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When I turned fourty my wife planed a huge party. It wasn't a surprise party because I had to help invite the friends I wanted there. Well in the back of my mind I was thinking I know what she's up to. Ah to Hell with it I invited every one I know...let there be FUN!! My b*****r came over and helped fix up the joint, we hung lights around the pool and built a Tiki bar in the corner of the yard next to the pool. While I was in the shower getting ready my wife was doing her face and hair at the bathroom mirrow. She started talking to me about what to expect tonight. She started off by telling me to shave my dick and balls real smooth because I'd be in my CB3000 all night. I asked her why that was? She said she didn't want any of my buddies loose ass wife's giving me any birthday pussy. OH , I see I said, you think that could happen do you ? She said well I just want to have a good time without worring about you getting anything on the side. OK, I said what about you? What about me she asked. Well are you going to get any on the side tonight? She said you bet your ass I am. Any one in mind I said. She said all of them, I laughed a little, you going to fuck all the guys at the party are you? Well I'm going to try and I'll be needing your help to keep the wifes from catching on what I'm doing. OK baby, I'm at you service. She said go get your self dressed I have laid out what you are to wear then go out side while I finish getting ready. In the bed room she had laid out a nice pair of shorts and button up shirt and my flip flops , oh and for under wear my CB3000. I locked myself away and went out to make sure everything was ready. About an hour later my wife came out on the deck and called my name, I was talking with my b*****r and a buddy of his beside the pool. All three of us turned and looked up at her, she was wearing a yellow bikini top and a yellow and orange rap around skirt , with her dark tan she looked great! I went up on the deck to see what she wanted, she took me by the arm and led me into the kitchen, there she asked do I look OK ? I said you look perfect, but if your going to be doing all that fucking you'll need something easy for them to get in, OH yeah she turned around and bent over, NO bikini bottom and nothing but a shaved pussy looking at me. Is this easy enough she asked? I said that ought to work, Just don't let any of the other wifes see your pussy tonight. She said you help me if case I get a tad loose from drinking. Well at seven they started pouring in , our dead end street was lined up both sides with cars and four wheel drive trucks. The stereo was banging out cool country music and the blender was wide open. I was busy chatting with some friends I haven't seen in a while and catching Hell about getting old. Around eight thirty my wife walked by me and all she said was I'm at four already, and kept walking. The lady I was talking to asked what that ment, well quick thinking me said that's how many drinks shes had so far.She said she had better slow down or she'll be flat on her back before the night is over. I said you are right about that. I figured out her method , she would chat up a " client" then go in the house, they would follow a minute later and they would come out to gether. I figured I'd sneek in and watch some of it myself. Well she knows me all to well and the guys that had already been in side where told to keep me busy so I didn't spoil her fun. I was keeping track of who went in and how long they where in there by making a small mark on my BBQ grill with my burger flipper. One guy that hadn't been in asked what that was ...I told him I was counting to see how many burgers I needed to cook. Damn noisey bastard. About ten-ish my wife came over to ask if I was having a good time. I said well yeah but not as good a time as you are, she kissed me and I sware she tried to slip some cum in my mouth with her tongue.I did manage to get a head count of the number of guys there, excluding my b*****r , she won't fuck him because she just wouldn't. There was fourty one guys , thirty four had wifes with them, and six where black. Roger from my wife's work was one of the black guys. After midnight the married couples started to thin out , I was getting Happy Birthday kisses from the wifes as they where getting reasdy to leave. I was haveing fun. Soon it was down to the last "hard Core" party guys, the single guys that came just because they knew my wife would be fucking wild. Soon as she saw that's all that was still there she stopped going in the house and she just took off her skirt and bent over our patio table, easy access...they formed a line behind her and she pulled a train right on our deck. The d***k guys could go for a long time before unloading in her pussy. I watched till I could hardly say awake. I told them all good night and I went inside. I could hear them fucking as I got into bed. It was almost six the next morning I felt her crawling into bed. I asked if she had a good time, she said yeah and I fucked them all, She did n't know I counted them I asked how many did you fuck? She said fourty...I have fourty loads abord LOL. I said well open up and let me unload them for you...she said go ahead my pussy is sore. She had lost most of the loads down her legs but she was nice all juicy down there. MY buddy Tim, the guy that knows I know, told me he was at another frinds house last weekend and one of the guys was bragging about fucking my wife to a guy there, that guy said he had fucked her too. Tim didn't say anything but he said he was really pissed that they where bragging about it . I told him tanks I'd let my wife know so she could address that with the braggers. Well that's my birthday bash. Fourty sucks but my wife still fucks... life aint bad.
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