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As you know by now if you have read any of my other stories I have a hot wife that knows what that pussy is for and she uses it. We met a new guy and his wife while doing some off roading a few months ago. His name is Terry and her name is Kelly , they are a young couple and she has some real nice legs. In fact thats why I first walked up and started talking to them was that she had on a pair of short shorts. We where at a popular rest stop in the woods where we go riding alot. Terry seems real laid back , I caught him eyeing my wife but nothing I would call checking her out. On the other hand I was checking Kelly out every chance I could. They invited us over to their place the following weekend for a big cook out and party. They said bring your suit we have a pool. Oh in that case we'll be there, I said with a laugh. I wanted to see Kelly in a bikini. Well on the ride back home my wife said I saw you eyeing that guys wife, I said who Kelly? She said OH you can remember her name. Yeah so, you know I'm not allowed to have sex outside . She said as long as you remember that and wear you CB3000 we can go. I can't wear that under my swim trunks , it'll show. OH well ,don't get wet she said. Well that next weekend we where getting ready to go to Terry and Kelly's to swim. I hurried and got dressed hoping my wife would forget to lock me up. I was in the den watching TV when she walked in my a brand new white bikini and she was carring you know what. Hey goof ball she yelled , nice try now put this on ! As I put my cage on I asked about that new bikini...I asked was it new? Yes I bought it Friday , it's special she said. Why is it special I asked. She said it's see through when it's wet. Oh wait a minute , we don't even know these people yet and you are already going to show your pussy to all their friends? She said I never said I was going to get it wet....but maybe I will. We got there just about seven and the place was packed with cars. We carried our little cooler with a few beers for me and some wine for my wife and walked around to where all the music and splashing was coming from. Hey guys , great to see you Terry yelled, he was manning the grill and Kelly was on a float in the pool. Oh yeah , she was smoking hot. My wife looked me in the eye and then thumped me right on the cage and said down boy. Terry saw it and said easy don't hurt the man's berries. OH that my wife said, you can't hurt him see and then she slapped me right in the cods. I bearly jumped. The CB acts like a cup almost. You are a bad assed dude Terry said, I'd be doubled over crying if that happened to me. Ah I said it's nothing..I sat my stuff down and being that my wife had to show off by hitting me TWICE in the balls I thought I'd have some fun. I grabbed her shoulders and acted like I was going to push her in the pool, HERE GO SWIMMING I SAID. She screamed and everyone laughed. She wispered in my ear I'll jump in and show all these horny old guys my shaved pussy if you want me to. I said no that's OK. Well we had a great time and met alot of their friends , my wife met Terry's b*****r Ronny , she seemed to really like him as she talked with him most of the afternoon into the evening. It got late and we told everyone we had to go, Terry said your wife never got in the pool, yeah I know I said. It's a new suit and she don't want it to get all bagged out. We said our good byes and drove off. I looked at my wife and said well you and Ronny are new best friends aren't you? She said well I guess we are, he has a condo in Panama City and he invited me down this summer. I said you mean US down? No just me he said, he said he'd drive and pay for everything all I had to do was just fuck him when he wanted it. What? You just met him, and he said something that foward to a wife of some one he doesn't even know? Yeah I guess so she said. Well you know I said, I don't have a say in what you do or who you fuck , but honey this is stange. Well I haven't said yes so put your mind at ease. The subject never came up for the next month or so, then out of the blue I walked in the door from work one night and she said I'm going to Florida this week end with Ronny, All I could say was for how long? She said a week , seven days, I'll be home a week from this Sunday. Oh, well I guess that's that huh? yep it is. And you'll be mom and dad all week and wearing your cage too. What are you going to tell our son? She said I already have , I told him I was going to Florida to look at a condo that you and I might buy, he's happy. But what are you going to tell him when we don't buy it? I'm not, Ronny called and asked if I was going to go, I told him you and I talked and that YOU didn't think I should just run off with a guy I just met. He said I'm just a fact I'll give you a key to my place so you and your f****y can use it when ever you want to. Hey, that's almost as good as buying it I said. That's what I thought my wife said. Well Sunday she packed everything up and drove over to Ronny's house for a week for sun, fun, and fucking. Me and the boy had a good time letting the house get trashed and acting like a couple of bumms. We ate pizza every night and left our dirty cloths in the bath room floor all week. Saturday rolled around and I said OK mom's coming home tomorrow we gotta get this place cleaned up. After your ball game we will start cleaning. Well they won , again , and we started with the house work. Sunday morning the place looked great, I said now mom will never know we trashed the joint, he said when is she coming back? I didn't know what time I said. Well it was almost dark Sunday evening when she pulled into our garage. I went out to help her get all her stuff in , man she was dark, I said nice tan. She thanked me and said it's all over , no lines. Cool I got to see that. She was happy the place looked good, she thought we would shit wreck the place she said, Who us? No way we are clean guys. That night in bed I asked her to fill me in on what happened that week. She said oh I almost forgot I brought you something, what is it I asked? She flung the covers off her and spread her legs, Ronny sent you a fresh pie, we had a quicky at his house just before I left. I went down on her while she told me about all the fucking she did. Ronny has some local buddies that always come to his place when he is down. She said one night she pulled a train of six guys , she loves gand bangs. One of the local guys owns a Tattoo and Piercing studio , I looked up and said well ? anything new have a hole in it? She said get back to what you where doing and NO, but he almost talked me into getting my nipples pierced. He had seen my ring above my clit and asked if I enjoyed it. I said yes in fact I want more, he said lets go to the shop tonight and I'll do your nipples for free. I was having to much fun getting the shit fucked out of me to stop , I said maybe next time I'm down I will. I asked about the tan, OH she said Ronny's condo has a private patio and I laid out butt assed naked all day every day. She said she read four books while laying in the sun also the helicopter rides went right over her at least twenty times a day . I bet the pilot got extra for that route I said. Well we are planing a f****y get away to Panama City now that we have a free place to stay , well it's not free but my wife's pussy has it already paid for. Life is good
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