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This story is about the day to day life of a happy cuckold husband ( ME ). My wife has had free run for the whole time we have been married. She isn't a slut by any means but she does love to fuck. All of the guys she has sex with are guys we know, most are friends of mine. Right now if I'm counting correctly she has eighteen guys on the side , only one of them know I know what she is doing. My wife and I have a ten year old son. And he plays ball , baseball in the summer and football in the winter. I always take him to pratice during the week. This gives my wife two hours to do what ever she wishes. She normaly has a guy over while we are gone , I know the neighbors know whats going on but so far they haven't said anything to us. Our new next door neighbor Ann and her husband are in a cuckold relationship also. Game day for our son is Saturday and his age group plays their games at four in the afternoon. Me and him leave the house at noon to go mess around before going to the feild. My wife has a fling while we are gone, I never know who it will be till she comes to the game at four. I'm always excited to see her car pull up in the parking lot. She always wears nice cloths to the game and she never looks like a woman that has just had her pussy or ass tore up all morning. She'll set next to me , give me a little kiss and when the game gets going and the croud is loud enough she'll fill me in on what happened. She always saves the creamy pie for me. ALWAYS. to her its a way to share her fun with me. So guys if you are a cuckold husband life can look normal on the outside to friends and f****y, but your secret lifestyle can be as fun as mine. My wife loves me and I have zero fear that she'd ever leave me and our son. Why would she? I give her all the love a woman could ever want, I allow her to fuck who ever she wants , and in return she cuckolds me just right. Eatting her afterwards , wearing the CB3000 when she sees fit , and even buying her sexy cloths without her knowing before hand are some of the joys of being a cuckold. I have a strong feeling that her closest girl friends know what we are doing, they never say anything but the way they look at me and smile. Why wouldn't they know? I'd brag to friends if I where doing that. OK just a few thoughts to share. It's Saturday morning right now time to go to the baseball feild in a few minutes and I hear her cell phone ringing. Wonder who it'll be today? Life is good.
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4 months ago
Very hot and honest. One of the true joys of cuckolding is knowing your place.
3 years ago
I hope sometime she'll film it and post it here
3 years ago
great writing. Love to hear more :-)
3 years ago
I absolutely LOVE it