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This story happened at the ZZ Top concert in 1990. They where playing in the Omni in Atlanta , I wanted to go real bad ,Miller was putting it on and it sold out in less than an hour. Yeah us Sourthern Rednecks love our ZZ Top. Well I didn't get tickets , I had to work that morning and my wife was "busy" as always. On the way home from work the day the tickets went on sale the DJ on the radio said that it sold out in record time. SHIT I said ...As I turned on to our road I saw a truck I knew all to well setting in front of my house. It was Tim , I cut my engine and coasted up to our mailbox and got out without slamming the door. I walked up hoping to do a little spying on them. As I came to the front door I saw Tim setting on the couch watching TV alone. Hey buddy I said, wheres the ol lady? He said she's in the shower. OH , did I miss anything? Oh no I didn't fuck her he said I just got here , she don't even know I'm here. OH , I said I gotta get on to her about taking a shower and leaving the door unlocked, what if someone came in to fuck her while she was in there. He smiled and said some one did... OH yeah I smiled back. So what's up, did you come over just to fuck her or what ? He said well I can while I'm here but I brought you something for letting me use her pussy when ever I wanted it. He stood up and started down the hall toward the bathroom she was in , I looked on the coffee table and there where three tickets for on the floor seating for ZZTop Saturday night!!!! OH Hell yeah. I didn't even care that he was going to get her pussy in the bathroom, he done good with them tickets. I grabbed a beer and sat down to watch the TV. The news was just coming on , it was six on the nose. I had forgotten they where in the john till I heard the door open, I looked at the clock and it was almost seven. Man that boy can fuck for an hour with no problem. Tim came in the den and said so what do you think? I said do you fuck for that long? He busted out laughing and said no dummy...the tickets! OH , shit man I thank you very much. Just then my wife came in wearing a pair of terry cloth white shorts and a white wife beater. Her tan legs looked so hot next to that white. I looked at her and said, so what where you doing in the bathroom for an hour? She smiled and said I was taking a shower when some one stuck a dick in my one thing lead to another and I got my pussy tore up. My head perked up..I said really? She knew what I was doing, calm down horn dog. I washed that pie down the drain. So whats the big secret Tim told me was in here. It's these I held up the tickets. Is that what I think it is she said. Yep it is. OH man that's great, Thank you for them Tim, he said well thank you for letting me enjoy you in the shower. OK OK you two pervs I said....whats for supper? OK skip ahead to the night of the concert. I was ready first and my wife was getting dressed, Tim had come over and me and him where having a beer. She walked into the den dressed in a black leather mini , black hose, and a black bustier. I need help getting my boots on she said. I'll help you I told her, set down and I'll put them on. She raised her leg for me and I looked up her skirt. They where stockings and she was wearing a garter belt and no panties. I didn't say anything , why would she need panties at a concert I thought. We got in my truck and headed to town. she was in the middle and when I'd shift I'd bump her leg with the shifter, by the time we got there she was setting with her legs spread as wide as that tight little skirt would allow. Tim and I both where checking out her stocking tops., they where lacy. She got out on Tim's side, ( dumb steering wheel ) and I saw him get a killer pussy shot as she got out. Our seats where about ten rows from the stage on the floor. The concert was fucking wild. I was the DD so I didn't drink. My wife and Tim where knocking them down though. My wife said I got to piss...walk with me, I said no I want to watch the show, go alone. She said dressed like this with all these d***k guys? Aren't you afraid I'll get m*****ed? Damn it, she was right I said OK...them Tim said dude I'll go, stay and rock out. They left and since we where on the floor and all the pissers where on the main level it's a five minute walk just to get to the rest room. Shit I wasn't paying any attition, they came back and we had a big time. When the show was over every one was crowding the isles so I said lets just set here for a few and let it thin out. We where talking about the show and getting bumped into by the people behind us trying to walk after being "over served" . Once my wife got bumped into and she turned sideways toward me far enough I could see her bald pussy. I leaned over and told her I could see it. She laughted and said so can that guy. I turned my head and there was a guy standing up looking right at her open legs. I just stared at him, he didn't care he kept looking. Well we finally got out of there and headed home. I asked Tim who that guy was that was checking out my wife's pussy. He said some guy we saw in the rest room. I said WE? who's we? My wife said the line at the ladies room was to long so she followed Tim into the men's . OH way! Yeah and I saw them all pissing in that troff. I said where did you piss? She said Tim and I got a stall. Then she said we where nasty in there too. I said you fucked? yep she said, I was making a lot of noise while Tim was fucking me from behind I was beating me on the door. I looked up and there must have been eight guys looking over the walls. They started yelling I'm next. Tim unloaded in me and said nope it's mine boys and I'm taking it with me. I looked at Tim, you crazy bastard I said. what if the cops had of come in there? He said we'd thought of something. Well Tim spent the night with us in our bed, and just like Florida I woke up to the bed shaking in the middle of the night. Hey I saw ZZTop and the wife got fucked three times that night, life is good!
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Hot story man. Thanks.