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I was told on Thursday that we where having some friends over on Saturday, this ment I had to cut the grass and edge around the pool, clean the pool, and make sure we had enough mixers and liquor. Well Friday I did all that...Saturday morning I cleaned the grill and started the smoker. The pork brisket was smelling good about the time everyone started to show up, that was about four in the afternoon, it had been smoking since ten that morning. The music was cranked up and all the ladies where either wearing bikinis or mini skirts. My wife came out to the pool wearing a denim mini skirt and a bikini top. It was the white top that turns see through when wet. I figured she had the botton on too, well that wasn't the case. She sat down in one of the lounge chairs and just before she crossed her legs I got a shot of shaved pussy. OK, so now I'll be watching to see who else knows she is naked under that little skirt. Most of the guys that where here had already fucked my wife but not all of them, non of the wifes know anything about our secret, if they ever found out then we'd have no friends. Joe was there with his wife and I know he hadn't gotten any pussy from my wife, well at least none I know of. Mark was also with his wife and he too had not gotten any of my wife. Oh I see what she has done, she has invited "virgin" husbands , oh she had better be careful, them wifes aint gonna like what she has in mind. I was minding the grill and was in the middle of a giant smoke cloud when the smoke cleared just long enough for me to see Mark looking straight up my wife's skirt. His wife had her back to them and was chatting with another wife. Mark looked up at my wife's face after he had a full minute of looking at her pussy, she was licking her straw and she made an eye movement toward the house. He knoded a very slight knod. My wife hopped up and started toward the house, she didn't say anything as she walked pasted me. The smoke was almost covering me completely when Mark walked past me. I kept an eye on his wife to see if she noticed him gone. He was in the house for about ten minutes when she turned to the chair he was in, I saw her look around for him and then start toward the house. One of my jobs as my wife's cuckold husband is to run blocker when ever it's needed. As she neared me I stepted out of my smoke cloud and said " Mark she he had to take a leak and I told him where the bathroom was". That stoped her , she turned to me and asked what smelled so delicious , I started telling her about every thing I had going on, she was a real nice lady. I kept her busy talking cooking for at least ten more minutes. The whole time I'm thinking to myself Mark you had better get your nut and get out here fast! She was just about to walk away when Mark came out the back door. I said to him your wife was looking for you and I told her you needed to use the rest room. He had a puzzled look on his face for a second then said Oh thank you. He took her arm and they went back to the pool. I was shaking my head when I felt some one reach around and grab my dick from behind me. It was my wife, I told her what I had done to stop Mark's wife. She took my hand and in the cloud of smoke she stuck it under her skirt to her freshly fucked pussy. I slid three fingers into her messy pussy , she bent her knees slightly as if to get them up in her farther. Then she grabed my arm and pulled it away , she said lick on that and I'll get you some more. Then she walked toward to pool. I looked at my fingers all covered in cum. I saw Joe walking toward me and I stuck them in my mouth fast. As he walked up he said get burned as he pointed to my fingers in my mouth. I said yeah damn thing is hot every where. He leaned in close to me and said I think Mark and your wife are messing around. I looked at him and said What? He said I saw them both go in the house and it was almost twenty minutes before they came out. I told him he had to be mistaken. He said OK maybe I am and he walked away. I caught my wifes attition and she came to see what was up. I told her what Joe had said. She smiled and said she'd handle it. In a few minutes I saw her and Joe talking , then she started up the walk to the house as she passed me she said this will shut him up. A minute later here came Joe and he didn't even look my way as he headed to the house. I walked down to the pool area and started talking with our guest. I walked up to mark and said hey buddy what have you been up to. His face was pale white...he stammered Nothing much, then he broke away and walked to his wife. I lost track of time while shooting the shit with all these people . I noticed my wife at the smoker so I headed that way. When I was safely in the cloud of pork smoke I said well how did you shut Joe up? My wife pulled up her skirt and said like this and she pulled her hand through her crotch and smeared it on my face, God that Joe must have been saving up for a month! There was enough cum on my face for three creamy pies. I started wiping my face and my wife laughed as she walked off. Well that was all the side dick she got that night. At one time I was able to ask her without any one listening why she had stopped at just two. She said all she wanted to do was add two more to her stable.... I have no idea how many that makes and she'll never tell me so like I always say Life is Good
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pritty good need her to tell you more about what happens when she takes them inside