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To me the sexest my wife can be is when she has total control over me when it comes to sex. One Friday night two of my buddies came by to shoot the shit with me about old hot rods. I was out in my garage and we had a few beers and talked about a new project I was working on. I didn't have any more beer in the fridge in the garage so I said lets go inside the house. Well my wife didn't know they where there and that we where coming in , she had just finished her shower and was painting her toe nails on the couch. She was wearing a pair of terry cloth shorts and an old Pigeon Forge cruise in t shirt. The shorts are white and her legs are dark tanned. She is very much a "girly" girl..I mean she loves being a girl to the point that it's a full time job doing what ever it takes to make her as sexy as a woman can be. I love it too. Any way both of my buddies had fucked her in the past but neither one knows I know about it. She started flirting with them by pulling her legs up as if to get a better angle on the nail painting , but what she was doing is making the legs of her shorts ride right up to her pussy lips, they where showing and you could see they where baby smooth and hairless. She wanted to fuck them both , but I was there and she knows that she has to do something with me so they can play. She asked me if I had taken my pill tonight for my knee pain? I said no it don't hurt so I don't think I need one, She said yes you need to take it , she knows they knock my ass out. I again said no it don't hurt , my buddy Jon said dude you need to take your pill , again I said no, I could tell what was going on , they knew if I took that pain pill I'd be out in less than an hour. Jon is a big guy, about six foot three two hundred and eighty five pounds , Steve the other guy is almost that big , maybe two fifty or so. Steve asked whats wrong with your leg? I said it's like gout, then he grabed my knee and squeezed it does that hurt? I about passed out, Hell yes that hurts ass hole I said. He laughed and said take that damn pill before Jon and I make you take it. I said I need to piss first and I got up and went to the bathroom, I didn't shut the door and I pissed on the side of the bowl as to not make any noise so I could hear what was being said. I couldn't make it out but they where talking. I came back in the den , I had thought if I take the pill and fight it I can stay up to see if I can watch them fuck. I picked up my beer and tossed a pill in my mouth and killed my beer. That was the last thing I remembered. I woke up Saturday morning setting on the couch , I looked at the clock it was six in the morning. I got up and walked to our bed room, there was my wife in bed asl**p and she was alone. I crawled in beside her and moved in real close , I took her tit in my hand as I pulled her close, She opened her eyes and said move away I'm sl**py and need to get some sl**p. I asked her where Steve and Jon where. She said they just left about fifteen minutes ago. What? they where here all night? She said yes and my pussy is nice and full of their seed. I said let me eat it, NO go to sl**p she said, you can eat me when I wake up. Well shit I thought, I wasn't sl**py and I was horny as HELL. I got up and fixed me something to eat. I watched TV till my wife woke up at noon. She called from the bed room and said if you are in the house you have one minute to get your mouth on my pussy or I'm getting in the shower. I ran back there and started to mow down on her beautiful soft messy womanhood. I asked her to tell me what I missed last night. She said well after you passed out we came in here and they took turns fucking me every way I could be fucked. I looked up from my breakfast pussy snack and said I don't under stand why that pain pill kicked my ass so bad. She said those pain pills you mean? No I only took one I said , yeah but Jon dropped one in your beer while you where pissing, that's why you went out so fast. I said I could hear ya'll talking but I couldn't make out what you where saying. She said I told them I was horny and I wanted to fuck them both all night, and that I needed to get rid of you first. Jon said here this ought to do it and he dropped the pill in your beer. Oh well, you had fun , they had, fun and I'm having fun. and they still don't know I know. Life is good
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