? She said Hell if I know I passed out while they where fucking me. Then she said they woke her up and told her they all had finished and where leaving, that's when she came inside. We just laid around all day Sunday and she never got dressed. Life is good
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3 years ago
I think your the luckiest husband alive.
3 years ago
Another Hot story, they just keep getting better and better.