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Saturday afternoon...I'm done with all my yard work and headed to a nice cool shower. As soon as I get inside my wife called me into the kitchen, I walk in and she is standing at the door going out to the garage , she's wearing a short little sun dress and high hill pumps. Do you want to go with me shopping she asked. My first answer was "nope" , she said are you sure? I didn't say anything right at first..then she said I'm going shoe shopping and look, then she raised her dress to show me her naked slick pussy...NO PANTIES ! OK let me shower real fast. We got to the Mall at about six o clock, it was busy , mostly young k**s and hotties in tight shorts. I always enjoy that, well she went into the first shoe shore and walked around for a minute and came right out. I always stay out side for a minute so we don't look "together" that way if she wants to play she can. I asked what was wrong, old fat guys working in there, lets go down to that one. Well she walked into store number two. I saw her set down so I walked in , I found something to look at right inline with her , that way when the shoe guy sees her pussy so will I. Well a tall skinny black salesman came over and sat down at her feet, she was holding a hill in her hand, he got up to go get her size and when he did she opened her legs wide open real fast so I could see right up her dress. He was already behind her when she did that, I almost laughted out loud, when he came back she lifted her right foot for him to put the shoe on, as she did her left leg sorta fell to the left and there right in his face was her shaved slick cunt. She was holding another shoe and was acting as if she didn't know her pussy was on display. But he did, he looked right at her crotch untill he sat her foot down for her to walk in the new shoe. She stood up and walked right toward me , as she did she was smilling a big nasty smile. She walked around behind me and said in a low voice, did he see my pussy? I said we all saw your pussy. Then she went back and said she didn't like them, could she see something else? He said yes mam, take all the time you need. He got up again to get another shoe, as he did she acted as if something behind her was attracting her attition , when he returned she was turned sideways in her seat and her right ass cheek was in full view. OH she said I'm sorry and she spun around, again her legs parted as he put on this shoe and again he saw her beautiful pussy. This time she got up she walked over to the mirror on the floor and as she spun around her dress flew out almost up to her ass cheeks. She walked back over and said she'd take them, He was happy but he didn't jump right up to ring up her sale. He kept fumbling around with the box for a minute before he stood up. He had a hardon and was trying to hide it with the box. It looked pretty big...I laughted and turned my back to him. Then I acted if I needed to see something by the check out. I was looking at a display when my wife walked up to pay for her shoes. I over heard her say , I just love the shoes and that's a nice size cock you have trying to get out of your slacks. He about shit himself, mam he said? She said that big hard dick of yours, did I do that? Oh , I'm sorry mam , if I ofended you. No, you did ofend me, I'm fattered that I can still make a guys dick hard that fast. I'd love to suck it sometime...OH when she said that I had to walk away. He didn't know weather to shit or go blind. Then he said I get off work at ten, if you want to meet me in the employee parking lot I'll let you see it in person. She asked what do you drive? He said a Honda Civic , a red one with a GSU tag on front. She said ok it's a date. I was standing out side and I didn't hear that part, she said well that was fun, I'm meeting him at ten to suck his cock and maybe let him have some pussy. Oh you are? I said yeah, lets go do that again she said, well we hit two more shoe stores before we headed home, both of the salesmen got a show too. It was right at nine when we got home, she told me to stay home that she was going back to the mall and would be home later. I said here wear some panties and bring me back something messy. Well it was almost midnight when I heard the garage door open and her car pull in. I was in the den watching TV , she came in and had a big smile on her face. I said well what happened? did he fuck you ? She said yeah he did , that the other two guys I showed my pussy did too, seems they all got off work at ten. The black k** had her bent over the trunk of his car shoving his cock in her when the tother guys came out. They yelled at him and as soon as they got close enought to see who he was fucking they both said hey I saw your pussy today, I'm next. Well they each got a turn, she was wet and those panties where soaked.... why is it I'm lucky to have such a slut wife?that cuckolds me twenty four seven. Live is good.
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3 years ago
not bad see must be sore today after that