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Guys this story is about my wife having sex with one of my friends, gee that's a shocker...the other 22 are too. One day I had to leave the shop to pick up some supplies in a near by town. It's only twelve miles from my shop if I go that nearest way, but the longer way takes me by my house. I rode pasted the house at around noon and my wife's car wasn't there , but even better no ones truck was there , I'm k**ding, I love it when she gets the shit fucked out of her, she always tells me about it and I get the pie! Any way, no one home, so I started on to my pickup , I was cruising down the hiway that runs close to my house and as I passed the church on the corner I saw my wife's car setting in the back of the side parking lot. I turned around, she might have broken down I thought. When I got to the car it was locked ,. I used my key to unlock it and it also started right up. Well, that's strange it isn't broke down. So I locked it back up and went on about my business. After I got my supplys loaded I called her on her cell phone to make sure she was OK. It rang a long time but she answered , I asked are you OK? She said yes why? I said I saw your car at the church and was wondering why it was there. She said I'll tell you tonight, I gotta go bye. Damn, she hung up. OK , I went back to work and figured I'd close up early so I sent all the guys home at four. I locked up and headed home too. When I got home her car was there , I felt the hood and it was hot, she must have just got home. I walked in and called out to her, she was in our bed room, I went back and she was getting cloths together, she was about to shower . I said what are you doing? She said I need a shower right now, move outta my way , she pushed pasted me and headed to the big bathroom. I followed her in there I sat on the shitter while she got undressed. She had the white bikini on , you remember the one that gets see through when wet. As soon as she was naked she turned the water on and got in the shower. I said hey you, what about my pie? She said you don't want this pie, Oh so there is a pie huh? She said yes there is a pie but this one has lake water in it, so I don't want you to have it. Lake water? who did you go to the lake with? She said I was on my way home from getting cigs and I saw Greg's truck, so I pulled into the church to talk to him. He wasn't alone , the two guys that work with him where in the truck too. I was wearing my bikini because I was sunning by the pool before I ran out of smokes. Anyway, Greg whistled at me when I got out of the car and walked over to his side of the truck. He said he had knocked off early because it was to hot to work , so him and his guys had bought some beer and was riding around getting buzzed. He said lets go to the lake.... I said is there room in there for me? The guys all at once said HELL YEAH get in. So I did, I sat in this guys lap , I don't know his name but he has a big dick, It got hard and was pushing on my pussy lips all the way to the lake, He told Greg to hit as many bumps as he could on the way ...Greg laughed. When we got there we pulled down in the old part of the camp grounds where no one rides through. we where in a cove. It was hot as Hell in that cab so as soon as we stoped I got out and jumped in the lake. I had forgotten about the bikini being see though untill it was to late. Greg and the guys took off their shirts and came in the water in just their shorts. I got out to have a smoke and I heard them all hooping and hollering , that's when I looked down and remembered I was as good as naked. They all got out and we fired up some smoke, I got a cool buzz going and one thing led to another and before I knew it I was setting on Greg's hardon and was sucking that guys dick that had poked me all way up here. The third guy was a shy little guy with a normal sized dick. I looked over my shoulder and said hey is that thing hard? He said yes mam why? I said stick it in my ass hole , or are you gay? Greg busted out laughing when I said that, He told Tommy get your dick out and stick it in her ass you dumbass. He did, My pussy was so wet that he used some of it to lube up my butt hole. He came after about ten strokes, and went back into the lake. The big dick boy I was blowing then came around and asked if i thought he'd fit in my ass. I said give it a try. That fucking hurt, but it was so nice to be that stuffed. I couldn't move , Greg had my pussy locked up with his hardon and the other guy had my ass packed so tight my hips wouldn't move. I told them , OK boys you have me stuffed , your going to have to do all the fucking I can't move. Well they did, they fucked me for about twenty minutes, big dick in the ass blew first then Greg , It took me a few minutes before I could stand up by myself. I went into the water to cool off, Tommy that shy boy said he was hard again and wanted to fuck my pussy this time, so we fucked in the water while Greg and big dick watched. After he came we loaded up and came home, see that's why I don't want you to eat me...I told her I was hard as a rock, did she feel like a quicky after the shower. She said no, you had better just beat your meat tonight. Oh she had a good time today, Life is good.
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